NWC Strike Day 2 | 15 Yr. Old Footballer Perishes in Crash | TVJ Midday News – May 11 2022

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  1. “Even though it’s a council road” sir it is a road within your consistency fix it. I pray a truck transporting market farmers and vendors doesn’t topple over

  2. Boy I’m sorry for his mother I know his grandmother and mother and his brother and sister very well

  3. πŸ’¦Wash unuh hands regular and sanitized πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lord Jesus. Wata tun off😁😁

  4. Water is essential, this should be considered criminal and the relevant parties should be held accountable.

  5. kudos to Food For The Poor Jamaica for making it comfortable for thefamily and condolences to the friends and family of the student who lost his life

    1. That’s why we as a country are like this lawless mon no respect t for the law he should be at school poor parenting

    2. @BIZZ ENTERTAINMENT BiZz WORL i agree.. but parents arent a thing anymore is babymother and baby father drama

    3. @Christopher Lea so true and these type of stupidity will keep on repeating over and over again stay safe bro and do the right hope we can have a change in the future

  6. These nwc worker are some evil people they warn their families of their actions and then lock of the water on the rest of the population.water should not be a tool against the people of Jamaica to send any message to the government or board members of the company. I think if they wanted to strike they should have done it in a different way.what if Jamaicans who are now affected by this atrocity should strike now against these worker of nwc, it wouldn’t be pretty.i would sacked anyone who is responsible for this cruelty and also a seek for them criminal charges.

  7. I am telling you the homes are failing miserable man what a society this place is gone to the dogs no discipline so what are we going to have if he should come and be prime minister of Jamaica thank God by that time I will be with the lord

  8. These people are nwc must held accountable people must demonstrate , The people don’t owe no water bill it’s a criminal act and Dem must charge nwc wicked den fi prison people protest and stop talked tek action unite, mark Barnet bullet fi yuh

  9. Right now people don’t have any water so the whole Jamaica going die for water because them want more money they could not do it in a better way

  10. RIP Chris, Lengend in horse racing commentry. Water is life, resolve this ASAP.. Careful on the roads, walk, drive or ride, so sad for this youbg man.

  11. Every school should have attachment tank with at least250,000 galans to 300,000 galonsof water too much rain falling in Jamaica for one company hohding the country at random soon it’s going to be Jps next

  12. Jamaica government needs to stop using marl to make roads because it’s not lasting they need to use gravel instead.because when bad weather the marl wash away.

  13. I support the striker good for guys. Feeling bad for the inconvenience of the people but the government needs to treat the people better

  14. What is going on in Jamaica,in some parishes NWC is on strike long time, some people haven’t seen water at their tap for years, Jamaica people needs to demonstrate now against NWC,it’s a disgrace.

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