‘I Will Still Be Able To Reach For My Dreams’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

‘I Will Still Be Able To Reach For My Dreams’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. The truth is the greatest gift one can give. God gave truth to his children in the form of a sacrifice at the foundation of the world. That sacrifice is the high priest of God named Melchizedek who Jesus Christ’s priesthood is after. (Jesus was and is Melchizedek).
    Now Christ has returned as High Judge with a writ of judgment in his hand. It is made out to every nation, people, tongue and kindred. Only a remnant of 200,000,000 souls have a get out of annihilation free cards. That is a metaphoric number. God alone knows whom he has saved. And those that have been saved know by the reading of the Bible. Truth saith the Lord!
    How many people can say “thus sayeth the Lord”? Only God’s prophets. You may very well be a prophet of God.
    He also save solus from every nation, people, tongue and kindred outside of the Institutional Christian Churches.
    But like Israel being in denial that they murdered the Christ of God, so too is the C-Churches in denial that God brought judgment upon his own house (the C-Churches) first.
    Truth teaches to, wake up and smell your Death Certificate World or… your Certificate of eternal life.
    Bon Appetit.

  2. Although this is a great cause, how about the kids in the USA who don’t even have access to internet such as the middle of Texas. The small towns have little to no internet. How about doing for the kids here

  3. This is nice, but can’t help to say this, we here in America have children and their families losing their homes if they even had one prior pandemic, going hungry, don’t have access to internet, no healthcare, are being abused, locked in cages, here in America

  4. I would like to humbly correct your first sentence Sir. It is not schools in Africa but some schools in Africa. You also have places like that in most countries in the world, porverty is everywhere. No disrespect intended. I appreciate the kind work you are doing to improve these children’s schools.

  5. How about getting the kids here back to their desks first and giving them a chance at choosing which public school is best for them? Nope the Democrats want no part of that and who is keeping who down again?

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