Chris Hayes On Our Pro-War Crimes President | All In | MSNBC

Donald Trump's position on war crimes is an "absolute moral abomination," says Chris Hayes. Aired on 01/06/20.
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Chris Hayes On Our Pro-War Crimes President | All In | MSNBC


  1. War has become way too lucrative and the profit must be taxed. Tax Conglomerate War profits and give peace a chance.

    1. War only profits the wealthy few. It has cost the US trillions. I’ve said it several times before. War is how the elite siphon money out of the American people. With every war the citizens get poorer and the politicians directly profit.

    1. @Randy Couch Glad to see you Trumpites are consistent. You continue to spout Faux News and Trump’s talking points apparently thinking if you repeat it enough it will come true. Still deluded as ever.

  2. A gentle reminder to all… while Trump cannot be indicted while in office for war crimes, those who execute his orders can.

    1. @Antionette Wilson EXACTLY! There is no LAW that says that a sitting president can’t be indicted. There is only an OPINION from DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel, in the form of a memo. That memo, by the way, was put out to prevent the impending indictment of Nixon during the Watergate scandal and the DOJ adopted it as POLICY. Policy does NOT equal Law.

    2. @slactweak Will any General carry out his war crimes? His pardoning of war criminals destroys the discipline of the military .

    1. Paul Briggs READING is fundamental. No I don’t support or like the Cheeto in chief just Americans who are free not sheep

    2. @Gary Marrero you don’t really have to read to understand that we have an unqualified person holding the power to launch nukes if he wants.

  3. tRump is a War Criminal in the making. From a con man to a bad reality tv star to Putin puppet Prez to a War Criminal will be his obituary.

    1. @Jumping Jackjeebs We can use the home state offices of our reps. You may be getting voice mail in DC because Congress only reconvened today. Thank you!

    2. @Timothy Kozlowski You can tell people on these posts to, “shut up,”, but you have no power or authority here, either. So…

  4. Demented Donald’s best was the moat on the border wall filled with alligators and snakes… what a sick mind he has

    1. Cindy C4 … he meant that he and his friends were going to fill the moats in their pleasure boats. THOSE alligators and snakes.

  5. A crowd of people wildly cheering when their presidential candidate promotes torture. Absolutely ******* unreal.

    1. @Mike will – And ‘member when their “Q-approved arrests!!1!” *were* supposed to πŸ’― happen… *waaaay back* in 2017? 😴
      *Then* ‘2018’? πŸ™„
      Then ‘January, 2019’… 😐
      Then ‘February’…
      Then ‘March’…
      Then ‘April’…
      Then ‘May’…
      Then ‘June’…
      Then ‘July’…
      Then ‘August, and Comey’…’for sure!’πŸ‘
      Then ‘September’ gave them… πŸ‘Ž.
      Then ‘October’…sent #45 *his* “Impeachment Inquiry”. βœ”
      While ‘November’ revealed…the damning testimonies of *dozens* of witnesses. πŸ“‘
      And ‘December’ brought…a *very* ‘Merry Impeachment!’ πŸ‘
      We wish ‘Qballs’ would’ve held their breath, waiting… 🀣

    1. @Al Shabob no it’s ok, sometimes we live in darkness for a long time and we fail to look for the truth, we keep pointing fingers and repeating what we hear without evidence. I always believe in trying to find the truth however small it helps not to be so judgemental. One thing for sure I know is that it’s the innocent that die because of the lies and hypocrisy of our leaders

    2. @Tribegal president Nixon legalized abortion. President Bush the second legalized the morning after pill. Republicans are you baby killers.

    1. If it was Melania, he would thank the terrorists (secretly), and he’ll get himself a new “Gold-digging” wife.


    2. @Maria Damen By a majority of 2.9 million trump was elected on the outdated Electoral College. Please remember, Russia interfered in the election in a major way. Hilary may not have been a first choice but Europeans would not have to sleep worried about whether they would get help from America, or Iran or more Russian invasions like Crimea.

    1. Lori-So if we captured your enemy who knows where the leader and compound are,who kidnapped your family and are abusing them-would you approve of any means it takes to find out vital information to get your family back? my case rests

    2. @pamela haley Putin and all other authoritarian governments do. This government is considered a democratic government.

    1. true……………that is the Legacy his daddy will leave him……….the kid is F****ed by his own father

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