'I will never stop serving this country': O'Toole vows in concession speech 1

‘I will never stop serving this country’: O’Toole vows in concession speech


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole delivers his concession speech after failing to dethrone the Liberals.

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    1. The clown Max Bernier destroyed the chances of Conservatives and helped his master Trudeau win again .
      Max Bernier is a pi,le of

    1. @Waryaa Wariiri let’s see what Trudeau does about those court hearings against indigenous children. He’s been all talk the last 6 years and no action.

  1. Lets get Pierre Polivere ready for the next one. OTool did ok, but just not geniunely likeable and came across as phony.

    1. @Lo Me He wouldn’t have been a factor if O’Toole hadn’t driven away real Conservatives. Look at the dirty way they threw Sloan under the bus, painting him as racist. The Conservative Party devours its own: They did it to Sloan and to Max Bernier, who would still have been Conservative if Scheer hadn’t stabbed him in the back.

    2. @Lo Me So Did You helped Trudo by voting for O’Toole instead voting for PPC . For past 60 years + years it is Liberals and than conservatives and than Liberals and than again conservative. Did we get ahead ? Same old same. Keep putting same thing in and same nothings keeps comming out. Grow up!.

  2. $600 million taxpayers’ money for the exact repeat of 2019. What a waste.This money can be spent on more COVID reliefs during this pandemic.

  3. Just going to keep buying his riding, there are better constituents to represent the party here. We need less coattail riding politicians.

    1. @I AM CANADIAN That is correct. You shouldn’t vote for PCP. You did helped Trudo to win again by splitting the votes.

  4. What a clown. Same exact parliament, same exact platform as the Liberals. No wonder nobody voted for them. The fact that he couldn’t do any better than scheer, who was absolutely enelctable shound be a massive loss to him but he will go on making 1990s tier speeches and ignoring the actual issues that most canadians care about in favor of his “new conservatism” which is just the liberal platform.

  5. You can best serve Canadians by falling on your sword. You failed, just as Scheer did. The reason you failed was that you flipflopped, running as an ersatz Liberal instead of as a Conservative.

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