Impact of Water Crisis in Jamaica #TVJNews – May 10 2022

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    1. @richard jarrett I understand but that won’t help u have to hit them below the belt some where it hurts. So when it hurts everyone them will answer

    2. @Fitzroy Dawkins I think blocking major intersections is very powerful and it sends a strong message because Government officials traverse through these spaces too. Now, going your route and turning off the water supply what do you say to the doctors and patient who needs water for surgery? The family whose house is being burnt down? The children at school needing water to drink and wash their hands after lunch break? Or the elderly in retirement homes who needs to have caretakers clean their private parts?

    3. @richard jarrett exactly bro especially firefighter’s who literally need the water to fight the fire

  1. Were these people ever working?? The amount of burst pipe in my community, I didn’t remember that NWC existed , bout strike.

    1. Samething I’m saying from last night. I get none yet. So it must be Samuda and Andrew. You know how many schools are closed today.

  2. Wow the land of wood and water πŸ’§ 😳, people nuh have water? What a shame, find ways of surviving without depending on government agencies, try desalination the ocean isn’t dry. Wow Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡² 😳

  3. What nwc workers need to do is go to all the politicians home on cut off the water, and allow regular jamaican to get water.

    1. Thank you! Exactly! I understand why they are doing it but it IS WICKED for them to do for 2 DAYS to the rest of us who did nothing to them and are already struggling. Allow us 1 hour to refill our small tanks. Many of us have sick at home. NOT okay. Truly SELFISH.😞

  4. Even when NWC is not on strike paying customer can’t get water most of the workers in St James have shares in water truck hence they not instread in people’s plight they not loosing from the strike is us who loosing nothing new then telling us water is life

  5. It’s a Dam shame how could people do with out water the Government must do mush better. Because shore they have water and then you get water for heigh bill what you don’t use Jamaican two careless pay them stop the shortage water is life

  6. Right now my school has been closed because there is no water. We have to be teaching online. If they don’t go back to work, other schools will have to close.

  7. the NWC workers could have disconnected Gordon House water, Jamaica house water, parliament water, bosses mansion water, all the ministries water need to cut off innocent Jamaicans water who have nothing at all to do with any payment or reclassification… when this thing backfire on these terrorists workers which it will and examples are made out of a number of them, the same innocent Jamaicans who were without water for their daily needs for days will not be the ones to ever stand beside them

  8. Pay the people dem ,
    Cant want to not pay every civil servant
    Pay the people them !! This is just disgusting !!!!

  9. Everybody protest in there own ways, some block roads, etc they cut the water for there voices to be heard so nothing is wrong with that some people just don’t have no justice in them. Anyways I love the man who sings wa we money 🎢 🎡

  10. Government is always waiting for workers to do something thing drastic such as strike action before them budge.The people have been waiting for 10long years and every month water raise so pay the people make we get water no substitute no deh Fi water.

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