‘Idiots’: Reed’s father blames Marjorie Taylor Greene for delaying son’s release

During an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Trevor Reed, an American citizen and Marine veteran recently freed after two years in a Russian prison, vowed to campaign against any lawmakers that slow legislation aimed at helping detained Americans. #CNN #News


    1. @American Patriot Real Sounding like one tdump racist supporters here buddy. Put Amerikkka first kkk kkkkkk 😂😂😂

  1. I sure wouldnt want my safety or freedom to be dependent on the GOP, especially when it involves Russia.

  2. AMEN to what this Father said about his Son, Trevor Reed and SHAME SHAME SHAME on Marjorie Taylor Greene and other GOP & ALL REPUBLICANS who voted AGAINST bringing him Home!! Trevor is a TRUE American and Patriot!!! I LOVE This Family and we ALL , as TRUE Americans should SHAME and Vote OUT of office these ” IDIOTS ” who have NO Business being in Congress!!!

    1. Check Manchin and Sinema’s vote on this. I guarantee the establishment weren’t helpful either

    1. In 2018 11 republican congressmen and 8 republican senators celebrated the 4th of July with closed door meetings in Moscow. Only their word what was discussed. Trump had 5 closed door meetings with putin and no other Americans present, only Russia has records of what was discussed.

    2. @Blair Haffly the same moscow where bolshevic bernie sanders had his honeymoon? interesting

    3. @jo mamacita oh yeah that’s totally the same thing. One goes as a tourist on vacation to see the sights and 19 celebrate our Independence Day behind closed doors with high ranking Russian officials discussing?…something.

    1. @Ileen Sosa it’s true. Europeans don’t belong here anymore than the people the Republicans don’t want to immigrate here. The only people who truly belong here are the native American Indians on reservations.
      Too bad they didn’t have “border control” when we Europeans landed on their Shores. I’m just proud I have some Native American ancestry so I feel like I truly have a right to stand on this land.

    1. Yah,,, Trump doesn’t like pows that were captured or tortured. Sometimes they even break down like if Trump can’t get the mickey d wrapper off the damn burger…
      Such a disgrace…
      Nobody wants to see anyone in that much distress…
      Unless they are a guard at the capitol building.
      He can watch that stuff all night.

    2. @john yarnell Our. The correct word to use is our, not are. Another typical poorly educated trumpie. Priceless.

    3. @john yarnell Winston Churchill once said that democracy is the worst form of government … Until all other forms are considered.
      There is no other form I would even consider trying. In this country we have the freedom to speak out and work for what we want to see happen. Try that in Russia and you get 15 years hard time.

    4. @john yarnell Yes it’s fabulous if you are as delusional as MTG and can’t recall, must less take responsibility for your own actions.

    5. @Calvin McBride All things considered the only republican worth anything is the lady who was awarded the Profiles in Courage award she received from Caroline Kennedy. The majority of the party spit on Lincoln’s grave

  3. If true and it seems that there’s no reason to doubt their story, then this is disgraceful and needs to be investigated.

    1. @What Happened2 US Nope, not “always the other side”, both sides of our system use the same playbook. Wake up!

  4. We had to jump through hoops to get care and assistance for 96 year old WW2 marine veteran grandmother. She was always grateful for whatever she was allotted. But my parents and I agreed that the way veterans are treated in this country is appalling to say the least. Thank you to all the Reed family for your service to this country.

    1. A country that does not take care of those that risk their lives defending it can never be a great country. From there we can see how committed Ms Green and Mr Trump truly are to making America great again.

  5. Yes I’m so sorry to hear that these men and women who fight and put there lives on the line are speaking up! How dare these people not stick up for there fellow warriors!

  6. The key phrase from dad “They rolled everything into one roll call vote.” When Trevor calls her out, she can say “I wasn’t voting against your release, I was voting against Biden’s legislation.”

    1. @TamFam sounds like a very sad situation that the family and the Marine got caught up in and that a first term freshman know nothing government official had very little regard for. Because it’s not on her agenda. We need to bounce these bimbos

    2. She still asked for a roll call on the individual legislation to release US political prisoners in Russia. So, she is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE, even individually responsible for him not being released. Marjorie Traitor Greene loves to talk about how much she supports veterans, but she hasn’t introduced a single piece of pro-veteran legislature and has actively voted against veteran interests.

  7. They just don’t care about anyone but themselves
    I’m sorry that they didn’t do their jobs again
    And it’s hard to hear that we have many more people who are waiting for them to help them come back home
    I find it hard to believe that the Marines didn’t do what they should have
    I thought that they never leave anyone behind
    At least that’s what my father and uncle said to me

    1. And they have millions of supporters that hold the same ideals. We are a nation of vanity enhancement.

    2. @Rusty Clark how would the Marines help secure his release? Please explain. Marines and the leadership doesn’t have diplomatic powers. Are they going to invade and remove him by force? Then they would be arrested on their return of they get out alive. I am a Marine. There isn’t anything the Marines can do about it. He went there on his own and wasn’t sent by the Marines and wasn’t on any official duty.

    3. The Marines aren’t in charge of getting our citizens released from any other country. That’s the State Department’s job. That being said, I think it’s shameful that they didn’t contact his family for all these years.

    4. @David Mansfield I’m just trusting the father’s disappointment that they didn’t do anything at all, even just putting pressure on our government to make this a priority. I work for the Marines, the one’s I work with aren’t as calloused.

  8. Our brother a retired Army Ranger in special Forces took his life on Father’s Day because he couldn’t get help!

    1. larene…i am so sorry, i wish there is something i could say to ease your troubles and rest your mind…i can’t imagine the pain you are feeling…

    2. Condolences to your family, people take for granted the horror a soldier can go through for his country, they deserved to be honored for that. Thank -you to your brother for serving democracy & country.

  9. I fully support crashing their campaigns and also campaigning against these idiots. I find it utterly disgusting that non-patriotic Americans such as MTG are able to ‘call the shots’ and delay releasing our fellow Americans that fight for our freedom and are the true patriots. I’m glad you’re back and safe, Mr. Reed. Your dad spoke the truth. A group of idiots. It stinks like hell and I think there should be some sort of investigation.

    1. Well said ! Twisting and turning to avoid helping any American get home from putin’s BS political control and fear mongering is shameful!

    2. How in the world was MTG ever elected in the 1st place. She’s Definitely NOT lawmaker material. Maybe Lawbreaker but not Lawmaker. She’s the last thing our country needs right now.

  10. What a shame. The corp has bled heavily for our country. We need to pay more attention to the voices of our veterans.

  11. Major General Smedley Butler, fellow Marine, said it all in, “War Is a Racket.” Wish more would read his book, speaking the truth about the military.

  12. MTG is batshit crazy, and an absolute embarrassment to this Georgian. As a Navy Vet, I’ll give a shout out “Semper Fi” to you guys! Glad you’re back home.

    1. @Lawrence. I hope you will also give a big shout out at the Ballot Box and vote straight BLUE. They are not perfect, but they are not, IMO, fighting against everything this country ever stood for. How shameful.

  13. As a vet I can’t imagine going through this. Then the response not even addressing the issue was just insult to injury.

  14. My heart goes out to the Reed family. It hurts to feel like your government has left you behind or turned their backs on you. And in the mean time they lavish praise and unrestrained support of Kyle Rittenhouse. Did they offer Reed a job in Congress? So sad.

  15. This is the true cost of unqualified representatives sitting in office…. Imagine someone’s publicity stunt causing this situation for a family member… Unbelievable!

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