In Leaked Audio, Sen. Manchin Signals Support For Filibuster Reform

Former Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and congressional historian Norm Ornstein join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Senator Joe Manchin’s possible support for reforming the 60-vote filibuster threshold. 
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    1. @Fake President I know like all the conservatives who send death threats to any senator or representative who publicly criticizes or disagrees with trump right.

    2. escape? he’s not trapped. lol. Manchin is only accountable to his constituents who voted 70% for Trump.

    1. @Andrew How do you not have voting rights? Are you a convicted criminal or just one of those poor souls who can’t afford an ID, but can afford a device to post on You Tube?

    2. @Chris Lockwood I never said I didn’t. I know this is difficult for some people to understand but there are people in this world who are concerned with people other than themselves. There’s been a massive effort by the GOP to pass voter suppression bills throughout the country.

    3. @Andrew lol. That’s funny. Moderate democrats are dinosaurs, the whole party has leaned so far left, they aren’t even bothering to claim they are just “democrat”socialist anymore. They are just full fledged socialist, but then claim everyone else is Russian. Maybe they miss the old USSR.

    4. @Chris Lockwood You just confirmed that you don’t know what socialism is and you have absolutely no clue about politics in general. The country has moved so far right that democrats in this country would be conservatives in other countries.

  1. Manchin is just putting the carrot-on-a-stick in front of us. He is NOT a democrat. He is merely wasting as much time as he can for his Republican party.

    1. Manchin votes with his party the majority of the time. If he voted with fellow Democrats any more, he couldn’t get reelected in West Virginia.

    2. Sad reality for him is that he’s not pure enough for them in the end. They will not accept him after this. He’ll just be a Lackey and a dupe that they used for their own ends.

    3. anyone who’s been paying attention knows Manchin is a conservative democrat. Not going to change to suit the progressive view.

  2. If they want to obstruct Congress, make them obstruct in person. Good idea! 55 votes for cloture, must be present to vote against, and must be on the floor speaking on the topic while filibustering. Manchin says it should be painful — ok, this is how to make it painful. Time to stop the good ol’ boys from phoning in their opposition to anything that would help ordinary citizens.

    1. Makes the most sense. Also, they shouldn’t be allowed to have their aides filibuster in their place.

    2. That wasn’t what the call said. Manchin was trying to brine a republican so the left would get off his back.

    3. I agree with everything except the 55 votes thing. Keep it at 60, move back to the old talking filibuster back in the 60s.

    1. Obama had 60 Democrats. They should have driven through universal health care for everyone! Obama’s biggest mistake by far was to try to work with the Republicans. Republicans only wanted to screw him

    2. You talk as though there are no RINOS like Murkowski and Collins.
      It’s the Constitution. Should be 2/3rds as stated. Dems changed to simple majority and then cried when Trump got another SCOTUS appointment.

      Again. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Yeah, with a split house none of this would make a difference. If it takes more than 51 votes you can BET it will die in the senate. Nothing will change.

    1. You nailed it. It is not law but mere policy snd every corporate person knows policy is changed when it no longer works!

  4. It is GREAT to see Al making a difference in the public conversation. His voice is SO NEEDED!

    1. I’m starting to see him more and more lately. I hope this signals that he is thinking about making a comeback. I certainly hope so.

    2. 1 — He never touched her in that pic. He pretended to. As a joke. 2 — He DID kiss here without permission on another occasion. 3 — She completely forgave him, anad tossed it off as the nothing that it was. He apologized to her, and the world, and was so embarrassed that he foolishly obeyed Kirsten Gillibrand and stepped down. THAT was his main mistake.

      @Chris Lockwood

    1. Beats the alternative. If he was Republican we would get nothing done. We need him and he knows it. I wish the squad would use his playbook in the House.

  5. Force the senator to move at lighting speed . Otherwise he’s still aiding the GOP by wasting time .

  6. Someday Manchin will fade back into obscurity… Until then, he will continue to be a nightmare for this administration- something I think he truly relishes!

  7. I respect these guests but they are being played for suckers. Manchin has been bought by dark money and will do nothing. He is just a Republican in sheep’s clothing, same goes for Sinema.

    1. @Lynette Hicks all the more reason for this bill to pass so the democracy can go back to the people. Why vote when the donors are who they represent. It’s all a sham

    2. I agree. There is no evidence in the leaked Zoom audio of anything but corruption. MSNBC is just as bad as Fox News

    3. @Andres Miguel Cervantes and he just posted on his Twitter about something else. No concern. I’m like we can’t just let this pass. This can’t go on anymore. They ruined our democracy. So angry

  8. Wasn’t there some other leaked Manchin audio over the past 24 hours that I don’t see any coverage of on MSNBC? Something with centrist megadonors?

    1. ohh that…proving aoc wasn’t lying that the real constituents of Manchin is the Donor class…Oh you wont see that on msnbc/cnn/fox. Lets just have ex-congress Aide and former senators fawn over Manchin possibly maybe potentially hopefully changing his mind.

    2. Check out The Intercept article. Hear Joe trying to deliver for the people who bribe him. Manchin suggests that retiring Senator Roy Blunt (R) might switch his vote to support a January 6 commission if there were a job waiting for him:

      Manchin’s words: “Roy is retiring. If some of you all who might be working with Roy in his next life could tell him, that’d be nice and it’d help our country.”

      A good reason Manchin wants Blunt’s vote? Having Republicans on board would give Manchin’s bipartisan BS some cover to maintain the filibuster as it is, which those wealthy donors just love because it keeps at bay progressive legislation that would cost them money.

    3. Absolutely, these guys haven’t heard the leaked audio of Manchin basically trying to get (NO Labels), basically a bunch of billionaires, to bribe Blunt to vote yes on the 6th commission. I guess they haven’t heard that yet.

    4. i actually emailed MSNBC about the leaked zoom call. Yes, but how long will it take to get to the mainstream media outlets??? I’m like come on, talk about Manchin’s call to the big donor org and his discussions about moving funds to Senator Blount or a job when he leaves office, so he can get the votes he needs from Pubs for the bipartisan commission for the 1/6/20 insurrection. Of course he never got the votes. He wanted to throw that success up in dems faces to get them off him about the need to remove the filibuster but as we all know now he didn’t get the bipartisan support from Pubs he wanted. He is a slime ball

  9. Senator Manchin poses serious danger to the Democratic party than Mitch McConnell. He is beholden to the Republican Party.

  10. Remember when these people lied about Ruth ginsburgs last words? There is no limit to the lies these people will tell to sell their story

  11. Finally. The filibuster is basically “the McConnell veto,” he uses it to maintain dictatorial power and his fantasy that he’s an American Richelieu.

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