1. I’m gonna be honest with you, I could never be that brave. Takes some balls to go into a warzone as a volunteer. Much respect to those fine ladies and gentlemen that are fighting for all of our freedom. Thank you.

    1. They are not fighting for freedom. People need to read the book “War is a Racket” by General Smedly Butler!!!

    2. @Lien Bijs This time, they are not against weaponless insurgents. They will be thrilled to hell.

    3. I don’t know. To be able to say you made a choice to support you all of us to protect family’s mothers. Women who just want to e happy with there kids n the dad. I’d lay my life down

    1. @andré pereira the solution had been offered to Ukraine many times BEFORE the war. They broke the signed agreements, didn’t want to compromise. Now their best bet is to surrender, it will save lives.

    2. @Rhonda sisson ignore these fools sweetie they are miserable people. Misery loves company. They want attention.

  2. I am so impressed by the women and men who take it upon themselves to travel to Ukraine and volunteer…
    To all of you fighting for peace, please be as safe as possible. And know that those of us not able to join you are supporting you.
    To the Russian soldiers who decide that Putin is not the leader to fight for, to die for, we are also here for you. Deserters will be heroes in my eyes. I hope Ukraine will accept your surrender as I would.

    1. A video link: https://youtu.be/qfe7-x4H5OM – Direct links to help Ukraine International Legion of Territorial Defense

      Copyright CNN acknowledgment – I just incorporated this youtube video on the link to the Ukraine International Legion of Territorial Defense
      CNN Coverage – Interview with volunteers who have joined the legion!
      CNN’s Jim Sciutto speaks with volunteers to learn why they plan to join the fight against Russia

  3. “I don’t see my life, more valuable than their life” What that volunteer said touched me deeply. 3:33

    1. ​@Martyn They started a separatist uprising against Ukraine, traitors to their own country with the aid of Russia, they got their comeuppance.

    2. @pudanielson1 NO , The people of Donbass started protesting the Violent and illegal overthrow of a Legitimate and Democratically Elected Government…By the Euromaidan, that was supported by various Fascists , Nazis and America with it’s NATO vassals.
      It was the Coup Leaders Yatsenyuk and Turchynov that labeled Donbass as Separatists, Followed by Poroshenko that labeled Donbass as Separatists and Terrorists…and he sent the Military and armed fascist groups to Donbass to eliminate them. And it has been continued by Zelensky to this day. SO , it’s actually the Kiev Regime and it’s Fascist Ukrop Militants, getting THEIR COMEUPPANCE.
      And it warms my heart , to finally see Donbass getting some proper support. Z

    1. We can’t save Ukraine when it is our failed foreign policy that got them in this situation. If you actually care try harder. everything merikkka touches turns to poo… oligarchy vs plutocracy two-mate-oh too-mot-toe two empires fighting over a piece of meat. Upgrade your knowledge player one!

    2. @Private Pyle Russia is not empire it’s just wannabe and russian army only scary from afar, now whole world is seeing it

    3. @Roman Vasylenko don’t bother replying to him. He’s just mad Putin didn’t gave him a raise. Rubles aren’t worth much nowadays.

  4. I am proud of all of these people. Like a mom. You are Europeans sons and daughters ❤ thank you so much from a mother in Denmark. If I could, I’d join you.

  5. God bless him and all the brave volunteers giving a part of their expertise for all of us 🙏 let’s pray they return home to a heroes welcome confetti

    1. @Private Pyle Jesus is Ukrainian…! He asks – send more fertilizer for the Ukrainian fields…Otherwise, the wheat will give a poor harvest and you will die anyway…But if you die in the Ukrainian fields, then at least your children will be alive… How do you like that joyful future…?

    2. @co2 hashoil yess exactly. Zelensky force his people to put gun and join battle against soldier lol.

  6. Thank you so much. I had to flee Kyiv, a city where I was born, as well as my parents, grandparents… This report brought tears to my eyes. I am so deeply thankful for the help we’re getting. Ukraine would be doomed on our own, and who is to say which country would fall next to russia’s delusional ambitions.

    1. @Travel Crawl  So your boyfriend went to Ukraine to help. He picked the option of risking his life for strangers over you. This must be stressful. I feel your pain cupcake.

    2. Wishing, hoping and praying that you and your extended family find peace, safety and comfort as you navigate your lives going forward. Thank goodness you all escaped unharmed. 💙💛🌍💙💛✌🏽😘

    3. I pray you are able to return and wish I could do more personally to help. And you are absolutely correct when you say this isn’t just about Ukraine. This is Russia vs. “The West” in its entirety. If we fail Ukraine, we fail ourselves.

