India sees highest rise in coronavirus deaths in a day 1

India sees highest rise in coronavirus deaths in a day


India's health care system and other essential services are close to collapse as a second coronavirus wave that started in mid-March tears through the country with devastating speed. On April 21, the country saw its highest daily rise in infections and deaths since the start of the pandemic — 295,041 new Covid-19 cases and 2,023 fatalities — as hospitals turn away patients and beg for more oxygen, while desperate families plead for beds and medicines on social media. 

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  1. And our government couldn’t care less about it. The people aren’t any less responsible for what’s happening rn

    1. @Johnny Proctor I will vote modi again n again
      60 % of case coming from Maharashtra which is none modi state
      Delhi is not ruled by modi finally

  2. It’s too bad too dangerous I’m praying for everyone who suffering from covid 19. Hopefully all those will be healthy again soon. love u all patients from Pakistan

    1. @Johnny Proctor
      You are totally wrong!
      I’m from Pakistan too and all my prays and well wishes are with common Indians praying for there speedy recovery

    1. In China we jsut lock down 14 day at home and then the pandemiv under control..stop big gethering!control the mad crowd in Genges river!

    2. @京华怪侠 Pekingman Your country lied and infected the hole world and you act like it’s not true. We all know that you are a liar and should pay for the suffering China has caused.

    3. @Belly Dancer Em Dr Michael Yeadon is the former head of Pfizer , he is also wanting against getting the vax .

  3. This is what happens when the majority of the population disregards safety precautions and continues to have festivals and congregate in large numbers. Why is anybody surprised???

    1. ​@Johnny Proctor “Modi is a dangerous sociopath”
      You don’t know jack to be commenting about Modi! Indians re-elected him because of his corruption-free rule. Indian voters are NOT dummies to be voting just based on religion.
      The problem that is happening in India is EXACTLY what happened during the second waves in Europe as well as the US. The second wave hits when things were fully reopened, including movie theaters and public transport.

    2. ​@Grey Bands Kumb Mela is NOT the reason for the current spike! There hasn’t been enough time since Kumb Mela.
      If festivals are the reason, then I wonder why even Muslim graveyards are running out of space! They didn’t celebrate Holi (a Hindu festival) and they for sure did not attend Kumb Mela (a big Hindu gathering).

    1. @Pierre Campbell More Americans died between January 20 and April 20 2021 than the same period in 2020 during Trumps presidency. That’s scientifically accurate.

  4. Ya Allah Raham farma hum sab insano pe. its really disturbing to see images like these. Prayers from Pakistan

  5. I am truly sorry that they’re going through this but it looks like they weren’t following any of the guidelines at all now it’s hitting all of them hard

  6. She just said entire households are getting sick from one family member and then immediately after tried to say groups of 500 were pseudo-acceptable??

  7. We MUST send help & resources to other countries in our Earth – We are one – We are only as strong as our weakest – #staystrong

  8. May Allah forgive us and end this deadly deseas, let’s pray for all who suffering this pandemic

  9. Perspective on the Pandemic: The pharmaceutical industry is manufacturing all these medical journal articles behind the scenes for marketing purposes.

  10. India handled the first wave brilliantly with strict lockdowns ,etc. But then people got complacent in the winter and now it’s paying the price. Hopefully it gets better soon.

    1. They were the lucky ones. At least they got admitted with ventilators. Many are dying waiting to be admitted outside of hospitals.

  11. So sad for India. Was worried about their 1bil population from the start. Prayers to India from Canada.

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