1. Unfortunately given the society which we live in, I wouldn’t be shocked if they were sued for damage to property and theft.

    1. @Theone ! Ol Margaret is probably salivating at the thought, hoping your version is a euphemism. If she starts asking you about your marksmanship and “gun” control abilities, how long you can shoot well you’ll know. Just let her know, Molon Labe baby haha

    2. What? Are we supposed to chaperone him around? “No Mohamed, you know darn well we can’t go to the mall”. 
      Terrorists should be in jail for life..period. Or hopefully killed like this guy.

    1. GREAT. Britain. And. The. United. States. LOVE. These. Assholes. And. WANT. Them. To. Continue. THEIR. BULLSHIT!!!!!

  1. Great job civilians! An when we see the suicide jacket shot the a hole!!
    Sorry to the families hope they all recover quickly xo

    1. I’m James I cannot believe this. Before we stretch the definition of human rights we must define what is a “human”. In all honesty, I changed my mind regarding killing them because they want that to get to their 72 virgins. They have to be kept alive in solitary confinements until they die of old age

    1. @Lotus Auer You know when you compare things to Nazis you sound like a fucking idiot right? I hope your less than 20yrs old. If not, you are a sad excuse for a adult

    2. @Lotus Auer they hate us already. People need to stop being so hung up on morals. These people are the enemy, they deserve no rights and only a bullet to the head

  2. Would be nice if politicians were concerned about victims as much as they are about criminals..Who should be locked up ??

    1. @Dennis Janda Yea nobody wants them, not even their own country. That’s why they seek asylum here…and they become our problems…

    1. Religion of peace yeah right I bet Omar illhan will excuse his behavior and so will the fake news media Hillary lovers.

    2. If this was in the USA I’m sure that at least one bystander from that group would have had a gun to neutralize the threat.
      How do you like them gun laws now?

    1. DemocRats brought the same islamic garbage to America and even elected some of these violent perverts to Congress. If you’re still a DemocRat you deserve to die in the next jihad.

    1. Mohamed Mohamed try it here in the USA. We will tie a rope around your ankle and drag you down a gravel road behind a truck. Your cult is disgraceful to humanity.

    2. @Mohamed Mohamed Buddy, don’t say that in public. We all know these radical fucks believe do these things due to their brainwashing of your idiotic religion. Just because you dont preach that type of religion, does not mean it is not the religions fault. Fact is, the world will be better off without your stupid beliefs.

    3. @Yaria Samavan Carlan I sort of agree however it is ultimately up to them to help themselves and every time we do something we consider helping they all hate us for it

    1. @knocon , nope, just some fucking idiot that thought it was a wonderful idea to early release a dangerous thug. You get those type of idiots worldwide.

    2. @JoMaSa London’s muslim mayor thought it was “racist” to put an islamic terrorist in jail so he had him released

    1. Agreed. New policy —-> Any judge, politician, or lawmaker that is responsible for individuals like this getting out of prison and then killing someone should suffer the same penalty of the killer. Life sentence, death, etc..

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    3. The Chinese and Burmese are right when it comes to managing these types of adversaries. They DON’T tolerate them.

  3. “They had little choice, it seems, but to shoot him dead”. Gee, we are all in such mourning for this murderer. Please spare us.

    1. @Randall P. McMurphy
      Good point. That’s an awfully big word for someone too uneducated to understand other people’s religions. My apologies for speaking above my intended audience.

      FYI, @GetLost… A “Genealogist” is someone who studies the DNA and ancestry of families, and of various ethnic groups. That means I understand genetics and breeding far better than you. But I will grant you that you probably have a great deal more first-hand experience with actual inbreeding than I do.

    2. Inbreeding or consanguineous marriage is a common traditional practice in Middle Eastern cultures. Studies from various countries and communities of this region showed that the frequencies range from 20% to greater than 70%.

      Anne must really fucking suck at her job to be ignorant of this.

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