Col. Wilkerson Speaks Out Against The March To War | All In | MSNBC

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell during the 2003 march to war in Iraq, speaks out about the current rationale for military action, saying "It's bull." Aired on 01/06/20.
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Col. Wilkerson Speaks Out Against The March To War | All In | MSNBC


  1. War has become way too lucrative and the profit must be taxed. Tax Conglomerate War profits and give peace a chance.

    1. @Not all who wander are lost. Yep… unfortunately, the reason we don’t count the people who don’t vote is because they don’t count if they don’t vote…. on the other hand, I live down south, my entire family is Republican…. Friends etc… All of who voted Trump, in 2016, except me. This election none of them are. They don’t care if they have to vote Democrat. None of them are.

    2. @Not all who wander are lost. And we just rejected… In mass… A Trump backed politician, with Trump literally standing right behind him, and voted in a Democrat instead. I live in Louisiana. That’s how red they are oh, and they just voted in a Democrat with Trump literally in the building…. With his hand on the shoulder of the Reps.

    3. @Cropper Copper Good to hear that some who voted for him last time have seen him for what he is and have changed their minds. I was beginning to wonder if there was any hope.

    4. @Not all who wander are lost.That’s the ticket… go get em! Everybody can do something to save our nation from hijackers! Thanks bud.

    5. @Not all who wander are lost. That is what makes me tell people who think they have 2020 locked for Trump and Reps… It’s not as clear as they think. It’s not just our area. The Blue Wave wasn’t a fluke. Almost every election between Democrat and Republican that has happened since then has gone Democrat, especially when Trump endorsed the Republican. Even if he keeps the White House, I don’t think he’s going to keep the Senate.

  2. Corrupted Liar President can now add Warmonger to his list of unbelievable actions during his desperate run for re-election…

    1. He has nothing to run on what he campaigned was totally lies if healthcare plan is infrastructure America first getting out of these wars it was all lies

    1. Wolfgang Simons — oh come on you know that you are just insanely jealous of Trump’s orange glow, oh– not to mention his enormous intellect.😋

    2. Ohhh I’d just love for the Sasquatch of the United Staytch to say “Strategic Initiative”. Watch his false teeth run out of ITs wide open trap and hit the floor.

    1. But not enough Americans are willing to get off their duff’s about & scare the crap out of all the DC crooks like we did in Nixon’s day. ORGANIZE, MOBILIZE,
      PROTEST till they cave!!! Numbers matter…Answer Iranian protest numbers…the media will show them we

  3. The biggest threat to America is not Iran. The biggest threat to America is the very desperate, panicked, deranged, cornered, and currently impeached man-baby in the Oval Office.

    1. ​@Mike Watson Art. I, Sec. 2, Clause 5, he was impeached on Dec 18, 2019. He will forever remain impeached. Period. Deal with it crybaby.

    2. Mike Watson Hmmm…was Bill Clinton impeached? Of course he was. The House impeaches. The Senate holds a trial and decides whether to remove him from office.

    1. @dan112020 Evangelical Mammon worshippers recently admitted the obvious: they don’t REALLY care about (eg frozen) embryo “deaths” that AREN’T INSIDE A WOMAN. They care about controlling women. And there’s a bible passage stupidly PRESCRIBING it, as a test for suspected infidelity!
      (So all suspected cheating wives with failed pregnancies were “proven” adulterous.)

    2. @Hoops Kevinski It is about control, because if they truly cared about “Life”, they’d care about what happens after they’re born.

    3. WMDs were two shells containing chemicals probably supplied by USA for Iraq war with Iran. Almost 20 years later, no change.

  4. The lunatic squatting in the White House has control over the nuclear button, get this MF out before he pushes it.

  5. We need to hear more from Wilkerson. He was on Democracy Now today for half an hour. It was illuminating, so much educated insight.

  6. If trump wants to start a war. Fine. Drop him off in the Iranian desert with his supporters , they can have at er.

    1. Why use Allies… That means America is not capable to do alone….how shameful u r claiming that America is super power……
      ….. Definitely say that America use Saudi Arabia…..which is how disgusting for a superpower😂😂

    1. @Ice 247 Trump only beats the powerless or fools, silly enough to believe him. That is what bullies do.

    2. I think every cell in my body would just spontaneously regenerate. I feel like I’ve been half-dead since 2016.

  7. If Trump is trying to distract us from the impeachment, why does he keep committing more impeachable offenses?

    1. Janet Baker He thinks he’s getting away with all his offenses, because he has since he was elected by Russia. Trump loves Putin.

    1. Put Traitor lying Drumpf in chains and give to Iran. Oh too late the dear leader has killed americans.

  8. I Like this Colonel. MSNBC should book him for more shows. Get him and Richard Painter together. Then we will hear some plain speaking.

    1. You know what’s worse is I have a video that shows Trump didn’t even know the name of The Iranian leader.

    2. @patricia lafountain I saw it too and yet, despite the long list of murderous dictators Trump worships, he is trying to convince us that this particular Iranian leader was *THE* most important target; gimme a break.

  9. Pompeo: Mr President we are facing an imminent attack from Iran specifically Suleimani
    Trump: Take him out.
    1 day later
    Trump: What happened?
    Pompeo: We took him out and now face an imminent attack and escalation towards WW3.
    Trump: …did I ever tell you about my bone spurs?

  10. I said to my wife a year ago. Watch trump start a war with Iran before the election. Everyone saw this coming. He’s trying to keep his job. This guy will do anything.

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