1. Hi! Chris here – The current disagreement has pitted Pelosi against the progressive freshman Democrats. Is there any way to heal the rift?

    1. @Robin LOL. At least you have a sense of humor. I expected crazed feminists to attack that boorish, sexist comment. Not you. Well played.

    1. @Natty and Daddy Show I hope she knows by now. Either way, I’ve heard worse from politicians on both sides of the aisle. I just think she is a bad human being with terrible morals and an absurd ideology.

    2. @Natty and Daddy Show You’re delusional. This is peak TDS. The poor got a tax increase?!?! Who tells you these things? The tax cuts were for almost 100% of the poor, middle class, and rich. The cuts are better for the rich as an absolute, and better for the poor proportionally (which is more important to people who actually care about the poor, unlike leftists). Someone raising kids who makes 40k a year who gets to keep a couple thousand of what they make is helped out WAY more by that than someone making tens of millions who gets to keep a couple hundred thousand. That’s a fixed car to get to work, or tutoring lessons for a struggling child. Your propaganda proves you dont care about the poor; you’ll even make up lies about them obviously. You’ve been indoctrinated by corporate media propaganda, and I dont even feel bad anymore for you people because the past few years you’ve all shown how disgustingly immoral and deplorable and hate filled you are. You kind of deserve your TDS. I’m sorry to say. “The poor got tax increases” Unbelievable!

    1. @lost gam3r   I’ve seen your copied and paste replies on several comments now. Pelosi claims to be a progressive. Since there’s “Tons of legislation” she has achieved, can you name me 10 progressive achievements? Something that has nothing to do with further enriching her donors but fights for the working

    2. failing? not for herself looks @ her net worth……these career politicians have one thing in common, their self interest, they don t give a flip about the people

    3. lost gam3r

      She got RomneyCare Passed with Democratic majorities in both houses and the presidency

  2. Nancy Pelosi is a weak leader if she is so worried about her donors, She might as well bow down to trump!

    1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Pelosi oversaw one of the most productive sessions in congress in modern history (2009-2011), and she was an effective opposition leader in 2007 and 2008. She has gotten a TON of legislation passed. Let me know when AOC does the same.

      Let me guess: you didn’t pay attention to politics until 2016?

    2. lost gam3r she’s been a pos ever since her dad passed her around all those democratic fund raises in Maryland.

  3. Classless. You turn real world issues into some gossip segment?! Lame and obvious. Pelosi is the past. Her experience is obsolete now. These life long politicians need to be replaced. They literally need to get out of the way.

  4. See they’re not just AOC ideas 90% of America back to same ideas pelosi has never brought them to the floor never held a vote on them and just brush us aside whenever people want something but she’ll drop everything for her donors you know the ones who bought her that multimillion-dollar Villa she Head inn on 4th of July

    1. UUUMMMM 90% of Americans ??? CNN is fake news just as the people in the comments for CNN are… Trump Won 2018 so I wouldnt say 90% !!! And Trump will win 2020 !!

    2. Whatever your smoking plz share it. 90 percent support what aoc. My god u libs live in a fantasy world. Watch how trump destroys the dems in 2020.

    3. The fact that AOC is a bigger nut job pos then Nancy is scary. Im thinking your 90% is a tad off.

  5. Pelosi is the representative of the past and AOC represents the future, Pelosi needs to get the hell out of the way !!!

    1. Pelosi oversaw one of the most productive sessions in congress in modern history (2009-2011), and she was an effective opposition leader in 2007 and 2008. She has gotten a TON of legislation passed. Let me know when AOC does the same.

    2. I hope AOC stay a congresswoman. The Dem’s are going to lose more and more credibility when she becomes the shot caller of the party.

    3. @Thadius Vonhammer I’m sure he was talking about liberals like you where everything is racist.

  6. Well it’s time for Betsy Ross to hang up the knitting needle. If I had any say(hahaha) in this it’s time for younger people with actual ideas to take the lead.

  7. She’s been working for all of these years and have done nothing – what a failure pelosi is

    1. She’s weak and like establishment democrats – they’re paid to lose. It’s why trump can get away with anything. And she’s a pathetic leader

  8. Pelosi has been in public office for over 50 years and has become multi-millionaire through corporate donors while during those decades never supported policies like Universal Healthcare.

  9. So basically this entire segment was Nancy Pelosi propaganda with almost no AOC points being raised…. Hey CNN, way to be objective.

  10. Pelosi must GO. She is useless & too incompetent.

    What has she accomplished as a Speaker of House, other than wrapping around with luxuries outfits, gossiping!

  11. I LOVE AOC because she lives rent-free in the heads of those imbeciles at FOX with their lowly 3.1 million subscribers.

  12. I’m honestly not a fan of Nancy Pelosi. I think AOC is a much more genuine politician that actually is trying to represent the people.

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