‘If Biden Campaign Are Enticed By The Polls It Could Be To Their Detriment’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Adventure54 yaa you reaky believe people are going to vote in dementia Joe Biden & we are going to socialism & communism..i hope your armed to the teeth.. because there will be a Civil War 2.. ..one way or the other you will lose..lol

    2. @William H WOW! He’s more stable than Trump could ever be thanks for the Video now I’m really voting…..for Biden!

    3. @Mike Smith If i remember correctly the treasonous imbeciles who started the civil war got slaughtered & their inbred ancestors like you are still clinging to the confederate flag. Cowards like you only talk tough hiding behind their mother’s Laptop or cell phone. You were probably too scared to serve your country in uniform now you’re babbling about a Civil War. You’re a coward not unlike Trump who too ran from war. things are going to change in 100 days, clown face.🤡get used to the thought….Biden, POTUS!!

    4. @Adventure54 that would be the Democrats..look it up it was President Lincoln in office Republican conservati…im glad to set you straight again for the 5th time tonight..

    1. Everyone knows that polls aren’t votes people atent that stupid jts not important it’s common sense

    2. I’m voting trumpviris45 out!!! Mitch needs to go for sure! So many more to.. vote trumpviris45 out, show up and vote or Mail in your vote. Please vote and VOTE BIG too Big to Rig!! We can do this together, we have the power together!! Bury trumpviris45 under All those blue ballots! Too Big to Rig!

  1. DO NOT TRUST POLLS remember what happened last time. we want no dictator please vote blue.

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    2. Yes everyone keep wearing masks for safety and lets open voting locations and forget all this voter fraud brought up over mail in voting. Wear masks and vote in person and eliminate any chance of voter fraud.

  2. Just have an exit plan in case Trump wins, because even the greatest nation on Earth cannot survive a 2nd Trump term.

    1. Yes everyone keep wearing masks for safety and lets open voting locations and forget all this voter fraud brought up over mail in voting. Wear masks and vote in person and eliminate any chance of voter fraud.

  3. I’m afraid we are being too confident. I’m hanging by a thread. Can’t take trump anymore.

    1. @Don Williams I know it and you also know it. You are pathetic, and I know you will disagree. But in your heart and head you know it, just like your family knows it.
      You can’t even tell what Trump has done to improve your life and that of your neighbours.

    2. @Gwendolyn Williams I’m not the side that has screamed at the sky, cried like a school girl when SHE didn’t win. Yet I see nothing on the DEMS who have been in the KKK, Dressed in Blackface, said YOU AINT BLACK. Dems are pushing for what? Oh yeah no borders, illegals to get stimulus money. Are for sanctuary cities of those here illegally. Have not spoken out about the RIOTS and continue to say, Peaceful protest. What has Trump done. hmmm lets see. He made MLK birthplace a national historic site. Why didn’t Obama? He has given more to Black Colleges than any POTUS. Why wouldn’t Obama? He Pardon Jack Johnson the 1st Black heavyweight, why didn’t Obama when his family asked if he would? Republican voted to make the Tax cuts for 85% of ALL Americans permanent. Not a single Dem voted for it. Black unemployment at an all time low and during the State of The Union, No one on the Black Caucus clapped. Why? You can not like how Trump says stuff or how he speaks and how he does like to brag, and does say things like greatest in history, best ever and so on. Would you rather have him say, We are doomed, end it nw, life is over as we know it, America is pathetic, and so on? Example. SB between Patriots and th Falcons. Patriots don 28-3 in the 4th. Do you think Belichick should have just said, well you tried, but it’s over, lets take the starters out. You seem to think Dems CARE because they wanna give FREE stuff out. That’s a ploy to get Blacks and Hispanics to vote for them. I bet you apologize for being White huh? Or are you a Black women who takes no responsible for where you are in life? Watch the movie documentary Uncle Tom, maybe you’ll learn something, regardless of being black or white.

