What Happens When Trump Goes Off Prompter | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

What Happens When Trump Goes Off Prompter | The Last Word | MSNBC


Lawrence O'Donnell looks at the “insanity” of President Trump saying he wants NATO expanded to include the Middle East and renamed "NATO-ME.” Aired on 01/09/20.
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What Happens When Trump Goes Off Prompter | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. vampire siren reese They say that because he “might” start the motions that will save humanity. It’s pretty obvious the worlds population is currently completely dominated by the rich in nearly every country, most will have ties back to the United States. Trumps actions have proved to be damaging to these people, this is despite the fact he’s old and rich himself; might be considered odd but at the same time he could just be a decent guy. Regardless these people don’t like him that’s why you’re not even allowed to say his name on Facebook unless you’re attacking him. Don’t take my word into it, look into it; you can start with Andrew Jackson, the creation of the federal reserve, the reconstruction following the civil war, and the rise of standard oil.

    1. He’s high maybe the police should bring those drug dogs to white house. He would probably be arrested and convicted sooner than this impeachment trial.

    1. @Alex Hamilton You mean suffer through that diatribe. The blue eye bags were particularly attractive. NOT. GTFO.

  1. Funny how t’rump mentions the song YMCA when he is surrounded by a cowboy, a construction worker, and other extras from The Village People. 🤔😆😅

    1. @Alex Hamilton None of them are stupid enough to stand with the orange lying clown, only maga trash with a collective IQ of 10. But hey, at least it’s a double digit.

  2. What happens is his impulsive need for attention kicks in and he thinks he’s cute and funny. People laugh out of embarrassment and he thinks he’s being really clever. Educate yourselves on psychopaths. Google the PCL-R by Dr. Robert Hare.

    1. @C- who’s hating? A spade is a spade and this man is utter garbage, unworthy and unqualified for the position or title. Why bring up obama? Who didn’t have pointless speeches. Trump cannot function unless he’s being hand held or in front of a camera. And we all know what happens when he goes off the script…

    2. @crazybongo5 So far he is doing fine , Israel supports USA , nothing to fear .Nobody needs soft leadership. Because China will happen its just a matter of time .

    3. @C- Is this a botted reply? Because it’s too braindead stupid to be taken seriously. This is a insult to stupid people.

  3. Those black eyes, looks and sounds like he’s been hitting the cocaine heavy and no sleep. A “cocaine tweeker” with a syphilitic brain, what could go wrong

    1. @J M he’s pulling off something it’s a mask! And its the ghost of Mad Nero, yeah its the syphilitic brain, again!

    2. @Sophie Paterson if it’s drugs a certain level of attention-seeking failure of humanity is recognizable, no he’s certifiable. We have the Trump supporters and enablers to thank.

  4. Remember when the president of the United States of America was someone to be respected & looked up to? I miss those days 😢

  5. *The man is obviously insane; and, this is who the republicans in congress is enabling? Something is very wrong with this picture. 🤔🤔🤔*

    1. Yours Truly

      Yes it’s called knowing how to manipulate the most dangerous tool of all social media! With this technology all of us have just welded dad’s gun and fired it with no idea of the consequences! And now this has happened! A moron for president…. I hate that the economy is good while he’s president LOL

    2. Yours truly Absolutely! It’s like living through Caligulas reign of terror and Nero comes to mind- we’re watching while he tweets and burns the world!!

    3. They’re slowly taking over the world. That’s why all conspiracy theories are being shushed because probably half of them are actually factual.
      That’s why nobodies worried about the environment, the opioid crisis, the mental health crisis, equality, racism, gun control, another war, expensive healthcare AND finally the fact that billionaires get paid the most but taxed the least…………….

    4. koen Armstrong – Yup. Those tax cuts will allow them the ability to walk on top of the rubble & rebuild, after everything has been destroyed.

    1. His problem is that he sometimes doesn’t seem take time out to research the subject matter that he is scheduled to discuss. Why? Maybe because he feels he knows it? So when he attempts to wing it without research to make sure, this tends to happen. A little rehearsal with some aids would work wonders.

  6. all cults come to an end . Most a violent end where the pathetic inept believers are killed ,and the leader disappears with all the money

  7. The worst type of leader is the one who makes everything about Him. That type of leadership leaves wreckage each and every time

    1. Notice how he made sure that we knew that it was he who ordered the assassination. Please note that he could have easily used the word “we”.

    1. @Bob Williamson He didn’t know the Virgin Islands were American, either. Had no idea what the stripes of the flag he humps, stood for. He doesn’t qualify to be a Walmart greeter but some fools gave him the number to the taxpayer’s bank account.

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