Iran threatens Dubai and Israel, launches a ‘second round’ of attacks on Iraq

Retired Maj. Gen. David Fraser discusses Iran launching a second round of attacks on American targets.


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    1. Old women annoy old men and old men start wars, because of old women.

      Every problem begins with a woman.

  1. im not that old but this is giving me flash backs of the initail gulf war int he 90’s, friggin brutal for another generation to have to witness and try to understand this foolishness. bunch of grown men playin war games. i hope every one is safe overthere tonite, may cooler heads prevale, we dont need anymore conflict, you cannot fight an ideal.

    1. The Americans started this war.. and the last one, and the one before that. Which “ideal” should we be fighting?

    2. @Sadie Nicol-Beacham amen, what needs to be done is giving the citizens of Palestine and Iran a proper education that excludes hate in all its formulas. Then those ideals derived from hate and biased are no longer existent

    1. The carbon tax you’re referring to is being levied on Canadian fuel suppliers who are passing those extra costs on to consumers (but the government is rebating consumers for it so they lose no money). It has absolutely nothing to do with Iranian military operations. So what was the point of your asinine, utterly idiotic, non sequitur of a question, other than demonstrating what a fool you are?

    1. or just plain collateral damage, .. to which you can always say sorry. it wont happen again, of cause it wont happen again – you have wiped them out.

    1. They are at the top. All the Crown is Canada, Canada is the Crown. A big business owned by a woman from England whose family came from Germany. CANADA will do whatever it wants with CANADIANS so is she goes to war with Iran so will we.

  2. Time for “meeting all my internet best friends in real life while being drafted” YouTube videos

    1. Did you get drafted during the Afgan and Iraq war? No? Then I doubt you will be drafted for this. Hold off your senseless dread until Russia or China enter the field.

    2. Yeah…I still don’t think they draft women…sorry but that’s an equality feminism won’t try to fight for they have cis gendered men to fight instead

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