    3. Tom Arnold you democracy-hating Trump fans are still stuck in 2016. Why don’t you mention Hillary now and then go back to sleep, Grandpa? As far as “accepting” goes, you nutjobs are already preparing to protest when Biden wins by a landslide with your voting scandal conspiracy theories, so go blow with your ancient tales harkening back to days of yore and how the left “can’t accept” that a 5-time bankrupt used car salesman “won” the election after losing the popular vote.

    4. Don’t worry keep the faith and vote trump out that’s your only job everything else will fall into place.

    1. Susan would be the best. She has the most experience and we don’t want to lose seats in the Senate!!

  4. William H is a troll he is on nearly every MSNBC video, trying to stir hate. Remember people…..do not feed the trolls.

    1. @Don Williams <<<< Is a known Russian troll factory employee. See how this works where a claim with no evidence is made?

    2. Don Williams Calm down, Grandpa, and reread my comment. If you read it slowly, your question will be answered.

    3. Don Williams Nope—just have better things to do than watch YouTube all day, or creep on other peoples’ accounts.

  5. Its so sad Hispanic voters need to be jazzed up to vote in 2020…ummm hello, have your heads been in the sand the last 4 years? How are your lives any better?

    1. They have been voting my friends ! Ask Obama ! But you can’t ignore them , mistreat them. Make them the boogie man for ever. look at the history books. But make no mistake we vote.

    2. @Mario Scandinavian yeah but I have to admit the racial and class differences, with documentation within the Latin community play a part.

  6. Those polls are nowhere near as conclusive as I’d have hoped for and even expected after what has been going on this year with that criminal in the White House-makes me feel that we are very far away from safety because he still come out and claim victory with that 45% and dismiss any shortfall as “voter fraud” and would call upon the “very fine people ” of the South to come to his side and help to keep “The Deep State” at bay.
    I won’t relax until the creature has been chucked out of the White House and into a Police Van-with his family and nobody else ought to either, don’t let that creature steal away your democracy, make sure you are registered and that there is nothing they can do to stop you exercising your democratic right to vote.

  7. It’s not enthusiasm for Biden it’s the racism and hatred coming from Trump that’s pushing the Black Vote

    1. Robert The First Step act was a Bipartisan bill that was put together by Democrats and Republicans and signed by Trump. The irony is that the same bill was proposed under Obama but Republicans wouldn’t pass it through Congress so if any thing Democrats should get the praise for not playing politics like Republicans ALWAYS do. What’s the point of signing into law something that’s supposed to help African Americans yet put 200 Ultra Conservative Judges into office who have the worst ACLU scores and got rid of Police Department Consent decrees. So your bragging about freeing black men yet still setting up an unfair justice system, which is apart of Systematic Racism. Opportunity Zones was also a Bipartisan Bill which is good for the inner city. This isn’t Slavery Days, just because you feed us after beating, raping and victimizing us all day doesn’t mean you’re a good master.

    2. @95alive Who said anything about freeing or not freeing black men? What is [define] systemic racism?

    3. Robert systemic racism would be institutional racism that’s placed in our everyday lives that’s made to be normal but negatively effects one race more than the other. Like putting in Judges that have terrible records when it comes to civil rights and sentencing minorities. Over policing neighborhoods so now you have people being arrested for minor offenses but now have become apart of the legal system which in some instances will hinder them for qualifying for grants for schools and being able to vote. It would be poor schools that depend on property taxes from the neighborhood but if you’re in a poor neighborhood then you’ll be in a poor school. It’s a cycle that will keep repeating itself until we change some of these institutions……. Don’t try me I’m not like them MAGA Idiots that just parrot whatever Trump or Fox News feed them

    4. @95alive Does it make sense to over police neighborhoods that have the most crime? What racist rulings have these judges made? How does racism cause schools to be poor? What is [define] systemic racism?

  8. Ignore the polls! Vote! This is the most important election in our lifetime. …perhaps ever. If you’re not moved to vote by the corruption, incompetence, and irresponsibility of this administration…you’re part of the problem. Vote Blue

    1. @Stoney Sword “I have words, I have many words”… nope, donnie, you don’t. the average third grader has more words than you. it’s called a “vocabulary”. more?

    2. @Stoney Sword or is it not a lie if your lack of self-awareness is so staggering that you don’t know you’re lying?

