‘I’m here because Donald Trump raped me,’ E. Jean Carroll alleges in court

Former magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll took the stand Wednesday in her battery and defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump, testifying about the alleged sexual assault by the former president in a New York City department store. CNN’s Paula Reid reports. Trump has denied all allegations. Wolf Blitzer is joined by CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson to discuss. #CNN #News



  2. Trump has questionable associations with people like Epstein and it’s enough to add credibility to the accuser of this case. Trump seems to have the attitude that he can do whatever he wants. You add that up with things he has said and done, she has even more credibility.

    1. @wolfdreams2000 I personally have lived a very full life and have only met a couple men that I know for sure could do something this horrible. Now I have also met a number of like in the low teens of men who have been falsely accused by women who just wanted to change partners or get revenge.
      Growing up under the threat of being beaten bloody makes you pay attention to emotions on people’s faces very good. You only survive if you learn when to run and who to run from.

  3. “Not my type” is not a good defense against an accusation of violence. But of course, it wouldn’t be on brand to occur to him that violence is a bad thing, rather he’s being a narcissist about this hurting his image and using classic incel speak.

    1. @Russ White you’ve been falling for witch hunts for 7 years straight so be quiet 🤦🏻‍♂️😆🥴

    1. @Scott Krater you will see again that nothing is going to happen and you’re going fall for the next witch hunt that they make up. It’s he same tune and dance that you guys do 😆😆

  4. “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the p***y.” Hopefully this will be played at the trial. And for anyone trying to excuse this behavior and talk, calling it locker room talk, I have been in many sports, so therefore many different locker rooms, and not once ever did I hear any of my teammates bragging about their ability to sexually assault people.

  5. The fact that there is an entire political party and a portion of the population that follow this man like if he were a saint, is disturbing.

    1. @Vendetta P If you haven’t seen what Biden has done-well I can’t help you with that. Do your own research and show us that the education system didn’t fail you.

    1. @Phase4.photography it is out of the Democrat playbook . Make an accusation , earn money, then disappear.

    2. @carl FIELD exactly! And the sad thing is, they actually get away with all these lies after they’ve been caught and yet, they just get a slap on the hand without any repercussions. Why isn’t anybody on the right taking them to court for lying under oath and fabricating lie after lie? They need to make an example out of them. Period

  6. This woman has been through so much! The only reason she didn’t charge him when it happened, was because her friend warned her ‘ not to do it because he would ruin you. He is too. powerful.” Now he is trying to discredit her through defaming her and attacking her through social media. He needs to be in court answering the questions, not letting his lawyers do it for him. Any woman (and there are lots of us) who have been in a similar situation know how traumatizing it is.

  7. Here in Western Australia, a man was sentenced yesterday to ten years jail for sexually assaulting teenage girls in the 1980’s. The ridiculous statute of limitations in the US is not fair for victims of rape.

    1. @Asionye Kennedy Please define “many men” and where you got the evidence for this alleged phenomenon. And no one is suggesting that anyone be convicted of anything without due process, so it’s unnecessary for you to be so dramatic. Finally, _who_ was lying? Are you implying that these “many men” were convicted because sexual assault victims were lying? So these “many men” were *not* wrongly convicted as a result of the racism baked into the US criminal justice system and/or flawed (maybe even false) forensic evidence? Is that what you were saying?

    2. @Niltomega There’s no statute of limitations for murder. If a person’s guilt of committing sexual assault can be proven in a criminal court of law, then why should there be a statute of limitations at all? If there’s sufficient evidence to get a conviction 40 years after the crime was committed, then what’s your objection to prosecuting the crime of sexual assault?

    3. @Kyle Rittenhouse Trump: admits on tape—more than once—that he forces himself on women

      GQP: iT’s A wiTcH hUnT

    1. @Russ White Yes, you say that, but yet you’ve completely and absolutely 💯 % failed to say precisely how or why? What’s the point of being so deliberately vague in your post? Why not get very specific re yr theory of why you believe that he’s guilty & what evidence you’re in possession of to back yr claim?

    2. @liberal halfbreeds It didn’t come off as like even a crazy rant? Damn, I spent fifteen minutes on that one.

    3. @Paul J Damn, you too? Wait, how does it prove guilt? I mean anyone could say anything that is why we have trials and stuff. Right?

  8. I think this and the other New York cases is why Fanny Willis in Georgia is waiting for the open calender.

  9. What gets sowed also gets reaped ! It is the equalizer of deeds done and whatever path you’ve chosen the time usually comes when most unwanted or expected !

    1. @Słowiański Wojownik  Tara Reade has changed her story so many times her own lawyer dumped her. She has absolutely zero credibility, if she ever had any at all.

    2. @dggydddy59  Well if that’s the position you take, if Tara Reade lies because it’s her accusing Biden of sexual assault, then that level of skepticism is applicable to this person as well who waited over 30 years to reveal this claim.

  10. Trust me, it takes a lot of internal strength to report a rape. I managed to do it, but even then (because counseling wasn’t offered to rape victims back I the 1980’s), it was so traumatizing to testify. Forty years later I was asked to testify against my rapist when CA found out he had murdered a woman who he’d had raped her one year before me. No one knows how damaging a rape can be, only the victim knows that.

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