‘Illegal, brutal invasion’: PM Trudeau condemns Putin

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned Russia's 'brutal' invasion as he arrived at a NATO meeting on Ukraine.

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    1. @TonyTV  Then your father clearly graduated at the bottom of his class‼️ Not all doctors are smart👍 Like father, like son‼️ 👍👍👍


    3. @TonyTV The boarder trucks and the Ottawa trucks were already gone with normal police powers BEFORE Trudeau enacted the emergency powers.

  1. I heard European parliament had some words for trudeau. Did you notice hardly anyone was there when he spoke.

    1. World leaders generally ignore him so he takes out his frustrations on others that he perceives as deplorable very much like a bully.

    1. @Brutucas Prime Minister Trudeau is a disgrace for any democracy! | Christine Anderson EU MEP German representative

      she also called justin trudeau a “PERVERT”… to his face, in parliament on the record. looking directly at him.

    1. @Chad Danger how is that working out now that Singh is officially Trudeau’s wife? You are either lazy or very life experience depraved …or option three live in your parents’ basement.

    1. @C P Firing JWR for investigating him for obvious ethics breach, banning journalists from pressers because they didn’t agree with him, envoking the Emergancy Act AFTER the convoy had been disbanded and still to this date has not removed the emergencies act.
      Honestly CP it doesn’t matter what imperical evidence you are given you’ll still choose to be ignorant after i’ve given you a few specific examples.

      No need to respond, you have nothing of substance to add.

    2. @Bernard Moser The truckers obeyed both injunctions to cease honking, and clear the Windsor Bridge.

      The police caused more damages than the truckers; while anything the truckers are accused of the government is 100x more guilty

    3. @C P Attempted extortion of lawfully owned possessions with threats of jail, fines and further repercussions. Even though there are laws prohibiting the exact thing he did. Seizure of citizens bank accounts without justification. Shall I go on? Lets look at the times hes been charged with ethics violations that stuck, anywhere else but parliament they would be called crimes.

    1. @Jeff you have to be a ppc to not like doubling the national debt and the highest yearly inflation ever? You have to be ppc to not like corruption?

    2. @donna lovstrom Check what they said about him after… You’ll be very pleased.
      Christine Anderson/Trudeau and Mislav Kolo…/Trudeau

  2. Maybe someone should educate him on what “democracy” is – his actions show that he has no idea when it comes to the meaning of that word.

    1. @The Cat Came Back I love the sheer idi9cy of conservatiards such as yourself. Was it not the conservative backed convoy led by Pat King who in their memorandum of understanding called for all political parties unite into one and to abolish those who don’t unite- said party would be handed the controls the convoy organizers. Effectively ending democracy in Canada.

    2. Everything I Don’t Like is Trudeau: An Emotional Child’s Guide to Information Analysis and Political Discussion

    3. sir whatever the problem is here this gripe that you have its come about as a result of you own stupidity, Trudeau was elected in a fair election

    1. own gain? dude like its important we protect democracy around the world understand dictators don’t give a crap about the law they think they are the law

  3. Trudeau doesn’t have a right to criticize anyone. As he points the finger out, there is three pointing back at him.

    1. His words have no value. The same with Joly. They pretty much state the obvious, with flowery words, just to complete the word salad. Light on substance as always.

  4. We condemn Trudeau the same way for his anti-democratic position in federal politics. What a condemnable person.

    1. It’s so weird how no matter where or what he’s speaking about, he says it in the exact same tone. He’s like an AI voice that only has a few intonations

  5. Calls an emergency act against bouncy castles and trucks but we’ll go out to a war zone for selfies

    1. yes Trudeau is exactly the same as Putin, sir whatever the problem is there this gripe that you have its come about as a result of your own stupidity

  6. I wonder would the prime minister have the same view that the invasion of Iraq by your american neighbours was also ‘brutal’, and ‘illegal’ or is that “different”. And there are plenty of other examples. Tired of all this hypocrisy by these guys.

  7. “This is an illegal and brutal invasion.” said Justin Trudeau when asked to describe the trucker convoy in Canada. 😛

  8. He prefers China’s dictatorship. It’s the one he has the most admiration for… never forget it.

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