1. We are not on the best of terms with them so we start moving troops closer and closer.. It can be said that is counterproductive.

  1. United States: violates Iranian airspace
    Iranian Republic: exterminates airspace violating craft
    United States: shocked Pikachu face and pearl necklace clutching

    1. also the radar operator has the exact borderline and won’t be stupid to shoot something down without being 100% sure it’s crossing the line. jewpublicsn are so good they can shoot down drones eyeballing em, lol

  2. And the WAR PROPAGANDA going on and on ….

    Gess the Iran did it with the mass destruction weapons from Saddam Hussein ……

    1. @PrettyBoyErin 1st of all…the tankers were one Japanese and one Norwegian…idk where to start to correct u ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    2. cardtrader15 Notice they will not send STEALTH drones – they send drones that Iran CAN DETECT into Iranian airspace so that Iran SHOOTS IT DOWN so that the narrative that has been created of IRANIAN AGGRESSION continues to grow. Here we see CNN outsourcing to UK MI6 (the UK accent) to stoke the flames of war. MI6 is telling us that Iran is guilty and you would think that it is Iran that has its warships off the Gulf of Mexico. The US carrier strike group in the region is not relevant in this narrative at all.

    3. The Strait of Hormuz in that location has multiple Islands. If you look, it is impossible to be over 12 NM off Iran unless you are flying over another country, even when flying right in the middle of the channel.

    1. “Iranian proxies”. Is that how you call people from countries who want independence from you?

    2. A spy drone would be almost invisible to the Iranians. It’s a surveillance drone. Just goes around looking for nothing specific except illegal activities.

  3. Four draft dodgers walk into a country club.
    They say: let’s control the Veterans Administration.
    That’s the joke.emjoy

    1. @Dearly Diane , Can you use the google, grandma? You can see me there.
      Ask your nurse about linkedin.

    1. Thomas Fletcher take it easy man why are you so angry and quick to insult. Go call your mother or father and tell them you love them it might help. *Are you telling me if Iran killed a U.S. resident in an embassy the U.S. would just say boys will be boys?*

    2. yes…and two weeks after the killing trump gave saudi arabia our nuke technology ..they are planning on mounting warheads on the chinese ballistic missiles the bought …

  4. *Sad when I believe Iran over my own Country but that is my reality with this Administration*

    1. Well during Obama, they humiliated Americans by hacking their drone. It’s not about this administration, it’s about you taxpayers getting robbed for these expensive military toys easily shot by Iranians

    2. @Mark Smith If they did they had every right to do so. The US was an aggressor and had no business in Iraq. Do a little research.

    3. @Ivobardolf “what if Hilliary was president”…nice come back. She isn’t is she, she is no longer relevant. I wouldn’t have voted for her anyway. An illiterate pathological liar is president now and that is both sad and dangerous.

    1. Looking at the map. Impossible to not violate Iranian airspace there even when flying right in the middle.

    2. @Zachary Schaefer The fact that you or anyone else could say trump is best shows how low your standard is…the man lies non stop and is also a thief…ask those students he stole from with his ‘ university’ ….the most vulgar, ignorant, dishonest president in a long time…so dumb he makes George W look like Einstein

    3. why the fk would they shut off drone’s communications when inside iran’s airspace? is it like nap time? lol

    1. You are a moron. Democrats have started every war since WW1, except Iraq and Afghanistan. You are ignorant, get an education.

    2. @only sarcasm look on the internet goober smack! And an invisible man has nothing to do with this so leave your imaginary friend out of this! Us AMERICANS will get our country back as soon as we eradicate the vermin that is the republican party! โœŒโ˜ฎ

    3. @only sarcasm don’t get me wrong everyone I know is a dem but at the same time they still don’t trust no politician

    1. @Stephen M I’m not just concerned that William H will brainwash children at his church. His constant homophobic attacks are extreme, perverse, and graphic. Studies have shown that people who are obsessively homophobic may be projecting their own deeply repressed homosexual feelings. There is a very real danger that William H will sexually molest children at his church.

  5. Bolton is probably nutting right now. This will be Vietnam on steroids if it gets hot. Put that wimp on the frontlines.

    1. Donald can make up for not going to Vietnam when he suffered from bone spurs. He can now lead his squadron as a true leader:-)

    2. @Thomas Fletcher Lol. America couldnct even defeat a few old men in caves.
      All that talk about vWe don’t negotiate with terrorists” uet we are negotiating an exit strategy with Al Queda as we speak ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      Some Americans are really dumb…. U are exhibit A

    3. @M Shriver History between Iran and USA really doesn’t paint a pretty picture of USA, but that aside, I don’t know how you can feel that way about Iran and not Saudi Arabia. It’s almost as if USA has a special interest in Iran for other reasons.

  6. If Iran flew a spy drone into our airspace would we shoot it down?
    Of course we would. Iran is within their rights to do the same

    1. Impossible to not violate Iranian airspace there even when flying right in the middle. Look at the map, kids!

    2. @Legacy Gaming US already did that to Iran , flight #655 year 1988 , 255 civilians including children , US has a long criminal history against Iran

    3. @Mohamad Mirmohamadi…Yeah, Trump is an idiot…no argument from me. Pulling out of JCOPA was a mistake. The only reason Trump did it was because it was Obama’s baby, and Trump is trying to erase everything Obama did, regardless of it’s merits. I just pray that cooler heads will prevail and we can avoid another war. It’s like all the animosity many people here have against Iran…but they’ve never even met an Iranian. Same with Russia. A lot of people here hate Russia…but it’s the Russian regime that is the problem, just like it’s the U.S. government that is the problem, and the Iranian regime. People are people wherever you go….with minor differences. I have Iranian friends here, and I know people in Russia and Ukraine…we all get along fine. War is unnecessary….any option other than war is better. Greed, and inhumanity for profit is a disease. Repressive regimes that want to control people’s lives and stifle growth so they can maintain their power are also a disease. For a species with such supposed intellect, we sure are good at acting like idiots.

  7. America…. Let’s just be sneaky!!!!

    Iran.. .. dummies I won’t even let you get the chance!!!! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  8. They’re not at fault. Imagine if they flew their drone near the US coast. A regime change is needed in AMERICA, not Iran.

  9. “The Art of Tanker Attacks” was a big flop now comes the sequel “The Art of Drone Provocation.”

  10. USA want war…
    Every president of USA want negative image…
    Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran
    Full of madness

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