'I'm sure it didn't sit well with President': Borger on Chad Wolf's reaction to riots 1

‘I’m sure it didn’t sit well with President’: Borger on Chad Wolf’s reaction to riots


Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf is resigning, he said in a letter to the department that was obtained by CNN. CNN's Gloria Borger and Dana Bash discuss with Wolf Blitzer

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    1. ​@iTalk uListen I will argue that human society as a whole wouldn’t have survived if we didn’t work together. There’s a deep drive for community and family in human nature, after all. The problem is, some peopl e know how to abuse that drive.

      We have to always keep in mind that some humans crave having leaders tell them what to do, no matter how awful it is, while others crave power so as to tell everyone what to do. Never trust people who want power for powers sake, who soak in the spotlight and give nothing back but platitudes, if that.

      Basically never trust a narcissist i guess.

    2. @Y N Let’s keep it real. Healing America can only start by removing Trump from office quick. He doesn’t deserve to sit in the WH one more day. Use Trump as an example to others who try and take the Republic.

    1. @DM 00 the early morning hours when he found out he won, he actually said something like, “I never expected to win”…
      Many never expected it. He is disgusting. All and everything about him is.

    2. Was mass intentionn
      al negligent homicide?
      Mass normalization of antidemocracy fascism,
      pure Naziism?
      Was three decades of misuse of free speech protections, for insurrection, treason, sedition, atrocious cruelty?
      Was dimwit clownishe illiterate use of twitter and other social media for presidential decisions?
      Was escape from tax law, sexual assault crimes, fraud crimes, enabled through high office?

      Flaws, those of unwarranted impunity from prose ution, exist in this Constitution, AND legal and informal system, particularly DoJ subordinacy to presidents.

    3. @Alexa C. Brown yep, and I wonder if you recall this: before he was inaugurated he actually said he wasn’t going to move into the White House. He was going to be President from his tacky penthouse in NYC. If there’s a clearer statement of “I dont want to be President” I don’t know what it is.

  1. Chad Wolf another vile person joining the “woke up from a 4 year coma ..what who me ? Crowed ”
    Followed by the Nuremberg trail defense ..I just followed order .

    1. Exactly…HITLERS 1st COUP attempt failed , 9 people were killed, he served 5 months in a country club prison, then went on to form the NAZI PARTY…

  2. I don’t understand why people are surprised that he’s not showing any remorse. This guy can’t give something that he don’t possess.

    1. @EricFecal and yet here’s Eric Fecal shoving his way in.. to do to me exactly what he thinks I’m doing …. Reminiscent of the demonrat playbook they used against Trump since before he announced being a candidate…. That’s truly rich…but expected

    2. @Cecil Gamble. . . Ah, yes. The old ‘no you are’ game. Your parents must rave about your giant intellect, am I right? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. @tele68 Good grief.. he could install Stephen Miller … ! A horrifyingly real possibility… which is just one more reason he needs to be removed … TODAY !

    2. @Trump 2020 The economy is already almost in free fall, there are already millions unemployed, none of the jobs trump promised have come back and you will be paying extra taxes for the foreseeable future due to the monumental tax breaks that trump and the republicans gave to the richest 1% of your country and you are going to blame this on the Biden administration that has not even been inaugurated yet ??? Do you honestly Not see exactly how Stupid you appear for making that comment ??

    3. @Trump 2020 as if trump is helping the ppl. Remember when I say the ppl. It’s not just white ppl. Usa is made up of all races. Trump only stands up for racist white ppl. He’s a crook and a clown and idiots follow him are crash dummies. What has Trump done to help America. The only reason the stock market is up is because the fed spent over 3 trillion buying junk bonds. Smh. It’s not up because there’s a good economy and lots of jobs. Its artificial growth from a fascist Trump administration. Yes the government buying corporate debt is classic fascism. Which is also illegal

    1. @Tracy Love accept that hippies claim they are free thinkers sadly if you do not think like one does they oppose it. That is not free thinking.

    2. @Jay Mas apparently you get upset with quotes because you can’t comprehend. Uneducated people get angry at intelligent things said that they can’t comprehend.

  3. I heard Chad Wolf was on a cozy trip in the Middle East when the Capitol attack took place. Strange! Was he making deals for Trump & Co. with Saudi?

  4. why is it extraordinary, the writing was on the wall for 5 years… you were all too “nice” to him..he is a monster that needs to be put away.

