1. Sue lol what are they going to sue about? This is Canada not the states where you can sue everyone for anything

    2. @Duncan Vincent for adverse reactions from something experimental that was said to be safe. Canada has online forms you can fill out to apply for compensation from the government because they are taking the liability away from big pharma.

    1. It’s what happens when you import half of your nurses from basically a 3rd world country, the Philippines.

    2. You mean the pharmacists assistant? When you believe chiropractors are medical experts you’ll believe anyone is an expert.

    1. Literally nothing to see. ~7.4 million doses have been administered in BC, so while this is an unfortunate mistake, it’s only that.

    1. I don’t. I trust certain ones that I build rapport with, who help me when I have an existing issue. I don’t trust anyone who tells me to take something into my body that I don’t want to. Bodily autonomy is a thing, and all.

    1. And could potentially be unsafe. Injecting something that wasn’t kept at the proper temperature, who knows what adverse effects it could have.

      This is sheer medical malpractice from the incompetent imported health care workers Canada seems to prefer

    1. Better lock down the whole country for another 6 months…. I mean 2 weeks because those 0 deaths might turn into 1 death!

    2. @Mark Dep hey that’s a 100% increase, we use percentages now instead of numbers for reasons like that

  1. At this point I’m holding my apathetic and ignorant fellow citizens that keep supporting this crap as much as the monsters who are creating.Shameful

  2. This is why i will wait another 5 years just incase the government slips in a additional experiment

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