INDECOM Raises Concerns About Police Stop & Search in Jamaica | TVJ News – May 5 2021

The Independent Commission of Investigations INDECOM, has again highlighted the need for the use of body-worn cameras by police in a report table in the house of representatives on Wednesday. The commission recommended that some of the videos been circulated of clashes between citizens and the police be used as teaching tools so that these incidents become less frequent.

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    1. That’s all it is Body Cam a Great Idea but which great idea works in a corrupt environment.

  1. I am a fifty year old man and I can remember vividly some years ago downtown, a policeman addressed another man, who could have been his father as, “hey bwoy, cum yah”. This was not the way to approach anyone, suspect or otherwise, some policemen just have no respect and behave as if all power is granted into them once they don the uniform. I have also seen as a young man going home from primary school walking down King Street, police , just stopped a young man and I don’t know what transpired but the blows that were rained down on that man left my cousin and myself traumatized to this day.

    1. Regular thing that but the ubiquitous phone cameras better than INDECOM.
      Call it INDECAMera most effective.Police Fraud the real problem,not camera,not INDECOM.After an incident police allegedly pick up all spent shell and casings,fire one or two shot in the vehicle,tell people Gwaan a dem yaad and then INDECOM NO PROBLEM.Dont use INDECOM as a scapegoat police do your work professionally.

    2. One punch mi inna my belly when I was 13 years old because I was carrying groceries for my mother with a boom box attached to a string under my shirt at about my chest level; any suspicion they claimed was totally unwarranted and they asked me to lift up my shirt and I refused to put my mother’s back of groceries on the dirty ground downtown, so he punched me and dragged my shirt. But a so life go yk, will never forget that.

    3. @Gaza Thug ☹
      You know, my mother, after hearing about a report of an officer injured or got killed, would say to me; “we really don’t know what he has done to others in times past, if he abused his authority or not, but don’t be so quick to feel sorry fi dem”.
      I do believe in sowing and reaping and chickens do come home to roost.

  2. It ago get worst wen the Jamaican people get real mad unuh nuh si nutting yet unuh too bright

  3. All they have to say “suspected of having drugs,stolen goods or guns” search becomes legal.INDECOM should state that also.

    1. They can’t suspect you of anything unless you match the description of a person made in a report, or if they get other information which matches close to you. So if they say they suspect you drugs they should tell you why and based on what report

    2. @Jevaughn Graham I will bring it to full circle police I smell the scent of marijuana. You knowing well you don’t even have or use but how can u tell a person what them smile. The biggest loophole

    3. No because dem a put so much pressure on di police when a dem same one di criminal dem a target, but wait few years from now wi ago sorry wi live ya suh

  4. long time body cam needed, you think ppl get up and behave so? same energy ya’ll give you get

  5. Not lie because I was at the NCB bank checking my account and police ask me to step outside and I did.l, so them searched and didn’t find anything but still wanted to process mi in jail for nothing

    1. When police hold you one a way you will have a different statement soon as possible unless you a police yourself

    2. Youth u a mek it seem as if as a police see u suh u becomes a target. You can come out here making these comments, what type of message are you sending

  6. If your stopped by the police and your clean, why worry or give a problem🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. Look how long mi tell unnu fi mek di police dem wear body cameras ” jeez”! & mek di citizens dem buy cameras & wear dem to. DAM.IT.🙂

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