“In The Heights” Movie Accused of Colorism in Casting

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new film adaptation of “In The Heights” is facing criticism for a perceived lack of dark-skinned Afro-Latinx representation in the film’s cast, particularly in leading roles. Video producer Felice León joins Tiffany Cross to discuss.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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"In The Heights" Movie Accused of Colorism in Casting


  1. So, it was OK when Miranda cast black and brown people as the Founding Fathers, but not that he only cast lighter colored Latinos in this film? What hypocrisy!

  2. On a scale of 1 to 10 of made up bullsh*t, where would “colorism” sit on that scale. I’m inclined to give it an 8.

  3. Best casting-citeria, if the mother would be a woman and the father would be a man – always a good mixture.🙂
    OK. Avoiding the question.
    Why are people accept imaginary rules anyway? Just try not to be an a$$hole to others.

  4. I find it funny that African Americans don’t allow Native Americans and Mexicans in their movies. Are they racist? Lack of representation. Why aren’t you casting me, African Americans? I think that’s racist…

  5. And why aren’t you purposely LOOKING for DIVERSITY in your programs. Why do you ONLY represent BLACK Americans specifically?

  6. “Colorism”? Fr?
    “Put more people of other ethnicities in movies”
    “No, they aren’t dark enough so it doesn’t count”
    Isn’t this inherently as racist as not having other ethnicities?

    1. In London UK, mixed race people (as they say there) are black when it suits black political tactics and mixed race when it does not. Many mixed race people are totally sick of it. The reality is that mixed race people in London are themselves an emerging ethnic group which deserves recognition.

  7. Felice is the first POC I have heard use the term “Latinx”. Usually it is a young, white, liberal woman. Perhaps that is what Felice identifies as. She does seem awfully privileged.

  8. I’m sorry but this is ridiculous! You want to change the entertainment industry? Then work in it! Lin Manuel Miranda was mixing it up back when people were clutching their pearls over Hamilton! Now he isn’t doing enough? Just stop!

  9. Yawn…now they’re just making up stuff to protest and be angry about. Every time I come here there’s a new group whining about something that they say isn’t diverse enough for them. But hey…keep on fighting that racism.

  10. I also saw a comment on a video on youtube and gave them a trial, they’re superb. Thanks you intellectwebscom

  11. This is a one man’s view, this was his vision why do we need to satisfy everyone, make your own version, you can’t please everyone. It remind me of an SNL skit with Andrew Young talking about lighter skin blacks verus darker skin.

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