Iran Plane Crash Apparently The Consequence Of Stoked Hostilities | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow notes new reporting that the Ukrainian passenger jet that crashed in Iran this week was likely shot down by an Iranian anti-aircraft rocket, likely by mistake, in the tense aftermath of Iran having launched missiles in retaliation for Donald Trump ordering the killing of their top general. Aired on 1/9/20.
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Iran Plane Crash Apparently The Consequence Of Stoked Hostilities | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @PS Wright Its the other way around. These “new weapons” are almost fully automatic, having little human intervention

  1. Thanks for not showing the burnt dead bodies. Now I can make my self serving comments without leaving my comfort zone.

  2. Is there enough horror yet to silence us?
    Or will we call the deaths of children

    Ten miles on the river
    South of my small town,
    The soldiers are firing cannon today.
    They practice, as they do,
    When the war clock is wound again,
    When the great teeth of nations rise, then fall together,

  3. There’s nothing normal about Iran allowing commercial air traffic into their airspace while they’re firing off missiles. If you fools believe Rachel maddow then you are a sad human.

    1. Hi…sad human here!……I’ll bet you here an echo when you speak because of that large empty space between your ears.

  4. Iran knew they were going to launch missiles. While downing the airliner may have been a mistake, seems really irresponsible that Iran didn’t clear their airspace or somehow know exactly what, when, and where every passenger airliner was to avoid such mistake. I hope this wakes up both countries!

    1. I agree, however its also a little strange to fly commercial jets over a complicated possible war zone, and not the first time for Ukraine.

  5. The Ajatollah is in big trouble now, because he first appeared on all regime TV channels, personally leading the retalliation against the US but killing 82 Iranians instead. This happens, when a Mullah is leading a military operation. Big trouble.

  6. I was first surprised at how few other news sources aside from MSNBC are covering this – until I realized that there were no American passengers.

    1. Trump did not say ok to “FLY ” to a passenger plane! Nobody did! Why was it flying in the first place , knowing Tehran was exploding their big show of force! ? Seems it’s the airport for allowing this to happen; ! IRAN DID IT-AFTER BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS FROM OBAMA they still can’t “manage” their great technology ? Wouldn’t YOU cancel you flight to Tehran during an obvious “heightened tensionS” between US and Iran? Iran may have accidently shot it’s own people and Canadians,! WE DID NOT SHOOT IT DOWN YOU KNOW! Sad, regardless, looks like a terribly sad day for Canada and Iran-But “something ” caused this ” other than people merely wanting to continue their flight(s)! and Somebody doesnt’ want the black box information revealed now who do you think that might be ? I’D BLAME THE AIRPORT #1, AND IRAN #2 !

  7. Next time Iran’s anti-aircraft rockets will hit will be the Air Force One. Ever since this conflict Trump will never fly to the middle east again. His reason would be: he has foot spur pain.

    1. You can blame a lot of what happens in the world on the USA. Global Warming, Vegan Burgers but we didn’t choose a trigger happy Iranian officer to shoot that missile. Tensions high? Certainly. Best be careful.

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