Ian Bremmer Reacts To Haitian President Assassination | MSNBC 1

Ian Bremmer Reacts To Haitian President Assassination | MSNBC


Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer reacts to the latest in Haiti after the country's national police chief announced that four suspects were killed, and two others were arrested following the early-morning assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. He explains how the U.S. can respond and tells Chris Jansing it's "inconceivable" that free and fair elections will take place in Haiti anytime soon.

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Ian Bremmer Reacts To Haitian President Assassination | MSNBC


  1. We know you’ll never tell the truth. It’s fun hearing your ‘story’..though

  2. Haiti is on our door step, and this is how we treat them. “WWJD” my az, US morals are skewed in the wrong direction.

    1. @Ikey 225 For your information, papa dog died years ago and baby doll to go over. If memory serves me correctly, the USA back either of them because they were depots. Thanks for asking.

    2. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are on the same Caribbean island. South American countries, like Venezuela, are much closer than the US. As some of the gunmen spoke Spanish, don’t you think it more likely the assassins came from a Spanish speaking country, not the US?

    3. @T. R. Campbell haven’t been but i don’t mind to go in fact I’m in love with a girl from Haiti so no I don’t mind it… But my family is from el Salvador back when there was a civil war… I have study the war there and how the U.S and the Russians basically used el Salvadorians as test subjects… Trust me you think the government is not behind many of this stuff think again…

    4. @Deborah Freedman Very likely so. There are some people out there who blamed United States for everything in the world. Anything that could possibly occur the fault of the United States.

  3. it looks like the UN will have to go in and make the country stable and rebuilt the place cuz its chaos there and it does not look like it will get better

    1. Like they went there last time and caused 7,000 deaths with polluted water. Up to 100,000 seriously ill.

    2. @Trevor not like the Haitians can police themselves. The Brazilians may be your best option

    1. What joe will do is dodder out to a podium with the assistance of tardwranglers and whisper some incoherent drivel like the f’ wit extraordinaire and creepiest old dolt on earth that he is.

    2. @K D it’s funny how so many people can’t comprehend what Biden is saying. So much dementia in that crowd.

    3. @marge beauchamp  
        You mean like how the black kids can never get enough of his hairy legs, and he loves it too? And how his stupid and grotesque son is the most intelligent man he has ever met? And how he (joetard) was arrested in South Africa for visiting Nelson Mandela? Such a statesmanlike, erudite, and appropriate old carcass. I know you must be proud.

  4. The US needs to get out of the wealthy Middle East & help our neighbors in our own backyard. Much of Haiti’s problems come from forced reparation payments to French slave owners!!

    1. Uh, the United States has systematically destroyed Haiti. They forced them to adopt a Constitution written by the United States that handed US corporations control. They forced them to take all imports, Haiti can not refuse to import anything thanks to the US which destroyed their rice farms. The US literally massacred every pig in Haiti. Then they forced them to import Tyson chicken dark meat that doesn’t sell in the US completely destroying their ability to self sufficiently feed their people. This President was literally rewriting the constitution to get power back to the Haitian people so the CIA killed him.

  5. America calling for free and honest elections? ?? Let America take a good hard look in the mirror what with all the efforts to make it harder for people to vote.

    1. it’s not making it harder for people to vote it’s making it more concentrated.

    1. @Ron K – Yes, exile Trump to Haiti just like Napoleon was exiled to Elba. Except, Trump can’t come back.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH hard core gerrymandering coming by August unless Congress steps in. All of the voting restrictions etc are nothing compared to the consequences of that.

    2. @James Bonosilicon valley you know it really is for me I don’t have a problem with getting off my behind I’m going to vote on the data that is deemed so fit. it’s not that difficult and if you have a problem with getting to that task well then you’re not going to vote that’s just the bottom line grow up get over it and move on

    3. @James Bono as far as voting laws are concerned I don’t have a problem with having an ID and I don’t have a hindrance on a voting box because I would actually prefer to be in person and vote physically I think that that is a wiser choice at least you know for a fact that your vote gets scanned you don’t know what transpires when you just put your ballot in a random box somewhere

  6. we’re going to send more humanitarian aid? whatever happened to the $10 million That was supposed to go to Haiti in 2010? cuz it never got there

    1. lol funny because most haitians speak creole, some spanish and some english. very few speak french

    2. Lots of Spanish speakers in the Dominican Republic, which shares the island with Haiti.

  7. Ian (Eurasian Pres.) is in denial! He knows or should know who is behind Haiti’s lack of political/economic progress since it’s inception. Shame of NSNBC for inviting someone like him with his bias mindset.

    1. He is saying a lot of things completely unrelated to the question. He surely wants to project himself as someone who has the answer because he is a “scholar”, when he should humbly admits that he doesn’t have a clue in that situation. But I guess scholarly pride got the best of him.

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