Indiana man arrested after toddler shown on live TV with handgun

A man was arrested in Beech Grove, Indiana, after video was shown on live TV of a toddler, reportedly the man’s son, waving and pulling the trigger of a handgun. The man faces a charge of felony neglect. CNN's Jean Casarez has more. #CNN #News


  1. This is truly disgusting! The good part is that the “father” is going to do a stretch and lose his gun rights.

    1. @Tabby Reed true we can’t own sawed off shotguns and scud missiles only the cops and military can. Citizens united to fight a tyrannical government wouldn’t stand a chance. By design. No way the feds want us to be on a equal playing field. That is a bipartisan agreement.

    2. @Melting Pot you are right. We definetly should be allowed to have tanks and mortars. The promise of the American Dream cannot be fulfilled any other way.

    3. @CAsPeR yAnG no the father has shown he does not deserve his second amendment rights by being a moron.Yes and I believe every responsible person deserves to own one,but that man is clearly not responsible.

    4. @Gulliver the Gullible until we get those, they have already taken away our 2nd amendment rights. I know how to pilot a tank. Can’t fly a helicopter or jet. That takes special training. Which isn’t exactly privy to everyone. Post script edit. Sorry I had to correct myself I don’t know exactly how the second amendment works for Pawnee Indians.. me…. I’m googling what I can now.

  2. So glad the gun was found and the parent arrested. Definitely child neglect. This could have ended so much worse.

  3. Wonder when Tucker Carlson will praise the armed toddler on his show. Wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

    1. @Ada 1812 And how to demonstrate his penis to underage girls at an arcade because he is confused about the differences between sex and gender to the degree he needs a confirmation.

  4. The craziest part is they said the baby was pulling the trigger! That man who opened the door’s whole family could be dead rn, imagine the toddler trying to surprise a stranger walking up the stairs

    1. @Sid Stovell Um…the gun weighs pounds, and the kid was pulling the trigger. So your statement means nothing.

    2. @john smith I’d give this kid a single shot before he drops the gun and starts crying. he’s killing a single person at most not an entire family.

    3. @Sid Stovell no, the trigger was pulled repeatedly! with this kind of gun it takes force to “pull the slide back to chamber (the first) round,”
      the kids super lucky a round was not already chambered, i doubt he would have been able to pull the slide back but its not impossible,
      Had it been a double action such as a revolver the kid night have fired a round

  5. The police male officers originally let the father off and didn’t believe the witnesses! The father lied to the officers. The female officer did her job because she continued to search for information on this dangerous situation. Scary.

    1. Why does the gender matter in this case? This could easily have been women who didn’t do their job correctly.

    2. It might be they felt eye witnesses were not enough evidence to perform a search which they usually need a warrant for unless the officer SEE’s enough evidence
      that makes it an “exigent circumstance” where they can search without a warrant, I highly suggest everyone google the term “exigent circumstances”
      and realize yes the Cops can kick in your door and search without a Warrant under “exigent circumstances”

  6. My thoughts here. Some people should not have firearms. Some people should not have children. Some people should not have firearms or children.

    1. Some children should not have firearms. No children should have firearms, but also some shouldn’t. –Mitch Hedberg, never.

  7. This woman and the quick response of the P.D. saved lives. The 4 year old, another kid, the father take your pick. God bless them.

    1. The PD initially walked away simply accepting the father’s lie without question. It was only when they were forced to watch the video that they bothered to do anything.

    1. Massive fines, jail time and gun rights removed is a good start, but it will still happen ignorance is viral

    2. Need to raise their kids right. My brother and I grew up in a house with guns around. As did my parents and their parents before. Never an issue.

  8. I watched this on Live PD. Even the host and two officers that do that show with him were stunned. Chilling watching the video kbowing it was loaded. One of the officers (retired) said unfortunately it happens way more than we think it does. Then the guys mom trying to stick up for him admitting that she already has custody of another grandchild. Unbelievable.

    1. Dan, Sticks and the other guy sat there in stunned silence. They were visibly shaken.

      And don’t forget the Roll Top desk. Remember that? The roll top was open and the gun in sight in one camera shot, then a few minutes later the roll top was closed.

  9. Parents of these mall shooters always act stunned like they NEVER thought Their*** child would do something crazy. And then we see stuff like this toddler 👀👀

  10. If a child who is six years old shoots his teacher then you can best believe that they got that madness at home from there guardian parents who should be held accountable for there child’s murder

  11. Looks like the 4 year old is running the entire house. From what I understand he even opened the door for the police when they arrived; invited them in and offered the officers a beer.

  12. I’m so sick of neglectful parents! Every problem we have in this country with violence can be, at least in part, traced back to the parents. That man is lucky that kid didn’t kill himself or someone else with that gun. And was was that toddler doing running around outside alone?

    1. I used to be an apartment manager, bad parenting and neglect is rampant, I think the system is overwhelmed as to what to do about it
      then there always by taking the kid away are you doing more harm then good, deep topic

    2. Yes we pay for bad parenting! The number of children in custody demonstrates just how pathetic this current culture of parents are!!

  13. Thankful this didn’t end in a full tragedy. The kid can hopefully get placed w/ responsible family members and the dad should do heavy jail time.

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