Iran expert: Nuclear program ‘advancing at the speed of light’

International Crisis Group scholar Ali Vaez says, when Donald Trump dropped out of the Iran nuclear deal, he put their weapons program "in the microwave." #CNN #News


  1. The knucklehead did a number on international relations by pulling out of the accord. To try to put the genie back into the bottle is impossible.

  2. When you say dealing with ” Iranians…” surly you mean the Islamic regime and by the way, the name is “Persian Gulf” not the Gulf! I can’t believe we still have to educate people on this naming issue!

  3. Iran, Russia, N. Korea, and other autocracies can live how they want. Just don’t do business with them. People within their own country must stand up and change their own country.

    1. Horrible advice. That’s like saying defund the police, or let the playground bully beat up our kids.

  4. as Iranian, we will never allow any permanent restriction on any kinds of activities when it comes nuclear science. we don’t want jcpoa or any kind of deal that only benefits US or West. we want nuclear energy for us and generations to come and will never give up.

    1. Become a democracy and the rest of the world will trust you. By the time you build enough fission, democracies might have fusion. Don’t get mad, get even.

  5. Could you imagine developing a nukes just before a war. You wont get to use it, but would still get targeted for it. Genius!

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  7. 5 years ago, that guy was in high school, and today he’s an expert? very useful information

  8. @8:22 My goodness, in other words, they will kill the very people they set out to defend, we lost our moral compass and I wonder if this will the set off the spark that will set things blazing

  9. ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.’ : Spock, The Wrath of Khan

  10. Iran is a huge mountainous terrain with lots of hide outs, it’s very hard to spot the nuclear sites, let alone destroy them.

    1. @M Syria is just next Door most of its terrain is flat, plus they have out dated early warning systems.

  11. If Iran does succeed with its nuclear bomb ambitions, then nostradamus’s predictions about the end of the world is slowly becoming a reality. 😳😳

  12. The issue is not about nuclear deal. It is about political game that has been going on for 2 decades with no result whatsoever.

  13. Allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons is like sitting idly by watching a rabid psychopath sharpen his zombie knife.

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