Texas Dems Score Last-Minute Meeting With Sen. Manchin

Rep. Henry Cuellar tells Lawrence O’Donnell about the last-minute meeting he set up between Sen. Manchin and Texas state legislators where they agreed to work together to “protect the voting rights of all Americans and protect our democracy.” At a White House meeting, Texas State Rep. Gina Hinojosa told Vice President Harris about their experiences fighting “shameless” GOP efforts to “overturn the will of the people… we are working to secure basic rights.” 
Former Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and congressional historian Norm Ornstein join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Senator Joe Manchin’s possible support for reforming the 60-vote filibuster threshold.
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  1. Why isn’t the media talking about Manchin and his dark money scandle… its leaked audio… wtf… hold his feet to the fire…

    1. I havent head about that. Where was the money coming from? Manchin seems like a Republican helping the GOP and Trump.

  2. If he continues to behave like a Republican, then time to kick him out of Senate. He is against human rights. So shameful. He scored 2 out of 10 points.

    1. Well last I remembered we the citizens of West Virginia elected him not you and I can honestly say when he is gone we will send a republican to replace him !!

    2. @Hillbilly Hustler
      Most true conservatives like Joe
      I do
      I’m in east Virginia though but I’d vote for him
      If I could.

  3. Manchin is Machiavelli in blood and in deed. Always saying the nicest, coolest things but always having insidious, vile intentions! For example,for whom is he seeking the amendments?

  4. What’s the difference between Russia and the USA, 4 years. If you don’t give everyone the ability to vote.

    1. Or vote for Democrats and vote for the Chinese maybe we’ll get us another virus Bill Gates is already predicting the next one I’m sure dr. Fauci is willing to help again also

    2. @Joni M.L. or better yet your son’s track meet against the girls and afterward dinner with friends as you guys have Corona virus bat soup with everyone’s friend doctor death fauci

  5. of course, he is now looking to make a 180. he was being exposed by the media for his dark money dealings.

    1. Wtf does that mean? If he doesn’t vote the way dems want, then blackmail is always on the table? Somehow I feel sure that old Manchin pales in comparison to the wealthiest woman in the house, Pelosi and let’s not forget Schumer. I’m sure they don’t have any dark money dealings. BUT, that is an OLD democratic card trick.

    2. @Christopher Coates …… you didn’t mention Hillary’s emails, Italy trying to change the election results or Jewish space lasers?

  6. Democrats get a boost from him think about it he’s stopping progressive bills to make America better Democrats can say i want to pass these bills Republicans don’t we need your vote to get a greater majority so Republicans votes Don’t matter

  7. He won’t change unless you have proof that he’s been compromised. He’s got himself into a deep hole he can’t get out of. No sympathy.

  8. Manchin is DELUSIONAL or DO NOT CARE! Republicans wanted to SEE President Biden fail, and Manchin was HELPING THEM!

    1. What’s the consequences of the “Muncher” swallowing the voting rights of all Americans?
      What does Muncher believe will become of America if he’s strings are constantly being pulled by McConnell?
      Its an imperative that Muncher is called to articulate the consequences of his blinkered perspective!

  9. He’s getting what he needs which is attention and unfortunately people keep giving it to him. It seems that he is the Donald Trump of the Democratic Party

    1. I feel like he shook hands on the largest dark money bribe in history and now he’s realizing that he better pretend to be considering changing his mind in hopes that he doesn’t face criminal investigation.

  10. There’s a leaked phone call with Joe Manchin on a meeting with no labels group of rich donars and Hard money. Beware of what his agenda is.

  11. Its funny what the media never mentions is,..he will osbtruct the will of the people if he succeeds in keeping dark corporate money in our political process,..its so obvious what really his issue is with HR1

  12. Manchin pulled one over on this guy. Manchin has no interest in advancing Democrat ideals. Manchin is a DINO.

  13. At this point, ‘meetings and discussions” with enablers like Se. Joe Manchin and Republicans is just more political “Rope-A-Dope”.

  14. Don’t ask what Joe Manchin can do for you, ask what Joe Manchin’s donors can do for him.

  15. A failure to be seen and heard is the heartache of this country that leads to all our problems.

  16. Waste of time. Manchin only responds to arguments in plain envelopes stuffed with untraceable cash.

  17. When it comes to Manchin, seeing is believing. I just don’t trust him. He enjoys all this power and attention way too much.

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