Is The GOP-Led Recount of Arizona’s 2020 Election Ballots Legal?

Arizona’s partisan ballot review is finally coming to a close. But with new reports of ballot copies being taken into the woods of Montana, is a recount like this even legal? Tiffany Cross answers this week’s viewer question in the latest edition of Make it Make Sense.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Is The GOP-Led Recount of Arizona’s 2020 Election Ballots Legal?


    1. @Renegade and a lot of trump supporters didn’t even bother to voting for him because he claimed that it would be rigged against him anyway .

    2. @Insignificant360 you’re ignorant. I never said it didn’t happen but you’re acting as if all the racist democrats left and went to the Republican Party. That’s a lie.

    3. @Jesse James You know the man whose name you use was a renowned bigot and murderer that says all we need to know about you.

  1. Doesn’t matter what’s legal or illegal if laws are not enforced and no one is held accountable for breaking them anyway.

    1. @Jock Young no you’ve been lied to it’s proven Trump wanted the NG at the Capitol. And the reason it didn’t take 12 to 24 hours to get there is that they were already on stand by. I’ve got to say that you changing the word Antifa to “liberal”you really made me laugh that was a good one…

    2. @ryder layne
      Internet rumors are not “proof.’ Trump never did call the National Guard. Pence had to do it from wherever he was hiding from the Trump supporters who wanted to hang him.
      And I changed the name because “antifa” doesn’t exist, so “they” could not very well have been at the Capitol. I used an expanded term to give YOU the benefit of the doubt. Of course you ignored my point that it would be irrelevant anyway,

    3. Just to let you Demo Nazis know it’s 7:53 pm and I’m going out for the night meeting up with a friend who works at YT it’s amazing some of the things she can tell ya

  2. The next time we have the World Series or the Super Bowl let’s deny the winners and say the losers won instead and see how that goes over with everyone in this country!!

    1. @Trump Won
      Oh, I’m sure somebody claimed fraud somewhere; somebody always does. But it wasn’t such a widespread delusion, and the lies did not go all the way up to the President of the United States, as 2020 did. If Trump had accepted the election results from the beginning, Jan 6 would never have happened.

    2. @Trump Won Putin is going to give trump and Rudy up. China if YOU have the emails we WOULD love to have them. ….TRUMP

    3. @FENTON MILLER So Biden is serious? The entire world thinks he probably didn’t get elected…Let’s find out.

  3. Didn’t the Supreme Court tell Al Gore that he couldn’t recount the 5 counties in South Florida ONLY.. that he had to do a statewide recount.. that not doing so violated George Bush’s “due process” rights?

    1. The rules only apply to Democrats.
      For example, The Emoluments Clause of the United States Constitution, that doesn’t apply to Republican Presidents.

    2. Yes, I remember when Bush snatched the state from Al Gore. And then Bush said they couldn’t recount because they country HAD to know the results that very night or the world would fall apart! And his brother did somethign or other, and the powers that be in FL are all GOP and they basically stole it. Because that’s what Republicans do.

    1. Nope, but we can safely say that every Biden voter in AZ should probably move themselves and their family to safety x.c

  4. This is like a kid in a store having a temper tantrum in and then every kid is like, hey, if I scream and yell I will get what I want to. Great idea. Whaaaannnngh!

    1. @Styer 00 you remind me of a rump lawyer, you have all this irrefutable evidence until you walk into the courtroom.

    2. @James Ross the best part is I know your lack of brain function and the MSM made you get the JAB so enjoy what left of your life times a ticking

    3. @slightly blue “hows that 5% inflation rising going?”
      no one ever taught you about supply and demand?
      it’s called capitalism.

    4. @Styer 00
      I was assuming that you are dishonestly trolling and weren’t really stupid enough to believe all that crap, but now I’m not so sure.

  5. If I was a voter in that area I would be extremely concerned on how my vital information is being handled by the inexperienced.

    1. Now there are fake volunteers going door to door asking people who they voted for. It’s beyond ridiculous here.

    1. dude for real…. there are some SERIOUS voter privacy issues here that nobody is really talking about

  6. Just make cyberninja do every state and refuse to hear any of the evidence until it’s all done. That’ll take em decades.

  7. When the “auditors” took custody of the machines they are no longer legal and need replacement before 2022, this was legally pointed out by the Sec.ofState, these audits need to require funding UP FRONT to end this slimy coup attempt by insurgents, traitors to one-person-one-vote.

  8. You guys honestly think that after this shame audit they’ll come out an say that Joe Biden won afterall? They can do anything and they’re going to be claiming all kinds of ridiculous levels of fraud.

  9. Spinning ballots on a turn table while three counters try to quickly count the ballots is so inefficient. They should put the people counting the ballots on the turn table and spin them. If your going to put on a farcical fraudit, why not make it as absurd as possible.

  10. Even when they find nothing in this scam “recount”, the Trump cult still won’t accept it. They will just claim Cyber Ninjas are part of the scam.

    1. @Linda Campbell
      Your comments would still be ridiculous even if you knew how to write English. Quit embarrassing yourself.

    2. @Linda Campbell your literally pulling claims out your a** l. Link the “article” or “info” that lead you to make this claim and watch how fast it’s debunked. In order to make a claim you want other people to accept you need to back it with actual evidence not just scream your claim as loud as you can.

    3. Ahahaha…. So much wishful thinking in the comments too bad you guys have been so poorly informed this whole time. I hear people saying there’s nothing in the Constitution that says you can overturn an election if the votes are found to be fraudulent ….lol , by next Saturday the truth will come out here in Arizona, the first Domino will fall and you snowflakes can go hide in your safe spaces or roll up in a fetal position if it makes you feel better.

    1. I believe for first time in history California lost a seat while Texas gained 2 seats. Must be people that think different from you. You probably like blue state lockdowns, thus clinically insane

  11. “Y’all are thirsty and dumb” – Tiffany, that was a 4th degree burn. Which I suppose is how “clowns with flame-throwers” would burn themselves.

  12. “A clown with a flamethrower”… homie could have picked ANY analogy of a weak thing with a dangerous thing… lmao

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