1. She is just 1 year older than my grandmother… Mine was still alive. Though hearing this news in Philippines around 1:42 am was really surprised me. She is the embodiment of Women Power

  2. I’m so sad to hear about her passing makes you rest in peace with her beloved husband, I know it was very difficult her life not bringing things out in public that’s a very hard thing to deal with she’ll be wellness by all and most of all by me!

  3. She had been ruling Englad as the king from 3 June 1953 until 8 September 2022, and it has been 70 years as the longest second ruling monarch in the world. She had faced a lot of world history during her era, such as soviet union era, Mao zedong era, Hirohito era and 14 other US presidents era. What a legend in the history that no other can be like her. R.I.P to Royal majesty king Elizabeth ii. The England people and the world be with you.

    1. 1952. She became queen the very moment her father died. The coronation wasn’t until 1953. But rest assured, she was queen 6 months before the coronation.

    2. She never ruled England. England (and Scotland) gave up their sovereignty in 1707. Queen Anne Stewart (Stuart) becoming the first Monarch of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth being a direct descendant of Scottish royalty, but also the daughter of a Scottish mother.

    1. @ Alexander … Yes, the place where Her Majesty referred to as :

      ” My dear Paradise in the Highlands” … It is where Prince Philip Proposed and where they spent their Honeymoon.

  4. Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth. “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, and those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment.” (John 5: 28, 29)

  5. She deserves the rest, she has literally had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Condolences to the United Kingdom and the royal family.

  6. I am so sad to hear that the queen had passed away we adore her so much for her self control and shown the world the strength of love and unity globally

    1. Oh, come out ye’ black and tans
      Come out and fight me like a man
      Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders
      Tell her how the IRA made you run like hell away
      From the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra

  7. Really sad to hear about what happened to Queen Elizabeth II. My condolences to her family. She was an icon to the people and to many across the world.

    1. Really? I can name at least 10 countries who were ravaged by her family and the wealth they acquired from slavery, torture, resource extraction and free labor.

  8. As a Brit, I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about our Monarchy. However, I’ve never, for one second, ever doubted the late Queen Elizabeth II ‘s total commitment, dedication and profound sense of duty to her citizens in the UK and Commonwealth – and indeed, the world! I lost my dear Mum (who loved and admired this wonderful lady) nearly 17 years ago, and that fact just adds even more poignancy to this saddest of days! RIP Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II ….

    1. @Cath Fuches I know, it’s confusing, isn’t it? Jade Goodey was being seriously considered for the part, but failed the “How to Exit the Back of a Rolls Royce with Dignity” test. Details are sparse, but it is believed that extravagant quantities of snakebite and black was involved.

  9. I was two years old when Elizabeth became Queen. She was born in the same year as my mother who passed away ten years earlier. Two of the best people in my life. ❤️✌️🇨🇦

  10. Her legacy was quite intriguing, experiencing 2 world wars, the fall of the empire, and leading the country over many hard times, Maintaining the balance, dedicating her majesty’s life for all those people and the nation. We sincerely hope that you Rest In Peace with prince Philip. We will be forever in-depth over your loss, we hope you would guide us and thank you for all your sacrifices!

  11. She was everyone’s Gran, I’m proud that I was born in the UK. May she Rest In Peace, she’s beyond cherished. Please take care of her beloved pets. They will certainly miss this beautiful lady. My condolences to the family, it’s like we all knew her. A sad day indeed.

    1. @giobronskiJ the Queen had nothing to do with politics you muppet! If you are going to comments, at least so some research!

    2. She was not my “Gran”, nor, “everyone’s Gran”, please don’t speak with such phoney authority.

      Should anyone have their position in life, which includes, influence, power, money, title to all the land in the UK, the head of the armed forces, the courts, the government, the right to chose a Prime Minister and, extraordinary wealth because a distance relative one thousand years ago called William the Bastard who subjugated and slaughtered the people of this country, killed almost everyone and everything in Yorkshire. A tyrannical despot would be an understatement of the facts. Should a person get their privileged and sustained position in life because of a chance of birth linked to a tyrant one thousand years ago?

      Sure, she did a good job but, should she have had the job at all?

  12. Rest in Peace dear Queen Elizabeth II. You will always be rememberd in our hearts and memories and seventy years of history.

  13. She was a truly amazing woman and I can’t believe she has gone. She had a wonderful sense of humour, but also she kept to her vows and gave our nation 70 great years of service and kept going right to the end. But she was not only our queen, she was a wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother to her sons and her grandchildren. My sincere condolences and love to the royal family at this time of mourning. Thank you ma’am for a long and dedicated service to the nation ❤

  14. Although I lack an appreciation for monarchy, I feel the world has lost someone who, unlike any other, was witness to a breathtaking span of human history & had become a fixture of stability in our consciousness. I feel a sense of unease in her passing and a loss of irretrievable memories.

    1. Really? As a black person I feel a sense of nothing since her family built wealth through slavery, torture and murder of indigenous communities throughout the world. I feel sorrow for the trail of trauma people are still dealing with

  15. I wept when I heard of Queen Elizabeth’s passing earlier today. I may be an American but my mother taught me to respect the Queen. A North Star she certainly was! May she rest in peace! My deepest condolences to the royal family!

  16. Glad she was able to part peacefully in one of her favorite places, away from the public eye ❤️ I can’t think of anyone more deserving of respect. She led a most incredible life of dedication, duty, and honor to the UK and members of the commonwealth.

    You will be missed ❤️🇨🇦

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