1. Just go to Ukraine. And surrender at first instance. Ukraine knew these men have no choice. They don’t want to fight either. And they are being treated humanely anyway.

    2. @Javier Lopez how ironic you call out someone else ignorant when you fail to see the difference between Ukraine and Russia drafts. Ukraine was attacked unprovoked by what 6 months ago was thought to be the 2nd strongest military in the world. Ukraine had a choice of a) letting the Russians take over their country, meaning sovereign Ukraine being erased from the map and becoming Russia’s vasal state like Belarus or b) fight for their sovereignty and freedom, which required drastic measures. Putin and his entourage on the other hand chose to invade (unprovoked) a free and sovereign neighbour for reasons that seem to change every month, depending on the mood, Putin is in on a given day. The reason for the war is nothing more than Putin’s ego and his imperialistic wet dreams, that will soon be over. All while sending thousands of Russian soldiers to die, raising hundreds of towns and villages to the ground, displacing millions of innocent people. It will take decades for Russia to rebuild their position on the world stage and repair the damage they have done.

  1. This is not young men MAKING the ultimate sacrifice for their country. This is young men BEING sacrificed for the legacy of one man.

    1. WAAAHH!! I don’t want to be called up to fight for my country. WAAAAH! I want to enjoy watching Netflix and tweeting, but not fight to make sure I got a country to live in. 👶👶👶

  2. This shows how Putin rules with absolute impunity. Ashamed to call him friend of India. My heart goes out to all the the mothers of Ukraine and Russia who had and will have to see their Son die for absolutely nothing but the ego of a cruel despot.

    1. I like your post. But why do so many Indians support Putler? Can they not imagine what it would be like if Pakistan invaded India? Can they not empathise with the suffering Ukrainian people?

    2. @pravda I find people from India are crueller to EACH OTHER than anyone else. You have a class system over there, arranged marriage, extremes of wealth and poverty etc
      Irish people were colonised by the Brits for 800 years, our language and culture decimated. But we got over it , I suggest you do the same

    3. @ליאל סודרברג no, everyone blaming Russia for USSR deeds, so all achievements and wins also should go to Russia.

  3. This is beyond sad. The men are not being called up for military service. They are being handed a death sentence. I hope there is a special place in hell for Pudding. 😭

    1. @Kiwi Tupou it’s unlikely.He is far more likely to start Nuclear war innthe next few weeks. Do the smart thing and be with your family as much as you can.

    2. @Roy Chui Most won’t get to fight as NATO will become directly involved in the next few weeks and it will turn Nuclear.

    3. True, the motivated professional Ukrainian soldiers will make short work of disposing of the untrained and unmotivated rag tag Russian ‘army’

      If the world saw that the enlisted Russians were not the force that was originally portrayed , this bunch will only die quickly and reinforce the truth of the Russian incompetence .

    1. Protesters against the war have been arrested and are being sent to fight in the war. I agree with your idea but it is easier said than done when your country is ruled by an iron-fisted totalitarian government and a mad, ruthless dictator and the population is fed pure lies of propaganda. And look what happened under Trump in the supposedly free and democratic country of the USA!

    2. Yes, one Dictator against 144 Million people, i wonder who will win. Ummmmm let me think about that one for awhile 😆

    3. And in the US. If we would just stand together we could drain the swamp in one day. But the proletariat will not unify.

  4. Months ago I heard civilian people being interviewed in Russia about this war and most said they were ok with it. I wonder what they are saying now 🤔

    1. Around 70% supporting this partial mobilization, found this number in several Russian telegram publics, so nothing really changed.

  5. Prayer🙏 for Ukrainian please to reinforce & be more accurate smart & active by eliminating all attackers from all angle..🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  6. I hope the ruzzians feel the same fear as the Ukrainians.
    This is the consequence of “not caring about politics”.

  7. That mother broke my heart. She raised kids alone and have to send them to kill someones son for a dictator, who wants to feel good. I can’t imagine your pain. Love from Australia and New Zealand.

    1. Was she crying a week ago before the mobilization? They were all cheering the war on kill kill kill more Ukrainians, kill the Nazis these people aren’t protesting a war their protesting getting sent to it.

    2. @End Times Clips Ukrainiann women with more bravery and courage in one finger than you have in your whole body ×100

    3. @sv What you wrote has no sense at all. In so many countries women and men are equally work as soldiers. In some countries women and men have to work as soldiers. If the country has war, always women and men fight together. Look at the Ukrainian women, Kurdish women, Yazidi women,… many many more.

    1. I hope its breaks for Ukraine too? Its a very incorrect report. Its not Putin’s war – its Russian war against Ukraine. Why there is no footage how a lot of them going on this mobilization with songs, vodka and bravada. Its such far-fetched report

      Protests against war and mobilization – is so small, virtually non-existent in terms of Russian population. Its sick to my stomach that there is no reports about every day missle strike on my beautiful city Zaporizhzhia, but so many tears for Russians who going there to kill us! Everyone who came to this war – deserve to die on our ground. Im sorry for minorities, but they killing us too, they castrate our men, they rape women too. Its not propaganda – its a hard truth.

      But the world prefer to look just in one way – “thant Putin war”. Its not Putin bombed residential building in my city that night, its not Putin kill so many civillians in Izum. Its Russians.

  8. When you join the army you have sacrificed your life automatically.
    To all the men that died in the battle field, may your souls rest in peace 🙏

  9. 2:13 Even if her children die, they will forever remain heroes and contribute to Russia’s victory over the West.Glory to Russia!

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