    1. @Alex MacKenzie Anybody that could put up with the way Trump has been treaded has to be a saint. The lying news media has s*it all over him from the time he announced he was running for President. They are just mad because they didn’t get their NWO. All they have to do is wait a little while longer, I’m betting it won’t be as great as they think it will be. We won’t escape, but neither will they. Remember they want to get rid of 90% of the population.

    2. You all will go to Hell and burn in an inferno for eternity for your wicked treasonous thinking. If you think your life is so bad now, well its gonna get worse on earth and then you will answer in your afterlife to the almighty. Change your ways now while you can still repent. But the constant lies and hate you spew now will only be the beginning to an end to your family and the generations that follow

    3. @Linda Eaton Trump’s problems with the press were all of his own making he used and abused them for decades by using his alter ego to greatly inflate his assumed wealth making them look really stupid when the truth came out it should have told him and the republican party having him as a candidate was a bad idea & if you seriously believe the democrats want to cull 90% of the people who pay their wages and elect them you really need help it doesn’t make one iota of sense and 5he only people who say it are brainwashed MAGA fools how the fxck could the planet cope with 90% less people? Imagine your home town with 90% of the people removed there wouldn’t even be enough left staff the stores and hospitals

    4. @windmill ofmymind They watched Rush Limbaugh and Fox entertainment from 2008-2016 and their relentless coverage of Barack Obama. Or maybe it was their relentless, viscous coverage of Bill and Hillary Clinton from 1992 – 2000 (..which all continues to this very day), that had something to do with it.

    1. @R. McBride Really? A Christian is still a Christian right? A Muslim still called a Muslim, a Mormon a Mormon and so on. You see where I’m going with this? Clever.

    2. @Sick Willy lol apparently he is a pretty good amateur and would have a very respectable handicap if his ego would let him stop cheating and he learned to be a gracious loser according to Gary Player & it was an interview making fun of Trump’s cheating so I don’t think Gary was just being nice

    3. @R. McBride Oh I agree with you R. McBride. Any of them will do some good, and will do some bad. I’m sure Biden won’t be perfect. Trumps character, or lack of, his arrogance, his lack of compassion, his constant belittling, his lies, that he believed, his lack of respect and appreciation for our democracy etc, are not Presidential qualities. I voted for Hillary and Biden. We will see how Biden holds up, I hope he proves to be the one we need at this moment in time.

  5. He’s a psychopath and they don’t feel anything , until something happens to them , they are narcissistic and it’s all about me , me , and me.

    1. Sounds like Amerikkka. Once the talking points start: “This is not who we are”, “ Time to Heal”, etc, etc,. American Decedents of Slavery will have to go back to the calm racists that ignores this entire system of our genocide from our ancestors to today. This is what poor, working class poor Black Americans deal with 24/7….. no matter who is in office #ADOS are terrorized. Just like our Ancestors were by cops, judges, politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers. Amerikkka is a Psychopath as well. Trump is truly America. Until it atone for this sin, idk how long it will stand. Most black politicians are not lineaged from this country, so we did not have a first BLACK president. Obama is not a Decedent nor is Kampala.

    2. Let’s keep it real. Healing America can only start by removing Trump from office quick. He doesn’t deserve to sit in the WH one more day. Use Trump as an example to others who try and take the Republic.

  6. The reason everyone of the cabinet is resigning is so they can’t evoke the 25th amendment. They are cowards and rats leaving the sinking ship. This doesn’t surprise anyone.

    1. @Abraham Szekely How about BLM and ANTIFA looting and burning over 160 cities and murdering over 32 people.

    2. @George Robson good point. We all know this to be true but maybe there are some loyal Fox listeners who are finally understanding it’s time to wake up so they need to kind of re-explain things to them.

    3. @Trump 2020 No, he incited an attempted coup that failed. Hey, let’s see how you will defend what the Trumpists do next week.

  7. I agree. These cabinet members are quitting because they don’t have the guts to involve themselves in a 25th amendment decision.

    1. When the next tRumpatrocity happens, the blood will be spilled by coward’s hands for allowing it to happen. We know its going to happen as long as tRump is President.

  8. You forget, Chad was only “acting” like the Sec of Homeland Security. It feels like everyone is getting out of the way. One has to wonder what they’re expecting.

  9. “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” – Charles Bukowski

  10. One officer took a now-infamous selfie with one of the rioters, and the other wore a “Make America Great Again” hat while “directing“ members of the mob, said Rep. Tim Ryan…

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