Online Platform for Jamaican Gov’t Accountability | TVJ News – May 5 2021

Online Platform for Jamaican Gov't Accountability | TVJ News - May 5 2021 1


  1. What’s up for Male abuse system in this country that nuff a we. A suffer from cause single mother that had to work while leaving children to abusive stepchildren

  2. Not one politician have being convicted and sent to prison since Jamaica got independence. What is the chance of that happening now?? Am not holding my breath. Jamaica 🇯🇲 politicians = No accountability!!!

  3. We need to hold Andrew holness responsible for the pandemic… from Jamaica has it first case….that woman who came from England… the PM joke about it … look where it got us now

  4. A step in the right direction..but with the money they have..they could probably just buy out anyone because we know say a so thing go…police,lawyers,judges can be bought…funny those same one become politicians after their careers and the cycle continues..

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