What international repercussions will Putin face after arrest warrant?

CNN’s Jake Tapper speaks with David Scheffer, former US Ambassador for War Crimes in the Clinton administration, and Beth Sanner, former Deputy Director of National Intelligence, about the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin. #CNN #News


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  2. Putin’s overseas travel options are limited. I don’t envision him saying anything like: “Damn, I’ll have to cancel that trip to the Louvre I was going to take this summer.” He only ends up in the ICC if Russians overthrow him and deliver him to the court.

  3. Legally speaking, how would this impact negotiations with the Kremlin over topics like the ‘Black Sea grain deal’, talks about reparation, & eventual peace talks in general? I know these 2 arrest warrants only target Putin & his Children’s Rights Commissioner, but a Russian Head of State will still be required for major negotiations, especially towards the end of the war.

    1. @John For going by the number of scared rusky terrorists surrendering in Ukraine, it’s safe to say ruskies are losing BIGLY!! 😂

    1. ​@HughJaxident67 maybe I think you wouldn’t want Putin to be near arrest in your own country😂😂😂

  4. China and India aren’t signatories to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, so this warrant has no legal standing there (nor, incidentally, in the U.S., which withdrew its signature from the ICC).

    1. Not many different directions he can fly around without passing over an ICC signatory country.

      Remember how that exiled Belarussian journalist was snared by Lukashenko with the help of a bogus “bomb scare”? Well, two can play at that game …

    1. ​@-redactedyeah because FOX News tells you it’s a lie right? And they always tell you the truth. LMAO😂

    2. @Greg Scott  lol wrong comment section. Sorry. I send shade at fox. They are the opposite side of the same coin. It’s all bullshit. My apologies.

  5. We can’t arrest our own criminal leaders and puppets here in America How can we even expect justice to be serve in other countries

    1. Just because the American justice system is problematic that way doesn’t automatically mean it’s the same for the other 194 countries on Earth.

    2. Meanwhile, nothing happend to the guy who destroyed Iraq looking for WMD that did not exist to begin with.

  6. They know exactly where he is. Let’s see them go get him……this is a pathetic attempt to make us all think that they’re actually doing anything smh

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    1. @Ann An So, does it mean that kidnapping thousands and thousands children is not crime for you?

  7. The US RIGHT NOW : why did we withdraw the signatory from the ICC?

    Also the US : to run away from the trials for our crimes against other countries.

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