Inside Japan’s growing ‘lonely death’ clean-up service

In Japan, loneliness has become a serious problem, and there are increased 'lonely deaths' — where people die alone and remain undiscovered for a long time. CNN's Blake Essig reports.

Getting help around the world: For support outside of the US, a worldwide directory of resources and international hotlines is provided by the International Association for Suicide Prevention ( ).
You can also turn to Befrienders Worldwide ( ).

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    1. @silverpairaducks ? Says you, my guy. Some people actually want to see men flourish and be supported emotionally and encouraged the same way women or any other person should be. Being purposely antagonist is gross, I’d recommend finding a hobby.

    2. @KingXDragoon HARRISBURG — Using song and chant, a group of activists marched through the Capitol’s hallways Wednesday, even momentarily disrupting the Senate’s voting session, demanding that lawmakers

  1. It’s worth noting that Japan and the United Kingdom are recognizing this and
    The U.S. and Canada are
    not in any way.

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  2. 孤独死か…これから日本も含めて色々な国で将来増えていくだろうね…

  3. At least Japan is trying to do something about it. In the US, we just pretend it doesn’t exist, so it doesn’t become a statistic.

    1. @Real American
      Let’s talk about the day your master Sty the piggy wiggy made you smoke pipe

  4. I am glad to see the increased attention paid to mental health issues. The more people talk about mental health, the less the stigma.

  5. Sadly , people don’t care about each other anymore. We care more about recording ourselves/things , likes and showing our beauty/bodies , what we have and bragging on social media . We stopped asking how others are , if they are okay , need anything or need to talk ..

    1. @Joy Simpson don’t blame technology, we’ve been a**holes for millenias. If anything we’re better now, mostly because of technology. We’re not fixing ourselves by blaming phones and websites

    2. @Bob Enweave Sadly , some people are so obnoxious and don’t think before commenting. You are judging me , yet, you’ve just done the same thing .🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I love self righteous folks ..

    3. @Joy Simpson you literally said we care more about recording ourselves/things, likes, and bragging on social media than each other. That…. _sounds_ like you’re blaming technology. Like if those options weren’t available, we’d be suddenly caring more about each other

      Maybe I’m inferring your meaning wrong, but I don’t think my reply warranted your pearl clutching

    1. So true. And I think it starts with people putting their damn phones down (ironically). I was at lunch with a coworker a few weeks ago and this guy could not put his damn phone down. He kept mesaaging some chick he had met on a dating app that he’ll probably never meet anyways. I had a human in front of me and like three other surrounding tables full of people. But for the first in a LONG while, I felt alone.

  6. Japan has always been about 20 years ahead of us. This is likely our future everyone. So next time you’re at dinner with a friend, put down your damn phone.

    1. Japan seems 1000 yrs ahead of us lol, they are just good at preserving their culture and work ethic

    2. many needy out there.. I want to be left tf alone.. as do my friends.. we talk on holidays but we do out own thing live our lives without all the drama and commitment and demands of friendships.. and with covid I dont let anyone in my house and want people to stay tf away from me

  7. I’ve done this kind of work. It effected me to the point l had to switch jobs even though it meant a 50% decrease in income. It’s heart breaking.

    1. I can emagine. Is like experiencing the person’s most painful moments before their death.
      I won’t do that either but it’s important

    1. @LIZARD CHOSIMBA STEDANKO more like a full head of hair at 41. One day someone will subscribe to your channel, just keep wishing and it’ll happen.

  8. I guess this is gonna be me in a year or less. This is why I’m giving away or selling most of my possessions, and keeping my will updated. By this time next year I don’t plan to be in the USA or even Earth, one way or another. This society is *isolating* and social media is toxic.

    1. @Maverick180c Right on! I have a lot of random cool things that I wanna sell or even *give away* to someone deserving. Message me at cpo2u at yahoo, we’ll take it from there.

    2. @Red Rock I’m not yet 100% certain of what I’m gonna do. Just taking it one day at a time for now…

  9. I’ll trade my never being alone with someone, I get distracted with just a thought. Suicide thoughts have always been an anger issue for me.

  10. This is so sad my heart goes out to those poor lonely people. We have to find out humanity again I realize that we all need each other and be there for each other

  11. That what u get when you don’t want your culture to be mixed with another .Bunch or sad unhappy people doing the same thing over and over again

  12. Humans are awful. It is better to know peace in utter solitude than to seek joy in friendship, only to find that there is nothing but antagonism, competition, abuse and neglect to be had for all your efforts. Even those who seem kind are selfish. Even those who seem vulnerable are opportunists. Even those who are dumb are arrogant. Even those who are smart are cruel. There is no reason to reach out unless you enjoy emotional pain or the perception of martyrdom that it evokes. Read, write, draw, compose, cook, build, create – these are your only real allies.

  13. Whenever a government installs a Ministry of Loneliness, it admits having a most serious problem. That’s something that’s not taken to be granted. Many governments simply ignore or neglect this problem or don’t care for it as earnestly as they should. All they care about is the business and physical health section and its standing in the world, but not the population’s mental health. What you cannot see you need not address. What isn’t obvious you need not address. If there is anything such as loneliness amongst the populace, it surely isn’t anything that really effects the politicians’ well-being. At least let’s proclaim it doesn’t and isn’t. Else something would systemically run deeply wrong in our nation and society, and that is something we cannot and must not admit if we want to keep on going like we always did. There’s no need for change, all’s well.
    I hope the Japanese ministry will find a way, find a solution to help the Japanese people. And perhaps show other nations and their peoples a way how to effectively deal with this serious problem. The more civilized a society gets, the less human and caring it gets. But that’s another discussion.
    I wish the Japanese people all the best and am glad that the Japanese government finally acknowledges this being a problem and is trying to do something about it, recognizing that it’s not only the elderly being affected of it but a society as a whole, that it can – if not already does – affect each and every member of society, no matter how old it is or its financial setting.

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