Now What? What Biden Got From His Summit With Putin 1

Now What? What Biden Got From His Summit With Putin


With the Biden-Putin summit now history, what did the two leaders get from their hours-long meeting together? We discuss that with Jonathan Lemire – fresh off Air Force One from traveling with Biden – Claire McCaskill, and Julia Ioffe.
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    1. @chevy34 486hp President Trump took a Stone Cold Stunner. Mr Potato head can’t even walk up stairs.

    2. @Dan Chanquin lmao ya seeing him bust his knee was the coolest, but id rather seen him get minst up in the engine turbine it would have been great

    3. This is the only way the state media can make this brain dead potato look like he is making sense,.

  1. Return the that Putin gave to Trump and tell him that the U.S. won’t be needing it. That’s what.

    1. 9:30 – when you have 2 sides to pick from, you absolutely have to ask what about the other side. whataboutism is an absurd term to make an excuse for the left. thanks.

  2. Jesus can they make anymore cuts into the video, just show the whole response. Not just cookie cutting please?

  3. A hot take away too is how other countries across the globe see this, press from each side will be politically inclined no matter what network.

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  5. The Poison Emperor was caught pants-down by the NEW re-asserted clear, calm and savvy US global diplomatic leadership—The Master of Poisons came prepared for showmanship and brinkmanship, instead he found the US focused on issues he’d rather they didn’t. It was a great feeling to watch one of the little lords of the far-right national agenda lore in full bumbling retreat. That was a success for Democracy in Russia and indeed everywhere…

  6. “Cannot make commitment with man who not remember what day is today.”
    – Russian President Vladimir Putin

    1. Has he told you about the te he came under a RPG attack in Bagdad.

      Yes this is the same reporter.

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