Oprah delivers hopeful message to HBCU college graduates

Oprah Winfrey sought to inspire Tennessee State University graduates, who she said are a generation "forced to depend on body cams to obtain justice," among other current social issues. #CNN #News #Oprah #hbcu #tennesseestateuniversity #shorts


  1. You are the generation that will hopefully fix our parenting situation. Be real parents to your children please. Our educators need you.

    1. Cleaning your venom up at the end doesn’t negate your obvious venom in the beginning of your statement.

  2. Are you not the one who gave that scripted interview with Harry and his wife they lied then and they were lying to you. I would not believe anything you said or did. I do not have a very high opinion of you.

  3. Pictures of students in her school in South Africa are all black, yet she has no problem criticizing racism. Used to watch her show religiously. Sad to find out she’s so hypocritical. Why should people listen to a person who doesn’t mean what she says?

  4. I’m not trying to be funny but I think Oprah Winfrey is a good-hearted person that is a little bit out of touch…

    Pay very carefully and closely attention to the words that she say you will notice something.

    Sometimes in life you become rich to play a piece on the chessboard to move other pieces.

  5. She has no more real success anymore so why she is getting into politics god knows. She need to make real change on earth for her people not just for the rich like she has done in the past. How many real poor person’s did she really help outta all the people she gave money and gift’s to like 2-3% because that’s what I have personally witnessed her do and a Donal trump supporter wtf…

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