This project could be worth billions. But there's a hidden cost 1

This project could be worth billions. But there’s a hidden cost


CNN's David McKenzie journeys to ReconAfrica's remote exploratory wells in Namibia and speaks with local farmers who are afraid the rigs will poison their scarce water and kill their animals.

Read CNN's full report here:

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    1. (W::H::A::T::S::A::P::-::M::E))

  1. The politician is right about the final point. Can’t have it both ways. pay Namibia. #ReparationsForAfrica

  2. ….just take our words for it. We are from the developed world. But cannot guaranteed what will happen after we have finished and departed.

    1. (W::H::A::T::S::A::P::-::M::E))

    2. SinAlbert CK WONG …and he proceeds to smack a piece of steel with a sledge and says: “see, no worries…”.

  3. I’ve got 3 v8 fleatheads in the garage and over 30 engines in different bits of equipment. I love the internal combustion engine but I also feel sorry for anyone that has oil found on their land.

  4. I agree they should be paid for keeping it in the ground out of the taxes other countries collect on oil use.

  5. System is the product of intelligence. A person framing a system for his firm,his house or himself is thinking things through . He is using his head save steps and work and money .

  6. “These people deserve a better lifestyle” When we know from generations of previous experience that their lives will only get worse.

    1. Honestly I care more about the people now then the people in 200 years. Also they aren’t fracking

    1. REEF Maybe not “across”… but remember Standing Rock? How about that Keystone XL pipeline?

  7. I’m Canadian also. We are in Africa, alot of Canadian companies mining. I am personally dealing in supply chain logistics of Cobalt and copper in zambia and DRC. Lets just say there isn’t alot of benefit to the local population. There is no money trickling down to the countries seriously speaking.

    1. @Dee Mitchell people even locals are making money but it doesn’t make the average persons quality of life better is what I mean…

  8. Wow this is a crazy bare faced move by the Canadians no wonder the president got rid of that pipeline

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