'I'm embarrassed': Constituents react to Boebert defying Covid-19 rules 1

‘I’m embarrassed’: Constituents react to Boebert defying Covid-19 rules

CNN's Gary Tuchman visits a county in Northwestern Colorado where the vaccination rate is low and the Covid-19 infection rate is high. The area is represented by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who is in defiance of new Covid rules on Capitol Hill.
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    1. @Benjamin Levine Biden’s vaccine efforts are defeating the Covid-45 tRumpVirus in a landslide! Thank God for President Joe Biden

    2. @Linda Felder and paid to betray her country and her people and she obviously accepted! Follow the money trail and she will land in jail!

    1. You know someone is under mass psychosis when they believe that there is only 2 sources of information… FOX and CNN

    2. @B.A.R. prove it liar!! Prove the magic virus is lethal with 1 peer reviewed study… sorry you can’t brainwashed

    1. @Michael your use of “dumicrat” tips your hand. Nothing you say is to be trusted. You can’t be civil. You use “dumicrat” because you think it owns the Libs. Basically you’ll say or do anything to own the Libs.

    2. @Carol Cisko — _”I would feel this way …except kids are in this mix.”_

      Well, maybe will take for their kids to die of COVID for them to REPENT of their Trump worshipping.

    3. Wow everybody. Thanks for helping me snag another top comment. I wish I could read all your wonderful replies, but my phone glitches out after the first 200 or so. I’ll just assume that the rest are all supportive and intelligent. Have an awesome day!

  1. Lauren represents some of the worst that america has to offer. The people who are ignorant and proud of it.

    1. @A T Ignorance is the lack of knowledge of facts that are backed by evidence. There is no evidence for the claims that are put by anti-vaxxers / covid deniers. Those republican elected officials, are saying what they know people like that want to hear for votes. Anti-vaxxers / covid deniers are willfully ignorant.

    2. @Rob Davidson you will one of the first to go ……see you on the front lines ……oh wait you will be hiding in your basement like normal…..letting. Real men rebuild this country …..after people like you have destroyed it.

    3. @Steve Austin don’t u get tired of peddling half truths & exaggerations for people who don’t care if you live or die ? Seriously, u need to ask yourself why u spend your precious personal time spreading just plain falsehoods. It’s not good for you in any way you dream up, not one. Get out & experience new people & places. Maybe leave the country…

    4. @David Eby they going to delete themselves USA makes Nazi germany look reasonable in comparison

  2. – Liberals, “More women representation in Congress would be a good thing”
    – Devotees of Trump, “Here’s the Karen-est of our Karens”.

    1. @Ace Brockton proof of what? Lied about what? Wtf are you talking about??? Take your meds crazy person…

    2. @Terry Fulds do you have any proof? Yeah lol that’s what we thought! Tell me, how can China don the self proclaimed sheeple whisperer lose one election over 65 times? That’s a record right there! Dopey don is an embarrassment and what he’s paying you to mouth off online is laughable. Stop humiliating yourself dude.

    3. @English Paper you thought wrong! But that’s not surprising! Follow the money trail and Republicans will land in jail!

    4. @Ace Brockton who are you talking to??? Clearly it’s not me. Proof of what??? Why are you talking about trump? Is your brain ok? Tell me what I need to provide proof of…

  3. It’s painful to see the middle-aged moms that are waiting outside to get a wave from her like she is an intelligent, informative speaker to follow and look up to like RBG. Ladies she is full of and

    1. @Cat Cat what’s it like knowing you have no arguments and all you can do is pick up somebody’s typo

  4. “A word to the wise ain’t necessary. It’s the stupid people that need the advice.” -Anonymous

    1. @sammyshott23 The reason surgeons wear masks is so they don’t breathe germs into your open body cavity with your organs exposed. So unless you have your insides exposed in public, you don’t need to wear a mask if you’re vaccinated.

      BTW, they also wear ugly blue gowns, gloves, and hats without brims. You’re so dµmß that you probably wear that in public as well using that backwards logic.

    2. @King Charles How many of them were in the hospital or dead? Zero? Thought so.
      Nice fake ‘verified’ checkmark, though.

  5. Everything is needlessly painful and incredibly stupid right now. My thoughts are with scientists and medical professionals, whom I’m sure are exhausted and exasperated by *waves arms wildly* all of this.

    1. trump once said “science doesn’t know”
      This is their mentality.
      Their ignorance is simply astounding

    1. @Karen will expose you you sure know how to talk a lot without actually saying anything.

    2. @Ryan Smith im just trying to expose myself a bit more to “alternative communities.” It IS entertaining after all.

    3. @Belly Dancer Em you guys were saying that all last year. You guys better get the vaccine or you’ll be sorry. We’re still here healthy as can be

    1. well i can play this game bimbo ,bobblehead , boebert gave me a brain boo boo trying to decipher her batcrap bs .

  6. This is what happens when you elect a crazy person to office just because of party loyalty.

    1. EXACTLY!! I’m originally from Iowa & we did the same thing with rep. Steve King. He was an embarrassment to Iowa, but western Iowa kept voting for this loser because, well , they vote Republican!!! Smh….

  7. I love these predictions of when covid would end…just like Ted Cruz’s prediction for right after election. They should all be sued for endangering lives with their stupidity.

    1. Nah. They just started pitching variants and what not. Like a hurricane naming system. Then told us the original vac won’t cover the variants. Ok. You gave us the info. Nownits my choice what to do with it

    2. Check out Kudlow’s covid duration and economic predictions that he made in January 2020.

    3. It would be bad if it was just stupidity but its actually worse than just that because they are actually doing it on purpose since they think this is what their base wants to hear and so they can score political points, it’s sick!

  8. Individuals of Colorado: Here’s a solution: Recall her! put a Recall petition together and get her out of Congress! She’s been there for less then a year. and she has put her voters atrisk of a dangerous virus. Now, Just imagine the next two years! Smh

    1. @Rodney Boehner obviously neither are you. You are the SHEEPLE of misinformation, killing people faster as you spread “the big lie”.

    2. @Cathie Ludemann You can’t talk to a trumpanzee/terrorist. We just have to wait until they die off from COVID, sadly.

  9. “Don’t come knockin’ on my door with your Fauci ouchi” must be the stupidest words ever uttered by a human. Best of luck, America. With representatives like Lauren Boebert, you’re going to need all the luck you can get!

    1. And yet gQp wants to go door to door in Pa to ask people who they voted for & that’s fine?? Scary times! Take care!

    2. It’s like some genres of pop music. The dumber you can make it, the more popular it will be. In music it’s harmless…

    1. Absolutely! Glad I’m not the only one who recognizes her superficial desperation to be seen instead of serving her country and representing the people.

    2. Boebert, Gaetz, Taylor-Greene, Jordan, McCarthy, Cruz, McConnell et al. All pursuing notoriety power and money. Shame on them

    1. yeah, but don’t forget there’s plenty of stupid in the male faction of the republican party — that sets humanity back at least a hundred years.

    2. Leftists around the world are trying to segregate society by creating a secondary class of citizens.

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