‘I’m kind of lazy.’ Why We Aren’t Going Back to the Movies

The pandemic, along with the rise of streaming services, shifted the way we experience movies. Theater ticket sales are still down, and many folks prefer to watch from the comfort of their own home. Is staying home bad for the movies? Will studios simply bombard us with sequels and superhero movies to get us back? We hear from Franklin Leonard, founder of The Black List, about the state of cinema and the cultural necessity of going to the movies. And he tries to convince a very reluctant Audie Cornish to go back to the movie theater.  

Originally published January 26, 2023

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  2. It’s so empowering people of color finally have a voice. During the previous administration we didn’t have a voice. She is so brave and courageous

  3. I go to Indie theaters. They show things that are actually interesting, they have food, and a bar, and legroom.
    I will NOT go back to big theaters, and that has nothing to do with COVID.
    It has to do with paying twice as much to be a sardine in a can and shown flavorless tripe.
    Hollywood just doesn’t have the writing, directors, or actors to make it worth suffering a MegaTheater.

  4. They’re too expensive for folks like me. If it is something I really care to see, I will wait for it to become available on disc, then get it used from Half Priced Books. Very rarely will I buy it new.

  5. this is not laziness, this form of comfort is called decadence. decadence has accompanied the end of every great world power. from the persians to the greeks to the romans to the present day, when a society is at its end, you always see the same thing.

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  7. I know for me, it’s the lack of quality movies. Most of what Hollywood puts out is garbage, most of which I wouldn’t even pirate, let alone pay to see.

  8. You fool itll be the death of the thespian art…
    Should hit up a small local play sometime they can be pretty fun.

  9. Because it costs too much money and its usually some political stuff normal people aren effin interested in . That why. They go the the water park instead and spend half the money and actually have some fun.

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