1. Have you ever cared for a loved one who died? The pain sets in after the chaos and the care. The pain sets in when you’re expected to transition immediately back to “normalcy”

  1. That is amazing this family is reunited with each other again not much people get this opportunity due to the situation that’s going on🤔

  2. I SO wish I could take the pain away. And we know there is only one answer for that. The devil’s spawn needs to go home to his father. Bless all Ukrainians for their bravery. Love to all with broken hearts and souls. Millions pray for you.

  3. Beautiful family! I’m so sorry 😞 you have been through this unbelievable experience. Sending hugs❤️

    1. Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine to eliminate nationalists and fascists who are supported by the Ukrainian government. They came to power in 2014 with U.S. support. In 2014, two regions of Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk, opposed this government. As a result, official Ukraine fought a war with Donetsk and Luhansk for eight years. Many civilians, women and children died. On May 2, 2014, people who opposed the new government were brutally murdered in the Trade Union House in Odessa. Russia tried to negotiate peace with Ukraine (meaning the United States), but without success. And if Russia had not started a special operation now, Ukraine, supported by the United States, NATO, and Europe, would have gone to war with Russia. The U.S. needs the war to weaken Russia. The U.S. is pursuing an aggressive policy against many countries in the world. Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia. If American citizens do not force the U.S. government to remove NATO bases and biolaboratories from Russia’s borders, U.S. defeat is inevitable
      Western journalists are afraid to tell the truth about what is happening in Ukraine. The editors of Western channels do not broadcast what is really happening. The editors of American channels force correspondents to lie about Donbass. Such a confession was made by journalist Patrick Lancaster. He came to Donetsk from the United States and stayed here. Now he is an independent correspondent and tells an English-speaking audience about everything he has seen with his own eyes.https://youtu.be/8F6rjuSYtPk

  4. I can’t/don’t want to imagine what has happened to the hospice patients. 😥 Bless them for their commitment!!

  5. God bless these & all people throughout Earth. Also protect them/us from the horrors of war, epidemics & all that afflicts us.

  6. Very sweet interview. Could really sense the calm joy of reunion with family and also the poignant heartache of leaving responsibilities and homes in Mariupol. 👏

  7. My soul aches for these and all the hurting citizens of Mariupol. I pray with all my heart for them all. I wish there was more I could do to help them. I want to somehow help them keep their hope in God. Corrie ten Boom, a Christian author and survivor of Ravensbrück Concentration camp said it well: ” You may never know that Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have.”

  8. “Mariupol is the best city in the world.” What a wonderful way to end the interview. I dearly hope that Mariupol returns to full Ukrainian control so that this gentleman can get his wish. Imagine the smile on his face if he gets the chance to rebuild!

  9. Even with war added to Brandon’s long list of failures, his voters still justify and support his spineless incompetence.

  10. I hope the gentleman’s wish comes true. He is deeply traumatized, it shows in his face. I hope they can all go back, if that is their wish. This tragedy must end and Putin needs to retire to his palace on the Black Sea…forever.

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