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  1. Lord Jesus crist how can Jamaica be better when corruption. Start from the head of the stream. In Jamaica how can the button run clean

  2. Ok. First, as seen in the past, it is usually business friends of ministers that get recommended to get contracts but it is still up to the relevant authorities to award contracts and to put out for tender. Has the minister helped anyone as Prime Minister or only when he was n MP? As compared to others previously who actually stated that they preferred certain companies get certain contracts in the news media. I still put zero against Holness UNLESS we find proof he wasgiven stocks or funds or free materials for putting forward his freinds business for the contract, because look at just how the MPs are given funds for road cleaning etc and no one can ever see a notice for bid in any news paper

  3. Father please help us not to blame each other. But to help fix the problem we are facing at this time. Thank you father. Amen.

  4. Ok, lets see, the minister wrote a letter recommending a company.He wrote a second letter concerning another contract. But he was NOT in charge of the contract awards and so, is he truly doing any different than the Queen of England allowing companies to advertise she uses their products? Plus, the missing contracts, did Holness hide them or was it sloppiness at the agencies that did the contracting? Seems like it is more typical bad government departments failing to do their jobs correctly so like the failure to actually follow what SSL was doing, we have he Contractor Generals office, who according to what we citizens have been told is supposed to constantly be double checking ALL government contracts to make sure they are properly bid and properly awarded and any signs of malfeasance is found before such awards, has let us down on their checks and balances.

  5. Just remember god not sleeping Andrew what you do to poor people is turning back at you

  6. Do u think dpp is going to press charges no way laula v llewellyn will never let that happy as a matter a fact u want here anything about this by next week

  7. And THAT seems to be a plausible (alleged ) explanation of where the people of Jamaica’s taxes have relocated to……..

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