Criminal Probe Of Trump In Georgia May Be Keen To Know Why U.S. Attorney Quit

Amy Gardner, national political reporter for the Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about circumstances of the resignation of Byung J. “BJay” Pak, former U.S. attorney in Atlanta and whether pressure from the Trump White House to overturn the election may be of interest to the criminal investigation of Trump for election interference in Georgia. 
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    1. @V for Wombat they sure are, and the world leaders know there’s an adult back in the White House.

    2. @Well actually, you’re right.
      It is all still 9/11. News channels in the U.S. adjusted to the kind of news reports people wanted back then: 9/11 … Afghanistan War … Iraq Wae … subprime mortgage crisis … global economic crisis … crisis crisis crisis. That’s why it was so easy for Trump to slander CNN and MSNBC. They don’t lie, but they turn everything into BREAKING NEWS!!!1! and half of the time it’s a cat stuck in a tree.

    3. @srgreeniii no, u can’t blame the businesses, these business can’t fine citizens to work the hard labor jobs. It’s REALLY hard work!

    4. @Victor Ramirez Lmao….Democrat run states are shitholes…that’s why people are fleeing

    1. NEWS ALERT….CRIMINAL PROBE AGAINST BIDEN AND SON for acceptance of millions od dollars from a communist country while he was VICE PRESIDENT.. NEWS AT 1000 PM REPORTING.. That should be your headline you knuckleheads at MSNBC.

    1. @Lando Its hilarious how multiple states have been caught with low level voter fraud and democrats think its ok. Did trump win? probably not, fraud is fraud nonetheless.

    2. @Anotherbloodyfanwriter let me guess, you got your information from the propagandist of the reich wing. Are you one of those that think the insurrectionist were “tourists”?

    3. @Shawn bosley the few election fraud s that were found have all been trumpies, if any other fraud was found to have been done from the left faux news would be screaming it 24/7

    4. @Shawn bosley whats hilarious is that low level voter fraud (assuming you mean voting with some else name, taking someones mail in ballot) has all been prosecuted…even in democratic states. whats truly hilarious is the same republicans shouting ‘voter fraud” are completely ignoring trump begging Georgia to “find” votes for him so he could win the state. so wtf are you talking about?

    5. @Robin Lewis
      No, I’m a guy that believes that at this point, insurrection is justified. The right to rebel, a philosophical idea enshrined by our founders and by libertarian philosophy in general. When a government actively subverts and works against the will of its citizens, the population has a right and civic duty to remove and replace said government by any and all means necessary. We have a right to representation, and if we cannot get it peacefully, we must take it back by force

  1. Dark to light is happening now 🙏. Very interesting times ahead be strong in faith and family ✝️

    1. What are you guys expecting to happen? Lol Democrats won’t believe any “results” that come from these fraudits, and majority of republicans already believe the election was rigged.

    2. There is no “dark to light” when you don’t have enough brain cells to understand the difference.

    3. @Brandon Coile
      It’ll embolden both sides, as when the truth comes out, the media won’t be able to suppress it. They’ll be forced to try and defend it, Biden will refuse to step down, the left will form up around their fraudulent puppet, and the right will have casus belli to demand the dissolution of an illegitimate government, or face armed resistance and retribution. It’s already written in stone, this summer will be one of bloodshed, war is coming…

  2. isn’t that what politicians do? the bad orange man. don’t they have something else to do?

    1. trump literally begged georgia to “find” him votes so he could win. isnt that the voter fraud you people were so crazy about finding? there is actually evidence and phone recordings of trump begging…

  3. Ha ha the truth always prevails in the end, it might take some time to unravel this …..the facts are coming forward and can’t be stopped…..

  4. “The Devil went down to Georgia. He was looking for a soul to steal. He was in a bind, because he was way behind. He was willing to make a deal.” Ahem.

    1. Charlie Daniels is my favorite rap artist. Too bad all you know is one song… YOU CAN LEAVE THIS HERE COUNTRY BOY ALONE comes to mind to deal with trash like your kind!

    2. The Orange tried fraud in Georgia. He was looking for a vote to steal. He was in a bind, and he was way behind, and he was willing to make a steal.

    3. @DPS670950 who is trash now? And why are you saying that about that person? As far as I can see all he did was quote song lyrics. Song lyrics from an artist you say you like. Or did you just get up on the wrong side of the bed?

    4. @DPS670950 😭 Mommy, mommy! DPS670950 hurt my feelings! Please cancel his whiny, grieving existence! 🤣

  5. Ray Charles is rolling over right now,
    Ashamed of his birth State ,
    Rest in Peace Ray. Good will prevail.

    1. Ol Ray was one of the geniuses of all time in Music. Could jump from one genre to other like changing socks.

  6. You trust government or the media?
    Does your life experience matter?

    1. @Ivan Walters there was not ONE statement in any of what I asked. Are you okay?
      You obviously have a religious devotion to the media and government and you will be blessed by it. Please do not worry as I am not one who has any desire to harm.

    2. As opposed to what? Special interests and social media? Yes I trust government and media over the alternatives.

    3. @James Mcbeth as opposed to those in your family, neighbor and local businesses. Trusting any of the others more than the commons? You get what you pay for.

  7. Last weekend 59 people shot of those 9 people killed. We have a Mayor here that really needs jail .. and you probably don’t need to crawl under every rock.

    1. There is a huge difference between “May be” and “Maybe” Tony. If you are trying to propagate a lie, you should know the difference.

  8. Where are Georgia’s indictments, what are they so afraid of, doing their jobs, then they need to be fired.

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