  9. I totally agree. DEMOCRATIC VOTERS SHOULDN’T BE ENTICED BY THE POLLS. Get out and vote. Just ignore the polls and GET OUT AND VOTE.

    1. @Joe Blow It’s too awesome isn’t it? The pollsters are skewing the data in an attempt to dissuade Trump voters. There are so many more of us and nobody has a clue because we don’t talk to them. We live our lives, raise our kids, go to school, go to work, and vote GOP. Glorious! 🙂

    2. @votive absolutely…..I am 54 years old and I never had 1 friend or ever even heard of anyone getting involved in a poll…… we will show them in the voting booth

    3. Yes!? VOTE PLEASE, vote trumpviris45 out AND Mitch!! Come on Kentucky. Vote too Big to Rig. Show up and vote! It matters!!!

    4. Yes everyone keep wearing masks for safety and lets open voting locations and forget all this voter fraud brought up over mail in voting. Wear masks and vote in person and eliminate any chance of voter fraud.

  10. After what happened in 2016 I don’t think there’s even a slim chance democrats ever feel comfortable with any lead in the polls.

  11. Don’t just watch the polls. Keep your eyes on Trump’s cheating, stealing, n voiding election results.

    1. @Cheryl Pounds He’s President and Hillary’s not. Get over it. That glass ceiling just didn’t shatter, did it? I love watching the election night highlight reel of the shocked MSM and crying Hillary supporters. It’s truly glorious.

    2. @ST7A Bad Karma and I enjoy watching your beloved “president” stagger down a ramp and struggle to drink a glass of water. I enjoy seeing his poll numbers tank. Thank you for taking time out of your day to criticize me. And thank you for supporting trump throughout all his failures. Which of his many failures is your favorite? This pandemic where he’s letting millions of people jobless and suffering, and thousands of people die needlessly? Go tell that to the families who are struggling right now who lost their jobs through no fault of their own, or to families who lost a loved one from COVID-19. Please do trump a favor, go criticize everyone who hates him. Good luck, that number is growing every single day. Enjoy 💙

    3. In case you missed it the Democrats were cheating and the facts are there..Trump doesn’t need to cheat he’s got another 4yrs of the best economy America has ever seen, accomplishing more for America than any President in history of your life time, doing more for minority groups than any President has before him with Abraham Lincoln a close 2nd, putting communist China in it’s place, building the strongest military,ect ect..keep China Joe in the basement he can’t handle the heat..

    4. ITA!! And he’s practically told us that he’s going to challenge votes by mail. So sadly as much as it is the safest thing to do in the middle of a pandemic, I will crawl, in a hazmat suit if I have to to the polls. Granted I will use early voting. But I truly believe this is 1 election we must vote for in person and by such large numbers there can be NO question or debate!!!

  12. The Violet ones in the crowd all Republican plants ask donald trump and bill barr they know they put them there

  13. Never trust a poll especially when it looks like you’re winning because it can turn on a dime. Play as if you are behind so you stay on top of what you need to do.

  14. CREATE A TSUNAMI LANDSLIDE LOSS FOR TRUMP and his enablers. If Canadians could vote you’d have ours.

    1. Chris Matthews , ok the British government is holding out on trade until after the US election because the don’t want to deal with trump and a criminalised system. And for everybody would vote him out, that’s just my feed back and , assuming we all had half a brain, to see through the American PR extravaganza, that passes for an election now, but apparently some of us have has no brains at all.

    2. This SANE American greatly appreciates the support from around the world! I pray we get The Cheato out before more die, and before he alienates more of our International friends, well blowing and scraping to dictators and revolting Evil people!!!

    3. Oops sorry for the double post.The 1st 1 vanished before I could click Comment and then it showed up again when I read it. Since I’m on my kindle I have no clue how to delete it sorry about that

    4. Yep. This is about WINNING. For the next three months Joe Biden PARK yourself in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin. While VP Pic Stacey Abrams Parks herself in Georgia and Florida. And in November its GAME OVER!!. This is about “Enthusiastic Turnout & energizing the Vote Turnout. Don’t risk picking a VP based on anything else.

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