Investigators Probe Capitol Police For Betrayal After Trump Mob Rampage Takes Painful Toll 1

Investigators Probe Capitol Police For Betrayal After Trump Mob Rampage Takes Painful Toll


Rachel Maddow reports on the losses suffered by the Capitol Police as a result of insurrection by pro-Trump rioters, and shares new reporting on investigations into whether some police were sympathetic or even helpful to the rioters. Aired on 01/12/2021.
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Investigators Probe Capitol Police For Betrayal After Trump Mob Rampage Takes Painful Toll


    1. Trump has not masterminded anything, he’s totally self-obsessed. He’s just randomly pouring gasoline on the flames for personal gain (he thinks).

    2. Blo, Ohh honey making you cry is NOT a real crime!! I told Ukraine that if you don’t stop investigating my crack head son you are NOT getting the billion dollars! – Dementia Joe Criminal

    3. @Frail Bones Biden his son did try to over throw the country. He is like most wealthy people kids alcoholics and drug heads. Nothing new and its irrelevant to this senerio. Bush wife was straight up alcoholic and she was first lady. Trump like young girls and admits it when comparing himself to esptein. So whatever you people say is a non factor.

    1. They know who the hardcore right wing is are
      In every Police department in the country they are going to be viewed with distrust

    1. @NikolasCage FreeEEGS If Putin wanted my neighbour dead he would have her poisoned. Plus why would Putin want Mabel dead? She didn’t do anything, she’s just an old drunkard.

    2. When looking back at Timothy McVeigh, or Ted Kazcynski, or Stephen Paddock, I’d have to say yes, domestic terrorists are scarier than foreign terrorists because of their ability to blend in perfectly without raising any suspicions whatsoever

  1. BLM protesting
    -send in the national guards!

    Trump supporters protesting
    -Be…. our…. guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!

    1. Now consider pilosi’s attempt at having the military depose of the president,
      Sedition, in every sense of the word.

    2. @Jomo Pressley its important to locate antifa targets . thank God Liberty and CNN and MSNBC propaganda identifies the enemy with video and names.

    3. @M Tio if there wasn’t a covid lockdown, there would be hundred of antifas dying in restaurants and theatres and concerts. I sure wish the lockdowns would end, so these traitors could know what a TRUE insurgency is

    4. Wow Hallelujah for your post Scripture AND . A pastor TRUE
      GOD’S WORD will not be trumped for Generations no more NOW will truly be the FENCE of AUTHORITY HOLY and will not be cut off Isaiah 55-61 ihe and fasting THE LAND to prosperityMicah 4 appointed 4gets the ANOINTING anointed becomes the appointed!” 4 GOD it was Mike Banning!!! RIGHT man for the jObJESUS has FALLEN HUNTER killer
      Messenger returned not void
      1st Corinthians 13 as a child but as a man
      GOLD DONT CARPENTRY mold pottery Marshal THE GOLD standardAUTHORITY

  2. So, members of police stand with racists and white supremacists. Nah, there’s nothing to the years long complaints about the culture of the police. Naaaah, nothing at all.

    1. @DEMOCRACY WINS – I saw this on NBC.

      The FBI visited more than a dozen extremists before the rally last week to urge them not to travel to D.C., senior law enforcement officials said.

      To me, the FBI is more involved than you think. Like they usually are.

    2. Laird Dougal
      So, members of police stand with racists and white supremacists.
      Just remember all the BLM riots were without merit! SNORT

  3. “Devolved” isn’t exactly the word for a gathering that started out with zip ties, pipes, guns, Molotov cocktails, bombs, baseball bats, bear mace, gas masks, body armor, climbing equipment, and the materials to build a gallows.

    1. @Wahyu Indrasto EXACTLY, holy crap. Exactly. I’m seeing these smug guys on TV, not even a week after they were sure they had the Capitol sufficiently protected, saying “yeah, we got it”. I saw a clip they titled “too much or not enough?” about the numbers covering the inauguration. Err on the side of caution! Pay the overtime! What are the consequences of the new President and VP being *too protected*?

    2. Georges Dupuy small minor suggestion? could I suggest you use the term “re-fund” instead? I was amazed that when I explained what they did in NJ to a trumper one day in those terms .. to “rebuild the department from scratch leaving the bad apples out” they … actually … understood .. and it also helps to note that means additional training and resources, community outreach, etc. “Defund” is too easily misconstued as merely lowering budgets, which of course, abstractly, has no impact on the quality of law enforcement. Just a suggestion, in case thats a thing to you.

