What Tom Steyer Saw Early On About Impeaching Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

What Tom Steyer Saw Early On About Impeaching Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. I told everyone I know that trump was elected fraudulently and he was too stupid too be president and would get impeached that he had no business in the White House

    1. Well, someone named Toochie Toochie must know it all! Ha ha lmao! President Trump has done more for America than any other President ever has!!!!

    2. @yosoyviridiana Facts obviously are not welcome in your analysis. Raw, unguided emotion is the liberal way.

    1. President Trump and Vice President Pence 2020!
      Someone with character and brains!
      He’s done more for America than any other President ever; proven facts – check it out!
      Do some research!!!
      Down with the demonrats!

  2. This, with a lunatics Rage- Why? Because he believes that the Republicans care about what Trump does, that they wiil choose Loyalty to The USA over their party( when loyalty to the USA means absolute Destruction for their party buy Loyalty to their Party means absolute destruction to our party), it is a stupid Question-No democrat would do it.

  3. I have something interesting that that might intrigue everyone. The link they provided below are the certificates supplied to the government given the results of the 2016 election per each state showing which votes go to which candidates.

    If you look carefully at each certificate you will notices some odd especially around the seal where the signature is signed. The signatures show no depression from the seal that has been applied on some of the certified documents. In addition, on other document it appear that some of were xeroxed from the original and may have been modified or altered to provide a different results to our government.

    Therefore in my opinion all these documents should be read looked over by experts to make sure that they are legitimate and not forge copies.







  4. I like how Steyer says “MY MONEY” in his ads when trying to buy the left vote. A very tone deaf and insincere individual. Unelectable

  5. If the American people filled the streets as the Iranians did, to clamor for the removal of wannabe dictator Trumpy, would that expedite his departure?

  6. 👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you Tom Steyer! 2020 (D)U.S. Presidential Candidate, for launching the grassroots movement: “Need To Impeach,” in October 2017. We appreciate you! 🇺🇸

  7. what that says to me is only 8 million people signed his petition..last I heard we some 390 million americans you do the math on the percentage, such bs…

  8. Um, Steyer the “I made billions off of prison-for-profit incarceration” who just obviously bribed/made some kind of deal with FOX News to fake poll him into the next Dem debate?

  9. What’s a crying shame ?

    A Bus full of leftist, socialist, communists going over a cliff and there’s two empty seats !!!!!

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