Chris Hayes: This Is A Worst-Case Scenario | All In | MSNBC

Hayes: “We are on the precipice of what many imagined as a worse-case scenario of Donald Trump as President of the United States.” Aired on 01/06/20.
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Chris Hayes: This Is A Worst-Case Scenario | All In | MSNBC


    1. Boomtek Mamma are you scraping social media trying to get in a fight with a stranger? Your life makes me sad for you.

    2. @Fragile Crystal
      My life has been ripped off by the children of the serpent i now will destroy. Youve sided with the serpent left legion of death, the devils army and so youve inherited the karma and are stained from the blood of every innocent child destroyed by evil since the beginning of time. You’re fukked.

    3. Boomtek Mamma and now I’m really sad for you. Good luck with all your trolling, I’m sure that’s what god wants you waist your life doing

    4. @Boomtek Mamma but but Hillary but but Hillary but but Hillary Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😟 😟 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😟 😟 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. @Boomtek Mamma Hillary and Obama have been gone 3 plus years. She lost. Get over it. Welcome to 2020. Why do Republicans, donald and FOX bring these two up daily? Nostalgia for the vile past hated they used to spew?

    2. Yeah i am not impressed he could have gave witness to the house, there’s nothing stopping him from doing that now, but he threw his employees under the bus instead, hiding behind his twitter account.

    3. Bolton wants to testify so all questions considered “classified” will be exposed so that he can put the “classified” items in his book. Bolton only cares about making money from his book.
      Pelosi should subpoena Bolton. They made it clear the investigation was ongoing.

  1. “The worst case scenario” started in 2016.  Now the (IMPOTUS) Impeached President of the United States IS A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO AMERICA! Impeachment is not enough, TIME TO REMOVE HIM…

    1. @MkII 6661 he will be impeached for all of history. His name will be right beside Bill Clinton’s. He will be in the history books as one of the only three presidents to be impeached that will be his legacy

  2. Trump: “I don’t want to start a war, but Nancy left me no other choice with this whole impeachment thing.”

    1. @Jugganuat you got me in this fight now. I’m a Mexican trump supporter. Leave boomteck mama alone or we build another wall and your narcotic prices go up some more. I know mama…he do no drugs…liberals are into drugs ( that’s a fact)

    2. @Cascail Boutx prove him wrong. All my Mexican friends agree with boomtek mama. ( mama….we got your back) malcolm x was right….its the white liberals who are the real racists. They spit when don’t vote Democrat. You longer own the brown vote. We can read now

  3. Kick that 70 year old man off twitter ffs..

    My word no one cares what your thinking while your “working” every 10 mins

  4. The solution to peace in the middle east? Get rid of Republicans! Every time a war starts there, it is because Republicans!

    1. fredy gump

      Hey, wait…
      Rep. Jim Jordan thought having our embassy in Jerusalem was a good thing…
      (But he’s more than just a little stupid.)

    2. @g0679 That’s one of the failed attempts to start a new war…when Trump decided he’d say that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Yeah, Obama never did that!

  5. What’s stopping congress from coming up with more impeachable offences and dribble them along to the Senate one at a time. Seems the Republican Senators are making rules up as they go along… So can the Congress.

  6. it was just such a “simple” thing, the assassination of the heir to the
    Austro-Hungarian throne that led to a century of human disaster…

  7. Trump once made this prediction: “Be prepared, there’s a chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into WWIII.”
    Looks like Nostradumbass might have been right…🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. The lies he repeats about others reveal the truth about his own intentions.
      The lying orange puppet will destroy the earth.
      Just give him a chance.

    2. Yea we should’ve just ignored the embassy’s cables for help and paid off them. It worked so well under the last administration.

    3. @Junkyard Hog I’m sure there were more than just those 2 options in a situation like that, and I happen to believe both Obama and Trump made the wrong decision. It’s not like Trump being right, made Obama wrong, or the other way around; they’re not opposites, although people sometimes falsely compare the 2 as if they were. I see it happening with Clinton as well. Sometimes one is right and the other is wrong, sometimes they’re both wrong, and sometimes they’re both right; it’s not reasonable to assume that if I disagree with a decision Trump made, it means I endorse the decision Obama (or anyone else) made in a similar situation. There are a lot of things I think they were both dead wrong about…. (And you’ll probably never catch me defending anything either Clinton did; I don’t trust either of those crooks.😉) Take care, Junkyard! ✌️💜🇺🇲

    4. @Junkyard Hog Shame the Republicans went and voted to cut security funding to US Embassies, huh? But you would know nothing about actual facts, would you?

    5. @Junkyard Hog Shame the Republicans went and voted to cut security funding to US Embassies, huh? But you wouldn’t know anything about actual facts, would you?

  8. John Bolton: Buy my book!
    Me: I’d like you to do us a favor though, because our country’s been through a lot, and you know a lot about it. TESTIFY!

    1. Suzy Q Unfortunately, he’s a Republican so I doubt he will tell the truth. There will be no punishment for lying under oath since the Republicans would never ever prosecute a fellow Republican for breaking any law.

    1. Joseph Chmura ya, I remember when he was elected and my father said “I don’t think he will blow up the world” and now he has taken the first steps in that direction. He always had this in him.

    2. Joseph Chmura right. Those of us who knew this about him didn’t vote for him and now everybody is shocked. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. I’m a poor Mexican. I raise goats and business is good. Don’t hate me but I like Donald Trump. Do you hate me ??? That’s okay but please don’t spit at me.

  9. The point of this provocation to Iraq and Iran is to turn attention from the Impeachment and the trial in the Senate.

    1. The fact that your President can even wag the dog that much is worrying. What’s he gonna do next, drop an H-bomb on some country to make an affair go away?

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