1. Anyone involved with sending children to cross a border alone should be charged with child negligence and anything else the authorities can think of.

    1. They are fleeing desperate conditions and we built the wall with the expressed purpose of forcing them farther into the desert. It is us who should be charged with child endangerment.

    2. @SourDoughBill people pay the cartels thousands to get people across the border then that money goes straight back into organised crime in the countries they’re fleeing from. It will just get worse with Biden.

    3. @Dog Poo Fairy Yep, because of the wall that we built and the war on drugs here as well as a century of geopolitical scheming and regime change in Latin America.

  2. •I am a registered Democrat from NY•How about we take care of our American Vets first? •if u cannot take care of ur own children keep ur legs crossed until such time that u can!?•why the US taxpayers! Why don’t any of the Latin countries help them out!?

    1. So funny. Democrats don’t know what they voted for. Kamala said victims of hurricane and war to be granted asylum, unaccompanied children get citizenship, all current undocumented get citizenship. Clearly shown on MSM.

    1. and also in the US as well. Since they own the border now. Don’t believe me, go tell them otherwise because the border patrol is done getting shot at an receiving zero help.

    2. Totally Freaking messed up. I remember when I was at the border late 2000’s in the military we were covering every inch where we patrolled. They still kept coming. Even though they knew we were there waiting

    1. @Jamtommy is this the chance to announce that OAN is ur “credible” source of choice?

    2. @Shadesmar Erik
      *Infowars* is infinitely more credible than CNN.
      #charliechesterspilledthebeans #exposecnn

  3. I wasn’t expecting a video like this but it’s reality and I’m glad it’s being covered somewhat

    1. Yes, the world is not prepared for any truth, on any subject, from CNN. They even stated themselves they’re nothing but propaganda and a political weapon.

  4. i almost finished the Netflix series Queen of the South and i came across the news Iran contra deal lately, am i just imaginative and South America is a beautifull place, Theresa Mendoza, always thankful to you Anderson, i said i almost finished it and i came across Vietnam war too and i also read in newspaper here cut cut cleanly

    1. @The Real American Patriot! . Wish I was lying about it but he did. That’s why we have a mess at the border.

    2. @M Hall This smuggling was going under Trump, yall just didn’t know it because he lied to yall by telling yall it was under control but it wasn’t, so stop blaming Biden for this!!

    3. @Trish Nicola I don’t care what side of the fence you fall, that was just ignorant! Most were just halfwits influenced by the Commander in Chief at the time. Sure they’re were probably groups etc there, don’t mean they’re all racists. This…is what’s wrong with America…you!

    4. @The Real American Patriot! . Good god man wake up. Under President Trump there was border patrol, surveillance aircraft, and cameras. Under biden there is a huge mess complete with kids in cages. You call yourself a real American patriot? You misspelled pathetic.

    1. As a Canadian I cannot cross into the USA without a Canadian government required vaccine card…. thinking I’ll vacation in Mexico in May and just walk across the border into the USA.

      Woohoo free bus ticket to Vegas baby

  5. System is the product of intelligence. A person framing a system for his firm, his household or himself to thinking things through. He is using his head to save steps and work and money .
    System and order are not ends in themselves but means toward carrying out plans. System gets all departments and workers pulling in the same direction, and it is the result of the pull that counts

    1. (W::H::A::T::S::A::P::-::M::E))

  6. The amount of time we spend believing we can’t is more than enough time to learn how we can.
    ~Our Brains

    1. I’ve worked with 4 traders in the past but none of them is as efficient as he is. His trading strategies are awesome!

    2. Really y’all know him? I thought I’m the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading.

    1. @Chris Robin if he turned them in there would be no story. He’s not a journalist. He’s a criminal who is profiting off the pain of others.

    2. @Donovan Wise What the hell are you talking about? I guess all those reporters or journalists that interview drug dealers, narcotics manufactures, terrorist organizations etc. are criminals profiting off the pain of others as well, right? Or does this only apply to Mexican human traffickers?

    3. @Chris Robin yup now your getting it. Stop making a useless TV show and do your patriotic duty. If you know who criminals are then turn them in. Any more stupid questions?

    4. OK, I see. Let’s kill journalism to do our “patriotic duty.” Anymore stupid ideas? Don’t bother answering. I’m not wasting anymore time aguing with an ignoramus.

    5. @Chris Robin the only argument is on the definition of journalism. You seem to support crime just so you can have a good story. When the civil war starts we will be standing on two different sides. Good luck out there

    1. Of course the wall works. The left keep trying to say it does not work. If a wall doesn’t work then why does Nancy Pelosi have one around each of her mansions? If you had a wall around your home and your neighbor did not have a wall around his home, which home is more likely to be robbed?

    1. @YouTube Moderator with the money trump spent playing golf instead or working you could build more than that #BidenMyPRESIDENT

    1. (W::H::A::T::S::A::P::-::M::E))

  7. “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” – Ronald Reagan

    1. ye.. Reagan the Fascist, who killed millions with his war on drugs. I hope he burns in hell

  8. They begin testing the experimental vaccine on 6yo children this week.
    Human test subjects

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