ICU Beds Nearing Capacity Across The U.S. According To Government Data | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

ICU Beds Nearing Capacity Across The U.S. According To Government Data | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1


  1. Trump has two parts of a brain ‘left and right’

    In the Left there’s nothing right
    And in the right there’s nothing Left.


    1. Reporter: Mr. President, do you think you might be a superspreader?
      Oompa Loompa: Thank you. Thank you very much…

  2. A BIGGER NATIONAL PROBLEM: COVID-19 WHO’S TAKING THE VACCINE? To the point of Covid-19 and who the MEDIA reports-on as recovering or dying: It is no wonder the public is reacting in many behavioral manners that have the U.S. in a state of confusion about the best coarse for getting though this pandemic. Key points: It appears only Black and Brown Americans are portrayed in the media as dying from the virus; so why would White Americans worry about the virus? Why would they even care to wear a mask? Almost every White person I’ve seen on TV has either recovered or is recovering from Covid. Psychologically, this has an effect on the behavior of the populous, especially politically. Another point, also related to the former, is who’s going to take this vaccine: African Americans, and many Hispanics are not going to be jumping-the-line to get this vaccine, and it’s not for the reasons the media is regurgitating! IMO they wont because: “Trump’s CDC,” just cant be trusted. There has been too much flip-flopping from facts to, what I kindly call, best wishes. Many of the flip-flops IS NOT due to better understandings of the virus! Example: Now the public is expected us to believe that children do-not transmit this virus! So we jamb kids them back into classrooms and lunchrooms. This kind of leadership is crazy. I believe, in part, these kids are being pushed back into schools because parents don’t have a clue how to parent any more, and they just want to get back to work! In addition, it appears that officials will do just about anything to get the public back to work, and this does not leave a vacuum for Democrats. It appears that any official, that is facing any form of economic adversity on their constituents, has in some form capitulated on the best healthy course of action for the populous as a whole. Of course they won’t state it in this clear term. About the Vaccine: Where’s the DATA? If we are to take two or three doses of the vaccine, will all doses be from the SAME manufacturer? Do I get to choose which vaccine, from which manufacturer, I am willing to take? IMO, something is fishy about how suddenly all of the big Pharma’s came online with their vaccines in the same week. Suddenly, Pfizer had to come back to equal Moderna’s stated % of efficacy; this is really about the Billions of $$$$! If someone gets really sick form one of these vaccines, there will be no legal recourse, no matter if its mass endued… ?WHAT WOULD COMPEL ME TO TAKE THE VACCINE: I need to hear a great deal more about the FINE_PRINT data about these vaccines as well as answers to my aforementioned questions and concerns. I do appreciate the efforts of those who are trying to produce a vaccine!

  3. There are people who still believe the virus is fake. People dying of covid who believe the virus is fake. People want their freedom, the freedom to catch covid. If they die they die free!! Who out there wants to join these people??

  4. Dementia Joe Kid Touch was against travel bans and said that preventing the coronavirus is xenophobic,while Trump made travel bans! Its estimated that over 2 million Americans would have died from Cuomo-19 under Dementia Joe Kid Touch!

  5. Interesting that not once has t’rump expressed one iota of empathy, concern, or sadness over the 300,000 dead Americans under his “leadership.”

  6. Dumpster doesn’t care.! “! It will go away after election.” He WILL go down as the WORST “president” in the history of the world!

  7. Solving this problem is simple, did you refuse to wear a mask, wash and sanitize your hands, social distance then we refuse to treat you. We have enough ICU beds for those who did and were infected by your carelessness!

    1. I agree with this. If your an anti masker ect you don’t deserve a bed. It’s a hoax right so why are you sick and needing a bed?

  8. Is that why he has been talking about.spaceforce so he can get in touch with them.
    He most probably believes that the world is flat.i.didn’t think he any more dumb and stupid but I still get surprised what next the moon is made of cheese

  9. And then the right and Republicans are going to blame all of the country’s problems in Biden in the first week after he takes office just like they blamed Obama for the recession, deficit, and unemployment rate that he inherited.

  10. The standards for selecting law enforcement officers should include the ability to distinguish between a Subway bag and a firearm.

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