Jamaica Embarrassed – PNP Calls for PM to Step Aside | Usain Bolt Takes Legal Action re SSL Saga

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  1. So Mr. Morgan, how is it a ploy? Also, your rejection of what is presented DOES NOT make it not so. I can reject the assertion made by an officer that I was driving in a dangerous manner, doesn’t make his observation any less valid, does it?

    1. The pirates never left. They have multiplied to great numbers, thatโ€™s why we see so much corruption, scamming and murder!

  2. Jamacian government oficials has alwys been currupt, in fact, the level of curruption in JA is from top to bottom, and affects all institutions and is very well tolorated by the Jamaican people. Nothing will come of this, like all others before him.

  3. Life sentence for 1 gun and no sentence for corruption only when small people do crime it is called crime wow God see God knows

  4. Conflict of interest in government and elsewhere only applies to the ‘little’ man/woman. People on top don’t apply code of conduct to their lives.

  5. All politicians in Jamaica seek power for one thing and one thing only, to get rich fast whether it be PNP or JLP non of Them are different.

  6. Jamaica’s justice system is a joke. It’s only poor black people go to jail in Jamaica. The rich people will do anything to protect and cover up for their friends.

  7. This was a overreaction by allegations. The Commission clear Holness of any wrong doing today. This is defamation of character which is a serious case..

  8. Ahhh the judgement begins. Many here don’t even know the full story or care to hear both sides and weigh the allegations. He that is all-seeing, all-knowing, judge, jury and executioner let him cast the first stone. Unbelievable!

  9. 8:23 He should not the charged for just assault…….. He needs to be charged for:

    (1) Attempted murder
    (2) Assault
    (3) Battery
    (4) Wounding with intent
    (5) Possession of a dangerous and offensive weapon.

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