    4. @Travel Crawl If you think pretty much any red-blooded American woman under the age of 60 wouldn’t love to spend a night or 20 with “Ryan” you are absolutely nuts.

  7. One of the best interviewers in this conflict – she asks direct, useful questions and does not interrupt or hurry up the people in Ukraine who are under enormous stress from defending against a monstrous army.

    1. @David O’Keefe Talk to any Americans or westerners, most will sound like a robot when discussing about foreign affairs. Its almost like you guys have a chip implanted at the back of your neck. CIA brain engineering program is working well especially among the mass weak people. The few that escaped the brain engineering will be targeted and eliminated if possible. Ask Julian Assange and Snowden. You’re weak🤣🤣

    2. She fucking laughed at him when he said he got deputized. Disrespectful. How Is that a good interviewer?

  8. His smile at 9:20 is solid gold and shows the heart of the Ukrainian people. I’ve been there 3 times they are genuine and loving people. As soon as my passport arrives ( renewed ) I’m making plans to help there any way I can.

  9. These people are extraordinary! Coming from around the world and signing on for a year. Can’t stop crying.

    1. (Singing) Russia is our great power… Russia is our great country…! That’s it… I’ll go get my bear drunk with vodka and play the balalaika for him… so that he doesn’t get bored while I kill pregnant Ukrainian soldiers from the Nazi Azov regiment in multi-storey maternity hospitals…

    2. @Blevins yes. But only if you define George Washington and his troops as having been obsessed by bloodlust.
      So what planet are you on? Here, on earth, it’s cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

    3. @Blevins I’m impressed by the young nurse who is willing to put her own life on the line to help people who so desperately need that help, and who doesn’t see her own life as more important than anyone else’s. I’m impressed with a young film student who isn’t “lusting for blood”, but is willing to fight for Ukraine’s freedom. I’m impressed with everyone, regardless of their background or abilities who are willing to drop their own lives and to go halfway around the world and do what is needed to help Ukrainians survive. They are the people who are absolutely willing to walk the talk, so that democracy and freedom can prevail. Putin is going to lose this war, with Russia having lost more troops as KIA/MIA/POWs/wounded in less than 3 weeks than they did in almost 10 years in Afghanistan. Ukrainians are doing most of the heavy lifting, but they can’t do it all on their own, when up against the much larger military of Russia.
      Slava Ukraini. Glory to the heroes! 🇺🇦 💙 🇺🇦 💛 🇺🇦

  10. “I don’t see my life more valuable than their life.” Praying for Ukraine and these volunteers.

    1. He is mercenary. Goes to war for money. Foreign mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan are pulling. Military contractors of these foreign mercenaries which mostly came from USA and UK are sending their mercenaries now in Ukraine.. these mercenaries don’t go to Ukraine without being paid.

    2. @the who? Not sure why you want to believe that, but very few of them are there for the money. If I were 20-30 years younger, I would be there and it certainly wouldn’t be for the money. I would be there right now if I didn’t know that, at my age and in my health, I take up more resources than I can contribute. I have friends that are there now who are not there for the money. Even if you believe money WOULD be an incentive, you wouldn’t see many from the U.S. or Canada going simply because it’s easier and safer to make MORE money here at home. It’s really asinine to suggest Americans would be there “for the money”.

      You have a very cynical view of other human beings, which suggests YOU would only be there for the money. That’s the only insight your comment reveals.

    3. @the who? go home little girl. mercenaries get paid. these are volunteers. get your damn facts correct.

  11. My friends father is 70 years old, and served in the Vietnam war. He has volunteered to go to Ukraine. He Is an engineer, and is very versed in Soviet aviation technology. They are thrilled to have him

  12. You go US, Canada, and all the other volunteer fighters and supporter from other countries helping out Ukraine! Shout out to the Minnesotan Marine!! We are praying for all of you over there.

  13. Praying for all of the volunteers and Ukrainian people, everyone just trying to make the best out of a horrible situation…I hope everyone makes it home safe 🌻

  14. Im Ukrainian and from Kyiv i had to move to another part of the country i miss my hometown and my heart aches for all of the people in our country and i cant even begin to explain how proud i am of our army and how Greatful i am to to all volunteers that are coming to help, i love u all, you’re the best of people ❤️ thank u for everything

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