Indonesia says missing submarine has sunk, all 53 aboard dead 1

Indonesia says missing submarine has sunk, all 53 aboard dead


Indonesia's navy on Saturday declared its missing submarine had sunk and cracked open, killing 53 crew members aboard after finding debris.

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    1. Actually, they have rescue bells which they can lower over the sub hatch, which can survive way more than the depth they are at. Subs aren’t the best shape for high pressure. Rescues have been done in the past, where the sub hadn’t imploded. If they were alive, and had oxygen they could be saved. Sadly it looks like the sub imploded.

    1. @Vaitsu Your wrong they are for Martyr’s, if they were patrolling against a denomination they aren’t of or a different religion then they are considered worthy. Which is most likely the case.

  1. I am so very saddened for the families and friends of these men and women. May you find strength to cope with this devastating tragedy.

    1. @LGtBT looking for trouble? Not your right to complain if they only bring men on board for the patrol.

  2. I cant imagine the things running thru their minds while trapped inside and beneath the ocean for days! Thats so terrifying. Im so sorry to hear this news.

    1. Imagine being on board while it was sinking. If it was an electrical outage the lights probably went out and that’s when you would suddenly know your fate…

  3. Watching this is so painful that’s why I really don’t want a World War to start anymore. Just live a peaceful life.

  4. If the aging submarine imploded which is what likely happened at 850 metres, the crew would have died instantly without suffering a slow death.

    1. That depends, submarines do have sections that if sealed off from the decompressed area before implosive decomp, theoretically could remain intact. Of course this depends on many factors, largely the depth at which the decomp occurred. As far as I understand it sank to 850m but did it decomp at a shallower depth? This matters because even a difference of 100 meters means a vast difference in pressure. Essentially there are the submarine versions of panic rooms (rather sectors) where again, theoretically sailors could remain for a short period. It’s sad to think about, I hope it was quick for all on board. My condolences to the families.

  5. was army but have looked at subs on bases..take a brave person to get in those things. Hat off to crew.

  6. Very sad news. This is a horrific way to die, trapped in an inescapable steel tomb deep under the ocean.
    Condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.

  7. Insya Allah semua mendoakan yang terbaik buat para crew KRI Nanggala , mudah-mudahan semua dalam keadaan selamat dan sehat wal Afiat Amin ya Allah

  8. I’m at a loss for words adequate enough to convey my thoughts and deepest condolences to all the families of those 53 men

  9. Sad , I cannot find any word to describe how sad I am right nowlife is too short, let’s love each other unconditionally no matter who you are, we are all human , don’t care what your skin color is, I love y’all xoxo R.I.P. my brothers and sisters

  10. ABBA Father send your comforter to the families Father. Lord expose the truth to those families of what happened. Please Lord let them be able to recover the bodies to their loved ones so they can have closeure in Yeshua our Messiahs name I pray amen.

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