Inner City Truth Deal with Covid with Dr. Henley Morgan | TVJ Smile Jamaica - Sept 30 2021 1

Inner City Truth Deal with Covid with Dr. Henley Morgan | TVJ Smile Jamaica – Sept 30 2021


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  1. Did the Jamaican govt give themselves raises in 2019, 2020 & 2021? How much in raises? How much less hours did they actively work “due to covid” Why wern’t any supports given to the ppl of Jamaica to help them deal with extra costs due to covid, ie cleanng supplies, mandatory masks & supplementing lost earnings due to forced lockdowns? I know some ppl were offered $10000 in Ja, but really, how far does that go over 2 yrs & multiple family members? While they were forced to stay home how much did Ja Hydro increase their prices? Why wasn’t internet access & many more tablets provided for kids forced to do online studies? How do ppl who can’t afford housing, food, & outrageous hydro pay for internet? Why wern’t hospital resources improved over this time period? Why is the corrupt PM Holeness speaking about making the shots mandatory? Doesn’t he care about his ppl? He is obviously on board with “The Great Reset” so how much $$ was he paid to enforce the will of criminal oligarchy like Evil Bill Gates, George Soros, Rockafellers, Claus Schwab? Can we see his financials? Why isn’t he or the fraud “Dr” Tufton speaking out about all the horrible adverse affects & deaths associated with the shots? What exactly does the info on covid data given on TVJ mean? What time periods do they cover? What cycle threshold is the PCR test run at as anything above 30 Will produce false positives? Why is Holeness so willing to be the cause of so many deaths of his own ppl? Has he been threatened? Is this the kind of man YOU want dictating that YOU must take an untested, unapproved shot that lists major serious side effects, sterility, impotance, blood clots, heart inflammation & DEATH as its effects? Why are they ALL LYING by saying the shots are Safe & Effective when they clearly are not?? Stand strong together & resist the tyranny! More protests, in many locations simultaneously so as to limit police resources & Share the videos worldwide! You have a god given Immune System that’s more effective & safer than poison shots! Boost it naturally with Vitamin D, C & ZINC! Stay away from the jabbed as they ARE shedding/spreading the varients!

    1. Sorry Andrew nor Jamaicans aren’t worth the times of these powerful people. They’re more interested in Africa and South America who are rich with resources. Jamaicans are extremely hard to Govern, very unruly especially how them drive. If you don’t want to take the vac that’s your business, but at least ensure you wear a mask and wash your hands frequently.

  2. Is the same thing I was talking to my daughter about the government need ambassadors from these communities to give real advice to the government

  3. My grandmother use to say “Look before you leap”. The government should heed to that advice. A lot of leaping is going on before really LOOKING.
    And, I am wondering who are the “advisors” because it appears they have NO knowledge on the subject matter OR they are compromising their knowledge with donated “GIFTS”.
    In the science world, I am a bio technologist; studied in London; graduated with Honours, in the field of study that is plaguing us today.
    In the political arena, I am NOT affiliated nor do I subscribed to any political party.

    There is a SIMPLE approach the government should take.

    Simply follow the Scientific Method. Look in our own backyard. #1 Make Observation # 2 Ask Questions and do a Research before jumping into what we have already jumped into.
    As a previous researcher, may I suggest that the question, “Is this “vaccine”, really can be called a vaccine.

    Much to say but I say no more. Just approach with an open mind.

  4. People always talking about informal settlement they’re squtter and they don’t pay light bill or water bill they live on PATH some of them serve no purpose.

  5. Jah is real peace hw ur my black kings n queens of Jamaica n Africa al g pray n bless up yrself n family stay safe.. to the Jamaicans in out n aroun Jamaica please think talk n do positive tings pray n help each other we alway love each other i love u u n u. to the young youths look out for each other im a Jamaican born just like u u n u i neva badmind r red-eyes over my friens woman tings i mean vanity.. I neva fight my friens n family over jokes r rude talks no no no n i alway love my friens i rember all the games playin i go revers sea hills together with my friens we hav disagreement to agree we neva leave each other even nw im stil linkin my old friens we neva kill each other no no no we look out for each other im in the UK i send for my friens who i can send for im happy to say me thank the most high of the highest who designed n created love peace unity overstanin forgivenes sky Oxygen Marcy Zion n earth water rainbow lightin thunders humanity animals

  6. None of you knows anything about people living in dire conditions. U can only speculate and steroyype and discriminate.

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