ICC chief Prosecutor on if Putin could be ‘in the dock’

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, in an exclusive interview, speaks with the International Criminal Court’s Chief Prosecutor, Karim Khan, about the historic arrest warrant issued for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Then, CNN’s Ivan Watson shares Ukraine’s reaction to the news. #CNN #News


    1. @BALAKRISHNAN SANKARAN no problem… we’ll still show video of him getting his teeth checked in a mumu .

  1. America, as a democracy, should have set example by prosecuting Bush and Kissinger but America opposed any prosecution in ICC when it came to them. This is why justice is not norm in the world. Power defines the justice in the system.

    1. I agree I can’t stand someone trying to communicate important issues and end up sounding like an auctioneer

  2. Putin must be both terrified and enraged, an international pariah. His travel options have been severely restricted and after the brutal conflict in Ukraine, and when Russia as a nation needs to be again accepted by the Western democracies, Putin will have to be handed over to stand trial. For Serbia to be accepted by the European Union, Milosevic and his fellow war criminals had to be forfeited by Serbia to the Hague for crimes against humanity. It was a vital precondition.

    1. This has been said many times, that Russia is a pariah state. The reality is that Russia will never be a pariah state, it’s the largest nation on earth and it has good relations with a substantial portion of nations of the world, including the most important one, China. It’s one of a few nations in the UN Security Council, and it has other important international offices. It’s laughable that you would compare this to the example of Serbia.

      If anything, this court decision will only discredit the ICC as a biased and partial institution that refused to investigate war crimes committed by the US due to threats by the US government.

      This court decision will only embolden Russia more in their conquest of Ukraine and make a peaceful resolution less likely.

      Any state that would attempt to enforce this arrest warrant would be declaring war on Russia. So any state that wishes to maintain peace with Russia is forced to ignore this warrant.

  3. This is not a UN court, its jurisdiction does not apply to countries that have not ratified the Rome Statute, that is, to Russia, Ukraine, China, India, the United States. Turkey, etc.

    1. You remember Gaddafi execution? Happened after his speech about moving away from the US dollar and turning Africa into a paradise. Imagine Africa turning into a paradise place?

  4. I just love how things go… Looking forward for other crime to be held counterble……. Hope finding the truth means what have been done in the east and others

    1. ​@bheki sibiyano one in donetsk was slaughtered, every one spoke whatever they wanted until Russia sent in agitators. Stop believing this Russia Today crap. And when we talk about Russia, we need to focus on their role. This isnt about the US and it also doesnt excuse Russia’s actions

  5. Mahatma Gandhi once said “All through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall, always.” ❤️ 🇺🇸 🇮🇳 🇺🇦 ❤️

    1. @SL Wide the next guy was given a peace prize, after which he sent troops into Afghanistan, as a result, the Taliban came to power, which was not the case before the US war. It turns out that the Taliban is freedom and democracy worthy of the Noble Peace Prize 😅

  6. America could be a subject also of ICC otherwise this practice could be seen as partisan justice

  7. Ok, now that powerful court will probably send people to arrest the accused and judge him, because otherwise this whole organization becomes funnier than a circus.

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