    3. @Ash Roskell Democrats only job is hating Trump & supporters, no keeping campaign promises, no unity, 4- more yrs of hating

    1. Yes ironic….chanting stop duh steal while in the act of attempted robbery of electoral ballots…..such liars and thieves these banana republiCONs

    1. @hopndon Get your facts right it was McConell who stalled everything BECAUSE he demanded a poison pill be attached to the legestation.

    2. @Jocelyn Russell what poison pill was thar,
      Giving Pakistan twenty million dollars for gender studies.
      Nancy trying to convince the military to over throw trump, is sedition.
      She’s lucky she’s not in cuffs.

    3. @Jocelyn Russell her trying to have the military to keep trump separate from the nuclear codes, it’s on more than just right leaning sources,
      Its been attested to by the officer’s that she conferred with.
      What do you call it we someone tries to have the military deny the president his duties, hmmmm

  4. This was one of the world’s worst coup attempts ever. It was more like an episode of America’s dumbest criminals.

    It’s a good thing Trump’s fanatical followers aren’t exactly known for being the best or the brightest.

    1. @Stanley Wong one of the magas famously self reported pallets on pallets of gas cans stacked up strategically around the designated march routes.

    2. If they keep on practicing, eventually they will get it. It seems like the GOP is trying to get that to happen by not punishing those responsible.

    3. Trump did this to show power and instill more fear to republicans congressmen who are thinking about going against him and letting them know that he has power over their political careers.

  5. “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.” – Teddy Roosevelt

    1. @Red jam 611 the antifa anti-Americans want to destroy our childrens future, so we must destroy their children–Anders Breivik

    2. @Emmanuel Cruz the Deplorables form the majority of military and police, and they are the ones that cleared fallujah in iraq. you bad commies looted the dollar store in portland. no contest, prepare your families for destruction.

    3. @Emmanuel Cruz you ad better head south of the border, pancho villa, you are no match for the gringos and never were

  6. The officers who helped the attackers should be charged along with the attackers (“giving aid and comfort”).

  7. “Patriotism means to stand by the country, not the president”.
    -Teddy Roosevelt

    Most “True Patriots” are too uneducated to understand this. America will always be seen as this cesspool of racism and hate since this attempted revolution(as if it wasn’t already). The worst part is that your president will probably get away with all the stuff he did. A true third world country. An attempted revolution is just practice for the real one. Get ready.

    1. the problem is that this a mob, generally a person is smart, but people are stupid. when they huddle up and get in a crowd the dumb simplistic ideology they think SHOULD be sounds nice and easy and great to rally behind

  8. Imagine getting suspended for supporting a violent coup. Target workers get fired for looking at merchandise funny.

  9. “Suspended” doesn’t mean fired. They should never work as police again, ANYWHERE, EVER. They are criminals aiding and abetting criminals!

    1. No police force or security company will touch them because they can’t be trusted
      They are also familiar with the US capital that will put them on an FBI watch list

    2. Of course, but you need to have a trial for that, not some executive decision. Suspension is exactly what was needed, the first step.

  10. It was immediately obvious that members of the Capitol Police were complicit in the riot and even facilitated the rioters, thus making themselves accessories to the murder of one of their co-workers…

    1. Yup, there were too few mobilized to begin with and then how many of them basically defected??? The ones left fighting were put in a horrible position.

    1. That will come after the review board gets through with them
      They betrayed the fellow officers and one was killed
      There will be no leniency

    1. The party “of Christ” actually hates him.
      They claim to love the babies in the womb but hate people who don’t look like them already born
      They mistreat children on the border and elsewhere
      They evince polices that hurt the poor financially
      They shun the huddled masses
      The promote polcies/statutes and laws and imprison the poor and their families
      They shed blood of the innocent and say that it was just
      They come together “and hold court” on the innocent and administer wicked judgements
      They push and promote pagan holidays that ARE NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE as if they are the command or tradition of Christ when they are not. Christians are taught to “not add or take away” from the word of God
      They have NO FEAR OF THE LORD because if they did, they wouldn’t so proudly and shamelessly do what they do and have done.
      It is NOT ignorance. Because then, it would be more room for grace and mercy. It is a choice in wickedness. A choice indeed!

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